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Oct 20, 2017

Make Your Own Lipsticks -- With a Silicone Lipstick Mould-!!

Hi everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new exciting project!
I discovered last year that you could make lipsticks with a metal mould but those were over a 100USD. Ever since then, I have been wondering if there were more affordable ones. And a few nights ago, hey presto! I found them!! :D

I have two lipsticks I absolutely love and used to the end. I don't like using a lip brush, so I really wanted to make the leftover bit sitting inside the bottom bit into a new lipstick. I am a clear spring, tinted spring, bright spring, and Guerlain Kiss Kiss Red Love 324 and Clinique 10 Coral Crush work wonders on me!

The picture above is my first trial, mixing the Clinique Coral Crush with my Burtsbee chapstick and Nivea tinted chapstick. The picture below shows the depotting of my Red Love lippie. I didn't have the tiny spatula that professionals use so I found a tiny plastic cutter that my delivery food people gave me. :P

So what you need next is the lipstick mould and a plastic holder. A heat source and a small bowl. I bought 2 lipstick moulds and a holder with 4 holes. The place I bought them from also have a holder that holds 1 mould, but from the reviews I could see that it would be better to go with the 4 holes so I could make more than just one.

I wish I had a smaller bowl but I could only find my rice bowl for now. And I used my scented candle as a heat source. I've seen other people who used a hot plate which is more professional, as well as using a paper cup in a microwave.

Here is a picture of some lippie being melted...
I made the mistake of melting too little lipstick in my first trial... and it ended up disastrous! I ended up having some gaps... so make sure you melt more than you think you need! Pouring everything in one go gives you a much better result!

Here is a picture of my first trial completed...

My second trial was the Red Love...
As you can see on the far left, my lippie is all used up... :)
I mixed a little bit of Guerlain Kiss Kiss 565 Blossom Glow (not my best lippie...), and again the two chapsticks...

Here is the melting again... I found that melting the lippies at the midway point of the bowl was much more efficient than doing it at the bottom of the bowl!

Just so you know... the lipstick mould is made of two parts.
The silicone part and the golden donut ring part...
You need both to make your lippie!

Once you finish pouring the melted lippies into the mould, it's time to put them into your fridge for cooling! It takes about 30 minutes they say... So, let me go check in on them!

Oh, look! My new lippies... chillaxing together in my fridge! *SO CUTE!*
And they look ready... for the magical last step!

The last part requires an air pump device... Without it, you run the risk of ruining your lippie... because putting the lipstick into the casing is a bit tricky!

OK! So, here comes Part Two!
Potting of the lipsticks!!

First, I brought my well cooled lipsticks to my desk...
The lippies are no longer creamy!

Next, pull off the golden cap!
(I was taking a photo with my right hand... so please take the cap off using both hands!)

Hmmm... It's not looking good...
As I mentioned above... melting the lippies in small doses will create this messiness!!

Next, you put the empty or new lipstick case right above the lipstick, holding it perpendicular... It will slide right in if you gently press down on it.

Then, setup your air pump device like the picture below... with the lipstick case sitting on top of the cylinder... air chamber? :) Start with the syringe at the bottom. Then slowly pull the piston out... Then slowly push it back in. This will help the lipstick loosen up from the silicone mould!!!!!

I proceeded to turn my lipstick case to spiral downwards... but... as you can see my first trial wasn't as successful! It broke midway because of insufficient lipstick...

I tested to see if the color came out good...
Yes! It's a nice coral sheer lippie!! Just what I wanted~~!!

I put away the piece that was broken in a mini casing for next time... See you little chap!!

* * * * * * * * *

OK! Let's show you my SUCCESSFUL trial!!

Step 1. Take off the golden ring~~

Step 2. Place the empty lipstick case upright onto the lipstick's base...

Step 3. Gently push it down... until there is no gap between the lipstick case and the silicone mould...

Step 4. Use the air pump device as described above...

Step 5. Slide the lipstick down, pulling it out from the silicone mould~
Can you see how gorgeous and shiny brand new it looks?!!!! Yippeeeeeeee~~!!!!!

So... yup! My second trial was a total success!
I cut in bigger chunks of my lipstick, to make sure I had enough... And as you can see this turned out perfectly!!

Here's a little color testing of my rebirthed Red Love~
It's the color on the left... It's a really nice rosy pink glow~~!!

* * * * * * * * *
So, here are my lovely lippies...

Bonus Tip!!
The star case above was a little bit of leftover from my second trial... 
I knew I would have some leftovers... So I ordered the mini casing just in case.

Initially, I wanted to make a cheek stain from it... but the color didn't work out and neither did the amount required... Seriously, you DO NEED a lot of lip product to fill these things up!!!!! 

So, I ended up mixing my Guerlain 300 Golden Girl and MAC Matte Lipstick Hot Pepper and the last bits of my chapsticks... Those two lipsticks were the ones I never use... so it was cool I could find a way to make them work for me!!

Finally, a little color testing~~
I was surprised how lovely it turned out!! Right now in Korea, actually since about a year and a half ago, the lip color in trend is something called a 'Dried Rose Effect' and I think this might turn out to be a good resemblance of that hue~!! :D 

That is all I can share for tonight!!

Thanks for reading & I hope you can have fun with recycling your lippies too!!

With Love,

Jessica Flatshoenista

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