May 1, 2017

[Column] Create Your Own Style Principle 9. Decide On Your Core Wardrobe Colors

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series #09

Principle 9. Decide On Your Core Wardrobe Colors

Today let's talk about choosing a core color for your wardrobe.

What is a Core Wardrobe Color?

For each Adler Lifestyle identity, there is a good neutral color that can help you build your wardrobe and express your individual beauty. The Pleasing Seeking Lifestyle does well with Spring-like fresh, vibrant colors, while the Comfort Seeking Lifestyle does well in soothing and calm palettes. The Superiority Seeking Lifestyle can be fashion forward in exotic and rich colors, and the Control Seeking Lifestyle looks dignified in high contrast and highly pigmented colors.

The Core Wardrobe Color helps you anchor your wardrobe's visual direction. As most Koreans have dark hair colors, the primary base neutral color that is recommended for them is a dark neutral color. As hair color is one of the most dominant features in your physical appearance, repeating it in your outfit creates a sense of unity and instantly creates polish. Below are some visuals to drive home this point.

Picture 1. When Non-Hair Colors Are Used in an Outfit

Image Source: From Irenee Riter's homepage in 2011.

Picture 2. When Hair Color is Repeated in an Outfit

Image Source: From Irenee Riter's homepage in 2011.

Picture 3. Whatever the Fashion Item, Repeated Hair Color Anywhere in Your Outfit Creates Cohesiveness, Visual Unity, and Adds Polish 

Image Source: From Irenee Riter's homepage in 2011.

Of course, in Adler Fashion Coaching we are not defaulting to black for everyone based on the pigment of your hair color. I am hereby introducing some good options for a Core Wardrobe Color in a Dark Neutral for each of the Adler Lifestyles.

Best Core Wardrobe Colors for Each Adler Lifestyle

Best Dark Neutral Color for Pleasing Lifestyle - French Navy
French Navy is a great core wardrobe color for the Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Lifestyle. This navy is dark enough yet more cheerful than a regular navy blue.

Best Dark Neutral Color for Comfort Lifestyle - Slate Gray
Comfort Seeking Lifestyle looks great in quietened, grayed colors, but the slate gray is a great choice for Asians. It is cooler than a charcoal and more subdued than a navy. Anchoring your wardrobe in this color will make coordination super easy for this type. This color is especially recommended because when mixed with a darkened silver, suddenly the combination produces a stylish and dressy look.

Best Dark Neutral Color for Superiority Lifestyle - Olive
For the Superiority Seeking Lifestyle, olive is a great year round core wardrobe color. Many people associate this color with a casual item like cargo pants or military style jacket, but actually depending on the fabric, it can actually translate into something quite exotic and luxurious especially when done with a little sheen. While olive is not as cheerful or demure as the two previous Lifestyles, when paired with the correct jewelry and hairstyle for this Lifestyle, and with a silhouette that gives some waist definition, it can produce a glamorous and sexy femininity.

Best Dark Neutral Color for Control Lifestyle - Jet Black
There is actually a range of blacks when you examine it closely. Off black, ink black, warm black, and cool black. The type of black that benefits the Control Seeking Lifestyle the most is a Jet Black. Wearing something other than a jet black or ebony black may result in feeling out of place and somewhat shabby for this Lifestyle. Therefore the black must be at its 100% strength. With repeat washes, a pair of black jeans may lose its level of blackness over time. It is recommended that you either buy a new pair to replace it or to re-dye it to its original condition.

Summer Core Wardrobe Colors for Each Lifestyle
So far, we have looked at a dark neutral color that can benefit your wardrobe year round. As the Summer months are arriving, here are some light neutrals for each Lifestyle in the warmer months.

For the Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Lifestyle, a fresh clean Snow White is a good base neutral for a Summer wardrobe.

Image Source: Naver Color Dictionary

For the Comfort Seeking Lifestyle, a go to Summer base neutral would be a Gray Sky color. It is a bluish gray on the lighter side.

Image Source: Naver Color Dictionary

The Superiority Seeking Lifestyle would do well with an ivory or light beige color. A color named Isabelline #F4F0EC would also work well for a Summer wardrobe.

Image Source: Naver Color Dictionary

Image Source:

The Control Seeking Lifestyle will be all set with a Titanium White for a clean cut Summer wardrobe. It can't be a 'natural looking' white, it must look artificially white, industrial strength white. Or a Pure White White if you like. In the image below, the left is Pure White looking all prisitine, the center image is Snow White, and the right side is an ivory white.

Image Source:

Today, we looked at some neutral color options for each Adler Lifestyle. For a year round wardrobe, find a base neutral color that is as dark or light as your hair color. And in the Summer months, have something lighter. Having a well rounded capsule wardrobe in your core wardrobe color will ensure that you have all the right pieces to create a streamlined and sleek outfit for all kinds of situations. It is preferabe to having a wardrobe full of colors that are not as cohesive. Creating sophisticated outfits will be a lot easier when you have these core wardrobe colors in place. Wishing you another stylish week!

Yours cordially,

Adler Fashion Coach, Jessica Ahn

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