Feb 26, 2017

[Fashion Column] Invest in Your Hairstyle - All About The Bob Cut

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series No.3
Principle 3. Invest in Your Hairstyle

At the end of the day, even when all clothes and makeup come off, your hair still sits on top of your head affecting your overall appearance. Making it THE starting point of your style statement. If you are in your favorite suit, but your hair is not styled appropriately, it will miss the sharp, professional edge. Because your hair frames your entire face, experts call this the ‘Crown’ of your look. Furthermore, the eyes always travel upwards to meet a person’s eye level, and the hair will always be in the periphery of vision field. These are some of the reasons for spending a good buck on your hairstyle.

My female readers, have you ever gone to your hairdresser and asked for a gorgeous hairstyle you picked out from the magazine, only to be refused? I’ve had plenty of those in my lifetime. When I asked why the h not, I would often be told, “Well, because you have told me that you’re not fond with blow drying your hair at home. Remember, you’re a wash and go gal!” Which was a fair call. I towel dry my hair and I’m outta there. Usually. It is true I wouldn’t be able to do my hair like the picture by myself on a daily basis.

Well, this old me, during my training as an image consultant began to amass thousands of hair photos, with the determination that this time, I will get my hair exactly the way I want it! I would be up 2 to 3 nights hunting for the right hair image. Thanks to Google the work paid off. But as I repeated this process, I came to realize an important point. There were only TWO KINDS of HAIRSTYLES!

That’s right. According to my research, a woman’s hairstyle falls largely into just two camps. One is the Bob Cut, the other is the Non-Bob Cut. The previously mentioned gorgeous hair that I wasn’t able to style for myself usually falls into the non-bob. And the hairstyle that I tend to admire on everyday women, like my friends who had good style or peers on my campus or on the streets who do their own hair but look great, those tended to fall into the Bob Hair! Of course, there are celebrities who look drop dead gorgeous in Bob styles, but we’re focusing on us in this column…

Let’s go over some of the merits of a Bob Haircut. First, bob cut is easy to take care of for the everyday woman. Compared to other styles, a bob requires minimal effort and yet has enough of a shape and allows for a variety of styles. Second, a bob is a girl’s best friend. Maybe not so in the Beatle’s era, but a bob cut due to its length, distinguishes us from males, giving us that feminine allure. Third, a bob accommodates to a wide range of face shapes, and it gets updated with the trends so it is unlikely to get boring!

The Bob Hairstyle Gallery

- Classic Bob Bob hairstyle is usually cut somewhere between your ears and your chin. The mood varies where you part your hair and how much of your neckline is exposed.

- Bang Bob Adding a bang to a bob gives an entirely different look. It covers your forehead so your face gets a new shape. A blunt bang gives off that Cleopatra vibe, and a parted bang with less locks can make you look like a Japanese school girl. The bang could be straight hair or wavy, and depending on its length, your eyes become the focal point and creates a relationship with your chin and jawline.

- Layered Bob A short layered bob can give you a fresh youthful charm, and depending on how many layers you go for can create diverse looks. Because the layers are able to complement your facial flaws very well, many Hollywood celebrities have had success with this style. Jennifer Anniston got her fame with The Rachel, which is a layered bob with highlights that came to her chin. I believe it was sensational because the hairdresser could easily adjust the style to enhance the clients’ image!

- Inverted Bob This hairstyle has a longer front and a shorter back. A lot of professional women prefer this cut as it keeps a clean neckline for their suit jackets. This style is also great because even from the side view, the hair looks sleek and styled, and sculptural.

- Asymmetrical Bob This bob has a mismatched left and right length, and the diagonal it creates forms a dynamic and sporty attitude.

- Wavy & Shaggy Bob Karlie Kloss sensationalized the wavy bob and the editorials followed suit. A wavy bob that is more controlled with big body curls can be sophisticated looking but it could also age you. Idol star Taylor Swift prefers the rougher rock-chic shaggy bob, and this style also needs warning, as it can make you look like a lion! It is however, a great style for Adler Identity type called Superiority Seeking.

- Side-swept & Edgy Bob This is a variation on the bang bob, where the bang is much longer and swept away to the side. Victoria Beckham is known to have started with a sharp inverted bob, added layers to it, then style her bang to the side with lots of edgy sharpness and created her own Bob Statement!

- The LOB The long bob has gotten a new nickname, ‘The Lob’ and it is one of the most recent trends on the street and in Tinsel Town! Model Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, et al have all sported this chic do!

Bob or Non-Bob, it is now time to create our Very Own Bob Statement!
Have a stylish week my readers!

From thawing Seoul, Jessica Ahn

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