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Dec 27, 2016

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series - Principle 1. Unify Your Metals

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series #01
Principle 1. Unify Your Metals
The first principle of creating your own style is to know which metal color is best on you, and to inventory which metal color you have the most sitting in your wardrobe!

When we say metal colors, we are talking about golds, silvers, coppers, bronze, and pewter. Depending on your skin, hair, and eye colors, or if you know your Adler Identity, you can determine the best metal color for yourself.

Skintones are divided into light to dark, and warm to cool. Hair and eye colors could be low to high contrast against your skin. Asians of course are naturally born with higher contrast, as their hair colors are a variation from dark brown to ebony black. With elders possessing silvers and white hair in varying amounts.

To give generalized recommendations, there are four categories you could fall into.

People with light, clear skin with yellow base look great in bright golds.

Those with pale but low contrast colors in their skin and hair and eye combinations do well with pewters and dark silvers.

Darker skins, brown based skin, usually with more visible wrinkles usually look more vibrant in coppers and bronzes.

Those with flawless skin, very pale skin, that highly contrasts with their hair and eyes, look amazing in high shine silvers and platinum golds.

For those of you who have taken the Adler Identity Assessment, Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Identity looks best in shiny gold, with Comfort Seeking Identity doing well with pewter and brushed silvers. Superiority Seeking Identity is matched with bronze and copper, and finally, the Control Seeking Identity wears polished high shine silvers and platinum gold with ease and an air of dignity.

Metal colors make a huge difference to a polished, sleek look for your career wardrobe. Whichever metal you choose to wear, as long as you streamline the metals throughout your attire from head to toe, you will look sharper and more professional. Bear in mind, the little things like the zippers in your dress or pants, the buttons on your jacket all count towards the metal colors. Check also the stitches and metals used in your jeans, bag and shoes, your wallet, as well as your eyewear and watches, not just your jewelry as in necklaces, earrings, tie pins and cufflinks. Women are usually guilty of mixing metals without being conscious of it, because their clothing tends to have so many design details.

Inventory your wardrobe to see which metals dominate your attire. If you happen to have a variety of metals separate your best metal colors from the rest, and group like metals together. It will cut down the time in dressing with ease, and instantly upgrade your look. You may find also the hidden gaps in your best metals, such as having gold shoes and jewelry but no bag or watch, or find that you have endless amount of silvers which you never knew!

As the year end approaches, and you’re looking for your evening and party outfits, metal colors that are streamlined and well chosen for your body colors or personality can enhance your image. Of course, there may be those individuals that say, “Well, I love mixing, and I’m going to wear mixed jewelry!” and this is not against the law, but even in those cases, it would be best to reserve the mixing of metal colors for that one statement piece that you want to draw attention to, while streamlining the rest of the details in one metal color.

Wishing you a fabulous end of year, and an even more amazing 2017!

From chilly Seoul, Jessica Ahn

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