Oct 20, 2017

Make Your Own Lipsticks -- With a Silicone Lipstick Mould-!!

Hi everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new exciting project!
I discovered last year that you could make lipsticks with a metal mould but those were over a 100USD. Ever since then, I have been wondering if there were more affordable ones. And a few nights ago, hey presto! I found them!! :D

I have two lipsticks I absolutely love and used to the end. I don't like using a lip brush, so I really wanted to make the leftover bit sitting inside the bottom bit into a new lipstick. I am a clear spring, tinted spring, bright spring, and Guerlain Kiss Kiss Red Love 324 and Clinique 10 Coral Crush work wonders on me!

The picture above is my first trial, mixing the Clinique Coral Crush with my Burtsbee chapstick and Nivea tinted chapstick. The picture below shows the depotting of my Red Love lippie. I didn't have the tiny spatula that professionals use so I found a tiny plastic cutter that my delivery food people gave me. :P

So what you need next is the lipstick mould and a plastic holder. A heat source and a small bowl. I bought 2 lipstick moulds and a holder with 4 holes. The place I bought them from also have a holder that holds 1 mould, but from the reviews I could see that it would be better to go with the 4 holes so I could make more than just one.

I wish I had a smaller bowl but I could only find my rice bowl for now. And I used my scented candle as a heat source. I've seen other people who used a hot plate which is more professional, as well as using a paper cup in a microwave.

Here is a picture of some lippie being melted...
I made the mistake of melting too little lipstick in my first trial... and it ended up disastrous! I ended up having some gaps... so make sure you melt more than you think you need! Pouring everything in one go gives you a much better result!

Here is a picture of my first trial completed...

My second trial was the Red Love...
As you can see on the far left, my lippie is all used up... :)
I mixed a little bit of Guerlain Kiss Kiss 565 Blossom Glow (not my best lippie...), and again the two chapsticks...

Here is the melting again... I found that melting the lippies at the midway point of the bowl was much more efficient than doing it at the bottom of the bowl!

Just so you know... the lipstick mould is made of two parts.
The silicone part and the golden donut ring part...
You need both to make your lippie!

Once you finish pouring the melted lippies into the mould, it's time to put them into your fridge for cooling! It takes about 30 minutes they say... So, let me go check in on them!

Oh, look! My new lippies... chillaxing together in my fridge! *SO CUTE!*
And they look ready... for the magical last step!

The last part requires an air pump device... Without it, you run the risk of ruining your lippie... because putting the lipstick into the casing is a bit tricky!

OK! So, here comes Part Two!
Potting of the lipsticks!!

First, I brought my well cooled lipsticks to my desk...
The lippies are no longer creamy!

Next, pull off the golden cap!
(I was taking a photo with my right hand... so please take the cap off using both hands!)

Hmmm... It's not looking good...
As I mentioned above... melting the lippies in small doses will create this messiness!!

Next, you put the empty or new lipstick case right above the lipstick, holding it perpendicular... It will slide right in if you gently press down on it.

Then, setup your air pump device like the picture below... with the lipstick case sitting on top of the cylinder... air chamber? :) Start with the syringe at the bottom. Then slowly pull the piston out... Then slowly push it back in. This will help the lipstick loosen up from the silicone mould!!!!!

I proceeded to turn my lipstick case to spiral downwards... but... as you can see my first trial wasn't as successful! It broke midway because of insufficient lipstick...

I tested to see if the color came out good...
Yes! It's a nice coral sheer lippie!! Just what I wanted~~!!

I put away the piece that was broken in a mini casing for next time... See you little chap!!

* * * * * * * * *

OK! Let's show you my SUCCESSFUL trial!!

Step 1. Take off the golden ring~~

Step 2. Place the empty lipstick case upright onto the lipstick's base...

Step 3. Gently push it down... until there is no gap between the lipstick case and the silicone mould...

Step 4. Use the air pump device as described above...

Step 5. Slide the lipstick down, pulling it out from the silicone mould~
Can you see how gorgeous and shiny brand new it looks?!!!! Yippeeeeeeee~~!!!!!

So... yup! My second trial was a total success!
I cut in bigger chunks of my lipstick, to make sure I had enough... And as you can see this turned out perfectly!!

Here's a little color testing of my rebirthed Red Love~
It's the color on the left... It's a really nice rosy pink glow~~!!

* * * * * * * * *
So, here are my lovely lippies...

Bonus Tip!!
The star case above was a little bit of leftover from my second trial... 
I knew I would have some leftovers... So I ordered the mini casing just in case.

Initially, I wanted to make a cheek stain from it... but the color didn't work out and neither did the amount required... Seriously, you DO NEED a lot of lip product to fill these things up!!!!! 

So, I ended up mixing my Guerlain 300 Golden Girl and MAC Matte Lipstick Hot Pepper and the last bits of my chapsticks... Those two lipsticks were the ones I never use... so it was cool I could find a way to make them work for me!!

Finally, a little color testing~~
I was surprised how lovely it turned out!! Right now in Korea, actually since about a year and a half ago, the lip color in trend is something called a 'Dried Rose Effect' and I think this might turn out to be a good resemblance of that hue~!! :D 

That is all I can share for tonight!!

Thanks for reading & I hope you can have fun with recycling your lippies too!!

With Love,

Jessica Flatshoenista

Oct 6, 2017

Fashion App Review for Cladwell & One Caution for Subscription

Hi guys!

This week, I am testing out a new fashion app that set out to revolutionize how we do Capsule Wardrobes!! I saw this app mentioned on Audrey's website 'Putting Me Together' and wondered what it was like. ( Link ) I had abandoned most of my previous fashion apps because I switched phones between Apple and Android and really missed the 'Randomize' function in Closet+ which only works for iPhones. I have an iPad but there is no service available for it!

I started out with their 3 day trial. To cut to the chase, I really see a potential in their app being able to help me from 'Compulsive Shopping' and 'Retail Therapy'... :) because Cladwell shows me so many outfit options from what I have. I spent 7 hours today logging 144 items and it is showing me something 102k outfits! Imagine! 102,000 different outfits SITTING IN MY HOME CLOSET!!

My real motivation for writing though is to save you potential frustration. And to give you a fair warning before you go ahead and log all your clothing pieces and before you subscribe. I spent the last hour and a half to two hours, only to realize that Cladwell's current service settings are not fully converted between desktop users and iPad users. My desktop is Android based, not Apple. And Cladwell's app runs on iOS/iTunes. And the way their services is set up is not clearly shown on their website. I really wish they had a page that gave us a diagram of their services functions and features...

To relate what I know thus far...
I initially subscribed with my everyday email and they said that the free trial is for 3 days. I used the app for one day and decided to quit it before getting charged on my credit card. I had signed up for their service on my desktop, then downloaded their app from Playstore on iPad. So far, so good.

Well. I read a blog post that had some neat tips on how to use Cladwell to optimize your wardrobe, and decided to subscribe again. But I wanted to use my work email for this... but because I went straight to my iPad this time, I ended up creating a new account from iTunes. If you are an iTunes user, be warned!!! If you don't want to pay for your Cladwell service, quit within the first 48 hours of subscribing. Apparently, iTunes policy is really specific and Cladwell can't do anything about it.

I noticed that when I signed up from my desktop, the monthly subscription was $7.99, or 6 months for $5.99 per month, or yearly plan for $3.34 per month.

when I subscribed from my iPad... 
I got the 3 free trial days yes... but... this time, they were showing a 'weekly' subscription!! Whoa-!! At first, I wondered if I was being offered this because I was a returning subscriber or something... But after a lot of digging around... I found that Cladwell's services are running on completely different platforms. 

The weekly subscription was not available from my desktop account, ONLY on my iPad (iOS) account... And it goes for $2.99 each week. I think as a newcomer, the weekly service is a nice mid-step offered. When you try something for the first time, you don't know how much the service is going to be worth to you... So... going from the 3 day (2 days technically) free trial to a weekly, then monthly or annually made a lot of sense. And it really gives great flexibility to the users! 

Here is what I currently understand of the two different platforms based services by Cladwell, in a chart form:

As you can see, from the desktop side, the weekly subscription was not possible.
And from the Apple's iOS or iTunes side, the monthly subscription paid for 6 months was not possible. 

I don't have an iPhone so I don't know how this factors in for the subscriptions via iPhone. But, so far, regarding the website's structure, Logging in part also had an interesting flow. 

I could register from my Desktop, then login to my app on iPad. However, the reverse was not possible due to iTunes restrictions I think. 

To back up what I have gathered above, here are two screen captures from the Support section I read tonight that clarified Cladwell's services and features. (Link) As you will see, Cladwell DID refund the money and was supportive to the client. But I think the info I detailed above could have been explained more transparently on their main website. Maybe include a full page on how they are operating... so users can make the BEST CHOICE regarding their services.

* * *
To end on a positive note...

I still feel great hopes for Cladwell working for me!
I did the math... and my annual subscription which I got just prior to writing this blog post... comes down to a $1 USD per month. 

Annual Subscription $39.99 divided by 12 months is $3.3325 which I think they rounded up to $3.34 on their main page. 

$3.3325 divided by 4 weeks is $0.833125 for each week. In my home currency (Korean won), that equates to about 955 won which for local mind is a US 1 dollar. I think paying a dollar each week for Cladwell might be totally worth it... 

I love the excitement of seeing new ways of mixing and combining my clothes displayed on Cladwell app. I did try out a similar service called Lookastic.com but their outfit suggestions didn't inspire me as much. I prefer the clean layout and style aesthetic of Cladwell. (Sorry Lookastic!)

And here are two screen captures for Cladwell's beatifully streamlined outfits for me!! The first one is a list of my 144 items. My clothes here are 'good enough approximations' to what I really have!

Secondly, here are the incredible 102,000 outfits Cladwell is showing me!! Just from what I own!! I can totally shop from my own closet now~!! There are so many outfit combinations I haven't tried yet and that really really excites me!! 

OK. So...
For those of you style savvy yet shrewd money managers reading this! Give it a go~!! Especially shouting out to those of your who are doing Project 333 or taking Jill Chivers' 'My Year Without Clothes Shopping' program... I heartily recommend you to explore this new app! Cladwell website: http://www.cladwell.com

Love & Gratitude from Seoul, Korea,
Jessica Flatshoenista

Aug 14, 2017

Style Finding Made Easy - by Truth is Beauty

Hi readers!

One of my blog commenters left me a really cool link...
You can easily find style references... from her site!


Love this contemporary look.
It works for any city! London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, New York...!

A more feminine styling... but still polished...
Yet nothing too gaudy... Understated elegance! :)

Ah... An all time favorite...
Uber comfort... Super cute... Takes you anywhere!!

More pins gathered here:

Aug 4, 2017

The Denim Skirt Video

Hi all~~

Here's a video styling a shortish denim skirt with a shirt (or a denim jacket)!
Happy styling for the Summer!!

Jessica Flatshoenista

May 1, 2017

[Column] Create Your Own Style Principle 9. Decide On Your Core Wardrobe Colors

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series #09

Principle 9. Decide On Your Core Wardrobe Colors

Today let's talk about choosing a core color for your wardrobe.

What is a Core Wardrobe Color?

For each Adler Lifestyle identity, there is a good neutral color that can help you build your wardrobe and express your individual beauty. The Pleasing Seeking Lifestyle does well with Spring-like fresh, vibrant colors, while the Comfort Seeking Lifestyle does well in soothing and calm palettes. The Superiority Seeking Lifestyle can be fashion forward in exotic and rich colors, and the Control Seeking Lifestyle looks dignified in high contrast and highly pigmented colors.

The Core Wardrobe Color helps you anchor your wardrobe's visual direction. As most Koreans have dark hair colors, the primary base neutral color that is recommended for them is a dark neutral color. As hair color is one of the most dominant features in your physical appearance, repeating it in your outfit creates a sense of unity and instantly creates polish. Below are some visuals to drive home this point.

Picture 1. When Non-Hair Colors Are Used in an Outfit

Image Source: From Irenee Riter's homepage in 2011.

Picture 2. When Hair Color is Repeated in an Outfit

Image Source: From Irenee Riter's homepage in 2011.

Picture 3. Whatever the Fashion Item, Repeated Hair Color Anywhere in Your Outfit Creates Cohesiveness, Visual Unity, and Adds Polish 

Image Source: From Irenee Riter's homepage in 2011.

Of course, in Adler Fashion Coaching we are not defaulting to black for everyone based on the pigment of your hair color. I am hereby introducing some good options for a Core Wardrobe Color in a Dark Neutral for each of the Adler Lifestyles.

Best Core Wardrobe Colors for Each Adler Lifestyle

Best Dark Neutral Color for Pleasing Lifestyle - French Navy
French Navy is a great core wardrobe color for the Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Lifestyle. This navy is dark enough yet more cheerful than a regular navy blue.

Best Dark Neutral Color for Comfort Lifestyle - Slate Gray
Comfort Seeking Lifestyle looks great in quietened, grayed colors, but the slate gray is a great choice for Asians. It is cooler than a charcoal and more subdued than a navy. Anchoring your wardrobe in this color will make coordination super easy for this type. This color is especially recommended because when mixed with a darkened silver, suddenly the combination produces a stylish and dressy look.

Best Dark Neutral Color for Superiority Lifestyle - Olive
For the Superiority Seeking Lifestyle, olive is a great year round core wardrobe color. Many people associate this color with a casual item like cargo pants or military style jacket, but actually depending on the fabric, it can actually translate into something quite exotic and luxurious especially when done with a little sheen. While olive is not as cheerful or demure as the two previous Lifestyles, when paired with the correct jewelry and hairstyle for this Lifestyle, and with a silhouette that gives some waist definition, it can produce a glamorous and sexy femininity.

Best Dark Neutral Color for Control Lifestyle - Jet Black
There is actually a range of blacks when you examine it closely. Off black, ink black, warm black, and cool black. The type of black that benefits the Control Seeking Lifestyle the most is a Jet Black. Wearing something other than a jet black or ebony black may result in feeling out of place and somewhat shabby for this Lifestyle. Therefore the black must be at its 100% strength. With repeat washes, a pair of black jeans may lose its level of blackness over time. It is recommended that you either buy a new pair to replace it or to re-dye it to its original condition.

Summer Core Wardrobe Colors for Each Lifestyle
So far, we have looked at a dark neutral color that can benefit your wardrobe year round. As the Summer months are arriving, here are some light neutrals for each Lifestyle in the warmer months.

For the Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Lifestyle, a fresh clean Snow White is a good base neutral for a Summer wardrobe.

Image Source: Naver Color Dictionary

For the Comfort Seeking Lifestyle, a go to Summer base neutral would be a Gray Sky color. It is a bluish gray on the lighter side.

Image Source: Naver Color Dictionary

The Superiority Seeking Lifestyle would do well with an ivory or light beige color. A color named Isabelline #F4F0EC would also work well for a Summer wardrobe.

Image Source: Naver Color Dictionary

Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb-T10f7M7k

The Control Seeking Lifestyle will be all set with a Titanium White for a clean cut Summer wardrobe. It can't be a 'natural looking' white, it must look artificially white, industrial strength white. Or a Pure White White if you like. In the image below, the left is Pure White looking all prisitine, the center image is Snow White, and the right side is an ivory white.

Image Source: https://bodikian-textiles.com/product/off-white-polyester-spandex-satin-fabric-2-way-stretch-dull-de-lustre-under-lace-wedding-dress-satin-150cm-wide-copy-copy/

Today, we looked at some neutral color options for each Adler Lifestyle. For a year round wardrobe, find a base neutral color that is as dark or light as your hair color. And in the Summer months, have something lighter. Having a well rounded capsule wardrobe in your core wardrobe color will ensure that you have all the right pieces to create a streamlined and sleek outfit for all kinds of situations. It is preferabe to having a wardrobe full of colors that are not as cohesive. Creating sophisticated outfits will be a lot easier when you have these core wardrobe colors in place. Wishing you another stylish week!

Yours cordially,

Adler Fashion Coach, Jessica Ahn

Instagram ::: Hepburn School