Sep 19, 2016

Fall Fashion for 2016 - Outfit Inspirations (Polyvores)

Girly & Romantic Styling for Fall 2016 : Mix pinks and terracotta, burnt orange.
Add copper or champagne metals~

Fall chic in an instant in Aubergine... Gorgeous color for fall~
Mix with pretty almonds and olive tone khakis... Accessorize in medium gold metals.

Honey browns with oyster metallics~ Add touches of burnt sienna or
dark tomato to spice it up.

Gray cardigans are great staples for fall wardrobes. You can cinch it for
sharp office styling, or wear it pretty casual buttoned up. Play with levels
of refinement and the possibilities are endless~~ Versatile must have item~^^

Stay stylish~

Jessica FlatShoenista  

Sep 18, 2016

[New Column Coming Soon] Will You Be My Fashion Column Reader?

Hi friends!
I have completed the first 6 months of my writing program to become an author! As part of my coursework for the 2nd half of the program, I was asked to select 200 people who will receive my weekly column on Fashion, Styling, and Adler Identity Coaching. My plan is to write about 'identity' and 'fashion styling' but not limited to those two. Some of the things might be influences of cities, cultures, shopping/consumption, spirituality, family life/career/corporate life on how we dress and present ourselves.

I am hoping to select 100 English speaking readers, and 100 Korean speaking readers among my network of family and friends! For those who sign up as the first 100 in each group, I will draw out 3 names who will receive free image consulting from me, based on Adler Identity Assessment (3 hours total, worth USD 330.00) to promote my services. So that will be 3 English speakers and 3 Korean speakers.

Your readership is important to me and I value feedback! Each month, for the most helpful feedback, I will send you a small gift related to fashion & style~

If you would like to receive my weekly column, please leave your email address in the comments, or if you are concerned about exposure of your email address feel free to message me! Thank you!!

안녕하세요, 나의 친구들!
지난 6개월 동안 <꿈꾸는 만년필>이라는 작가되기 프로그램 수업을 받았습니다. 이번주 저의 글쓰기 미션은 앞으로 매주 발송하게 될 '아들러 패션코칭과 셀프스타일링'이라는 칼럼의 독자 200분을 모시는 것입니다. 제 바램은 100명의 한글 독자와 100명의 영어 독자를 모시고, 제 글에 대한 피드백을 받는 것이랍니다~ ^^ 기사를 한글과 영문으로 쓸 예정이구요, 모집되신 200분 중 6명을 추첨하여 '아들러 패션코칭'을 무료로 해드리고자 합니다~ 당첨되신 분들에게 패션코칭하는 내용을 비쥬얼과 글로 패션코칭 서비스를 소개하는 자료에 쓸 계획이구요. 매달 가장 도움된 피드백을 주신 분께는 패션과 관련된 작은 선물을 드립니다.

칼럼은 자아탐구와 아들러 개인심리학, 패션과 스타일링, 또 우리가 옷을 입는 데 영향을 주는 다양한 요소들에 대해 골고루 다룰겁니다. 예를 들어 도시가 주는 영향, 직업이나 가족 내에서의 역할 등이 미치는 영향, 또 시즌마다 다가오는 트렌드 등 입니다.

칼럼독자 해주실 분의 이메일을 코멘트에 남겨주시거나, 주소 노출이 마음에 걸리는 분은 메시지 남겨주세요~^ㅁ^


Sep 1, 2016

Fall Colors Fall Looks for 2016 - The Maxi Skirt Stylings & Ash SilverBalayage Hair

Seoul is going from desert weather to kinda sorta chilly this week. Temperature has fallen drastically... Hence a post on Autumn colors and Autumn styles today~!! Time to freshen up our wardrobes by celebrating longer sleeves and warmer textures! :-)

And here are the roundups from Pinterest and Google search engine... 

#1. Grace the harvest season in pleated maxi skirts and be a Goddess~!
I think the longer length looks great for this fall... It looks uber feminine, and gives you an instant slimming effect. (You won't have to shave your legs everyday...!) It is also a great transitional piece as it will take you from the last days of Summer well into early bit of Winter. 

The maxi skirt layers very easily with a variety of tops and cardigans. You can create all kinds of personalities with it too! You can begin with a tank tee or sleeveless shirt, then add in cap sleeves, three quarter sleeves, full sleeves, then graduate to layering vests and cardigans for warmth.

 Keep it simple with a light palette and look tall... 

 Dress it up with a lace top and a punch of Autumn yellow for drama... 

 A safari style blouse with rolled up sleeves and a cinched waist is every bit pragmatic/utilitarian yet still chic and feminine...

 A cotton blend casual tee and a floor length maxi skirt is a great relaxed romantic-casual look... With neutrals like gray and blush-beige, your bag can totally steal the show... 

 Go a lil Bohemian with fishtail braids, a long necklace, and patterned maxi skirt... 

 I love this one... It is effortlessly sexy! That T-shirt is a perfect style for this Fall and Winter... It can be worn with everything and give a multitude of style spice!! (I am going to have to find one for myself soon...)

 Gosh... Look how divine she looks! She could have walked right out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting! Because the fabric is more refined, the outfit looks sophisticated with the strappy heels~~ 

The same look but in a very laid back styling with a basic white round neck tee! 

Embellish a little with ethnic prints... 

Try New York City chic in all black, head to toe... with a bare back and a side slit... Classy and sensual... You could even pull off a Morticia Addams come Hallowen!

 I love the color combo in this one. The reddish brown of her hair, the white, and gorgeous delish peach pink... Very successful color scheme... 

 Similar but here the pink is more subdued, more skin exposure ready for beach... but topped with a comfy roomy cardigan.

 With a fitted corsety top, you could be a Marylin... Definitely says vavavavoom!

Love the shoulder cutouts that fall naturally... The wide elastic band gives her a waistline too. Making this a more distinct creation~~ 

 Here the mint color of the maxi skirt becomes the spotlight... Her accessories are cohesive in brown and gold only. Pulled together look.

 This skirt is a wrap skirt now, a departure from the flowy skirts above. But still, notice the proportions of her knit top and her skirt and matching boot color. It still has a similar lengths ratio due to the color matching! 

 Again, the feminine curves are accentuated at the top with a long leggy look... except for this skirt is a trumpet shape and irregular in the hem, and also patterned. The colors are great too. Perfect color scheme to go from Summer into Fall...

 As you can see, these lighter color combos are favored this season. I guess we can all enjoy a Camelot kind of Fall... Here the knit is slouchy but the skirt hugs her hips and the slit is super long. Save this for your date night!! 

 This one is a fun unusual color mix. But because it is in the same pink family, it feels lively but workable and highly wearable. It would look great matched with white, gray, wine, blue, navy, mint, brown, and black. 

 Here is a super cute and retro styled blouse with waist definition and floor touching skirt. The floral print is dramatic yet elegant. Due to the perfect draping of the blouse, our God given womanly curves will come alive in this dress. I just felt the overall silhouette and proportions matched well with the maxi skirt stylings above. It looks like a 1935-1938 styling to me. Right before Monsieur Dior gave us the New Look. And also before the mid calf length dresses worn in 1940s. 

 Moving on to hair... I love everything about this look. Hair is a zany cross between the soft textured beach waves of now, and the harsh dramatic bang that references the Rockabilly hairstyle... Yet the colors used are limited like the Edo period woodblock prints. The ashy gray hair is impressive and stunning; it blends with her taupe eyebrow and gray top. Then there is the contrast of blue and grayed bronze of her blusher/lips/eyeshadow. Because of the high desaturation of her hair and lips, her skin color screams and glows... It's like an amazing work of art...

 Here is another example of an ash silver balayage on long hair. The waviness is looser and it looks current and hip thanks to the messy half top knot.

Finally, here are some gorgeous Autumn color palettes to inspire your Fall 2016 Wardrobe! Some of these tie in with colors found above. The color palettes flow from saturated warmth to cooler deep warm colors.


Wishing you great fun choosing your new outfits!

Bonus pic du jour~ 

Love & Light,

Jessica FlatShoenista

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