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Aug 4, 2016

Reclaim Your Feminine Power of Being Vulnerable - An Inspiring Video of Tony Robbins Coaching a Defeminized Woman~!!

Creating Unstoppable Self Confidence Tony Robbins Best Motivational Video; (Full)

Hi readers!
Recently, I came across a phenomenal video featuring Tony Robbins aka the Giant Guru of motivational talks, and it has truly reinforced my new found beliefs on the immense power of being a woman... a woman that is 'in touch with' the Feminine part of herself.

The video is quite long, it's almost 2 hours long. But given how monumental this subject matter is, it is well worth a view. In it, you will find the story of an elderly woman named Lisa who at a young age was traumatized by a strict and abusive father, and how in one defining moment of her life, she chose to deal with her 'sense of humiliation' by becoming more masculine rather than breaking down in tears. 

Before & After pic of Lisa, as she is transformed into what Tony Robbins calls
a "Feminine Monster" - jokingly of course!

I thought a lot about my maternal grandma who is 90 something now. From the way Lisa was holding herself, it reminded me so much of my grandma who was so poised but also rather cold. The unraveling story of Lisa's life and how she has continued to affect the lives of her own children, a son and a daughter, all felt so relatable to how my family is. Basically, I could see myself in Lisa.

I know this is a 'fact' because in one of my recent conversations with my sister, she confirmed that I have this 'uber masculine' side of me. And she explained how when I wore pants, somehow, my femininity seemed to instantly disappear and the way I talked and walked all seemed to project a highly masculine energy. She added that I was a lot softer and more 'normal' when I dressed in skirts and more feminine clothes.

I don't want to tell people that there is only one way of expressing their identity. Our identities are not a fixed thing, it is fluid, it responds to circumstances, it grows, it breathes, it expands, and matures.

But, just as I spend more time reflecting on the sermons and scriptures, and the shares at my church small group meetings, it is beginning to dawn on me that perhaps, we need both; the 'individuality' but also 'the universality' of our feminine identity.

For me, what that means is to a) be dressed in a universally feminine way as prescribed by the scriptures, and b) add a few touches and elements that answer to my individuality based needs. Eg. I would opt for dresses and skirts over pants and shorts, unless I am going out for an outdoors activity that requires pants or shorts, and to choose garments that are not too restrictive or heavy on my body.

That wordage 'Universal Beauty' is really growing on me too. Before we are divided into 12 different types of beauties, all screaming for attention, and trying to outdo one another, or trying too hard to 'be distinctive' ... we're all women, and we all share a fundamental commonality. And thanks to Tony Robbins, I can see that it's not just down to the stuff we put over our bodies. It really has a lot to do with our life stories, and family traditions, and our choices that we make on who we choose to be. 

Lisa's story is really poignant in that her arch enemy was her sister, who unlike Lisa chose to be vulnerable at the face of their father's tyranny and physical violence. Her sister broke into tears and that actually ended her father targeting her for further violence. Lisa's choice to stand up to her father to earn respect, while dignified, meant that she chose to silence her vulnerability and pain, and she buried them under her masculine guile. She invited further violence from her father, and as her story is traced in depth by Tony Robbins, you'll notice immediately how her own awareness of the ramifications of her choice affects her facial and bodily muscles. You'll get to see how she's transformed from a man-woman into a real woman...

With this, I'd like to close...
and I wish you from my heart that you'll get to fully discover, establish, and relish in your divinely given feminine power! Which in turn will directly nurture and nourish everyone around you... with love, joy, sweetness of life, and dance.

Love and light,

Jessica FlatShoenista

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