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Jul 8, 2016

[Outfit Inspirations] Navy and White for Summer Work Wear

Summer is upon us~! 
Time to bring out your clean navies and whites~!

Here are some outfit possibilities for your Summer work wear...

Navy + White Outfits for a Stylish Summer

Navy shirts can be solid colors for a more conservative look. If the dress code is more relaxed, you can wear sleeveless styles. The two second row navy shirts are jacket-style which are really great for Summer. So easy, so chic...!

* * *
Navy and White Stripe Shirts for Summer

Stripes are another way to enjoy your Navy and White combo. The first three are darker and more formal compared to the jazzed up ones (fourth and second last) with red accents. I think red accents are cool for more creative industries like advertising and design maybe...

The great thing about these shirts is that come Fall, you can pair them with your dark wash jeans or black slacks... and look absolutely CHIC... *droolz~*

* * *
Eclectic Navy Shirts and Navy and White Pinstripes for Summer Work Wear 

And finally, here are some selections that are a little *funkier* looking... for work wear.

1. Starting from the top row left, a Hogwarts inspired retro chic cape style with gold embellishment, and a dainty belt to cinch you waist.

2. If you prefer a sharper more masculine line, then, an oversized shirt jacket in very thing pin stripes are pretty cool...

3. For a more lady like chic, a fine pinstripe blouse shirt is great... This blouse would go really well with your Chanel bags...

4. If you are a feminine Tom Girl~ Then a bomber style jacket which is so in trend right now, with a nipped waist line and cute buttons can be a dressy casual choice for work.

5. If you're trendy and can wear jeggings to work, or if you're petite, this swing shirt would give you an instant urban yet comfortable outfit for work. This shirt would look chic on its own with minimal accessories, or even look cool with a fedora or beenie, and for weekend fun a lightweight pancho...

6. If you're a professor type, or love world travel and wearing those styles, this last one gives you that slightly risque adventurous feel, yet civilized and casual but workable style... You can look up long kaftan shirts for more styles like this.

* * *

Let's round out our selection now, with some dress styles...

First, a great womanly navy dress, with *lantern sleeves* - LOL, I guess that's what we are allowed to wear now! After all those batwing sleeves! I think this dress is easy to wear for any work situation because it covers you up nicely, but shows off your figure too. AND the style isn't too classic and boring. It's a little more trendy. Yet, due to the neckline, you could accessorize this dress in ten different ways using your necklaces and scarves, or chandelier earrings.

Navy Dress Power Dressing!
Click for Link to Yoins

Now, I'm just going to add the *enhancers* for this navy dress... because this blog post was about mixing navy with white... :) First for elegant formal style, you can add some pearl necklace and carry a white bag...

Accessorizing a Shapely Navy Dress

Or, if your office is fully air-conditioned you could wear a scarf...
Scarves to Dress Up a Navy Dress

Or, brooches! You can use these to create a stark contrast with your navy dress for some sparkle and fun~~
Brooches for a Navy Dress

That's all for now~

If you'd like to know product details, you can find my sets here:

Have a chic fabulous day!!


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