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Jul 7, 2016

My Kon-Mari Wardrobe Cleanse Experience...

Hello readers~!

Tonight, I want to go over my experience with Kon-Mari's method regarding my clothes...

I got into Kondo Marie's system last year February, but have not posted about it because I didn't finish doing all the categories. I kept pushing it for later, and later, but I could not put myself back on the wagon. I did however, manage to KonMari the first three categories which were 1) clothes, 2) books, 3) and paper.

Of all the decluttering methods I've read about and implemented, hers is probably the most Spartan...!

When I finished picking up each item in the piles that she recommended, tops, bottoms, jackets and dresses, bags, shoes, gym and sports wear and so on... I had gotten rid of close to 95% of what I had. I was left with so little that *SPARKED JOY* in me, and what was left wasn't enough to form complete outfits! *horror*!!

So, I ended up shopping a lot, and it was last year April and May that I got trained as an identity coach in the Adler Psychology program, and found out what my "Identity" was... So, I bought a lot of Type 1 clothes and jewelry, bags, and shoes. It turns out I am a Type 1 dominant with a secondary 3.

* * *

The Kon-Mari decluttering WAS a supremely fascinating experience in itself though. Even though I got rid of a lot of my own clothes, I ended up Fashion Coaching & Wardrobe Editing for my Mom, Dad, and my sister... And once they knew their Adler types, they also wanted to get rid of a lot, so they gave me all the Type 1 clothes and accessories!

So I guess the Universe really does fill the vacuum that is created in your wardrobe... but I didn't wear a lot of the stuff I got... because a lot of them were cool but not quite *SPARK JOY* items... See, this is where just getting rid of stuff didn't help me... Because I still hadn't developed enough of a backbone in me, or discernment to know how much to accept and how much to decline!

The really funny thing is too... I think I ended up with MORE than what I had before KonMari-ing... My room ended up filling so fast, I had no space to put things! It became a total mess over a few months!

* * *

So, my message to you is this...

I have explored pretty much all of the options within the Fashion Systems World in the past 7 years. If you want to dress nicely... More than half of the systems out there ARE NOT going to help you. I tried Project 333 and Minimalist Wardrobe challenges for over a year; my clothes, shoes, bags ended up getting so worn out in such a short period of time... See, wearing the same thing over and over again, washing them frequently, wears them out super fast... Worse still, I did look less polished while I was doing the Project 333. I don't know. Maybe I should have accessorized better. But the limitations for me were too severe. The kind of level of refinement I prefer, requires quite a bit more than 33 items...

My Mom told me once, some time last year...
If you are used to having clutter... and you get rid of things... You just end up replacing them with new clutter. Or new stuff.

I'm not faulting Kondo Marie for putting out her system to us. I am saying that if you really want to change your habits, YOU REALLY NEED TO WANT IT BAD.
I did what I could, as I did stay up many nights to KonMari the first three categories, but if you have generous family members and acquire clothes easily, decluttering ALONE isn't going to help you maintain the Decluttered Life.

Some photos from the KonMari night...

Step 1: Gather ALL TOPS and find a spot to process them in one go!

Step 2: Pick each item up, check in with yourself to see if the item SPARKS JOY!

Step 3: This is my TOPS category... Left with 11 of them for the WHOLE YEAR...

Repeat the process for bottoms, jackets/coats...

I was left with 7 bottoms including a Winter dress...

7 coats/jackets
11 tops including cardigans
7 bottoms including a dress

Total: 25 items.

In highdsight, if I knew what I now about creating outfits and capsules, and accessorizing... I would have kept more and maybe replace only 20%.

But a lesson well-learned... :) 

Stay Chic~!!


Jessica FlatShoenista

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