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Jul 14, 2016

[Multi-Post] Have You Met Your Diamond-Self Yet? Plus some helpful resources on Following Your Dreams & Making It to the Success Line...

Wow. That must be like the longest blog post title ever!! :D

OK. So this is going to be long... Because I have so many thoughts running around in my head...

For those of you who are busy, here's a bullet list so you can jump right into checking these people out! They've help me shift towards more Success & Joy, so I hope they will for you too!!

1. So I'm in a bliss like state at the moment, having spent a few days, listening to Christie Marie Sheldon's audio course. I had heard about the book Power VS Force before from another coach from last year, and even have two copies of the book, one in Korean and one in English... but I found her style and format so much easier to use on a daily basis. And much affordable too. 

I'm writing this post here because in my energy clearing today, I was able to reconnect with my Inner Diamond-Self... I used to work with a Love Mentor a few years ago... and we had some fun exercises playing with the Diamond Self. Her name was still the same, and she was even more vivid to me this time. She's like the most developed and gorgeous version of me I guess. Her name is Valerie, she has a lot longer hair than me, she was wearing a floral print dress and she even had a guy in a suit next to her (I'm single, LOL). Anywho. I stumbled across her through Mind Valley I think, and bought her Love or Above course first and between the morning meditation and evening meditation, I had great results from the latter. I was at a very stressful point in my week and it shifted me so immensely, I was hooked. I've been doing it everyday since. Then there were some other bonuses which was a recorded class, and that was pretty helpful too. Then finally, I was able to find her UnlimitedAbundance course, which was pricey but because her other products had been so wonderful, and there was a money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try. Wow. This really was the REAL DEAL! In it, she covers 24 money blocks that most of us have, and I've done about 5 or 6 of them so far, and some of them have given me physical shifts and energy releases. My biggest blocks were around Self Worth and Blame. OK. So. I'm just putting it out here, because I sincerely hope you'll find more abundance & love also!! :D

2. Marcia Wieder was also recommended by Vishen... I think I found her listed in the Tribe in the MindValley. And she's so to the point. She's much older than Christie Marie, and has a lot of marketing background. I've never seen anyone pack so much insight into what she calls "sound-bytes"... But she's been helping so many people get on their path to live their dreams. She gives some free video action steps which are very well thought out. Her format is punchy but it's actually quite deep. The second video was about completing something that was incomplete because Integrity is important in achieving your dream! 

3. MindValley is the hub of all the leading self-help gurus if you life. I joined Vishen's group because he thought in systems and has a background in engineering. Very innovative and 21st century... 

4. Barbara Sher was my rock of comfort way way back in 2001 to 2006, which was my mid 20s. What Carol Tuttle calls Type 1, she calls it Scanners. And all of these ideas that keep getting generated in my head... is also known as Ideaphoria. I am finding that once I left the stress but also the *security* of a paycheck job, I'm needing a new *tribe.* Working alone has its merits but also a new learning curve! So after almost a year of thinking it over, I decided to go ahead with starting a Success Team which is a first in my city/country! I also saw a cool YouTube video which is about time management for Scanners... If you're a Scanner who is interested in so many things, check this video out: How to plan your time. For Scanners ( Barbara Sher's idea - refuse to choose)

5. If you like writing & would like to earn some extra cash, I just found this cool list on SherBoard... 54 Writing Platforms that Pay Writers. Or if you like to write about fashion like me, try this one too! 10 Women’s Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers (My published writer friend says that some of the links no longer pay btw... So now, it's like a treasure hunt!!!)

6. Last but not least, Vishen's tribe also included this really cool and surprising approach on finding your Dream Career... It felt like finding the answer right below your nose for me! Here's the video that blew my mind... Try it for yourself!!

How To Uncover Your True Purpose — "Heaven On Earth" Exercise | Martin Rutte

OK. That's all for now!
I hope you feel energized & more refreshed from some of these!!!


Jessica FlatShoenista

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