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Jul 27, 2016

Fashion, Sin, and Centrality of Fashion between Man and God's Relationship

A few days ago, I got to thinking about what God wants in how I dress.
I've begun attending a church last year May (2015), and it has been a life changing event for me.

Since I didn't have much info, I began Googling about it. Has God said anything specific in what he wants regarding this passionate hobby and job of mine? What was his will for me in this regard?

To put it bluntly, I have found 2 things:
#1. Don't dress like a slut. Cover yourself up.
#2. Dress like a woman/girl. Not a man.

The Bible does not engage in petty details on what to wear or not to wear. But perhaps the bigger principle God wants is this:
##. Do not make Image, especially Image of Yourself your God.
##. Do not be so preoccupied to adorning yourself, while neglecting your real duties on Earth.

- - -
Delving deeper though, on how clothing features in the Bible, I remembered how Adam and Eve first roamed around the Garden of Eden freely, totally naked. And after their fall, in shame they covered themselves up with leaves they found. And they could not even approach God despite their leaf-clad bodies. Their shame was that intense.

And it was God who in seeking them and calling them to him, that clothed them in animal skin. He really wanted Adam and Eve to have no obstacle in coming closer to him. So he clad us with something more durable. And he sacrificed animal blood to keep us clothed and less afraid.

So clothing was born and closely related to Sin, right from the beginning of the beginning. And it was a central element that symbolized the nature of our relationship to God, and of our Sinful nature.

- - -
In later scriptures though, there are still quite a few references to clothing and fashion.

The one's I have heard of so far go as the following:
#1. Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
#2. Joseph running away leaving his Coat behind when his boss's wife seduces him
#3. The Roman soldiers casting lots on Jesus's clothes, dividing them up for entertainment, de-robing Jesus before his Crucifixion
#4. A sinful Egyptian wife, cheating on her husband with a multi-colored and patterned bed linen which is a set up to seduce a young man in the streets
#5. Dinah getting raped from a party she attended, and the mention of her brothers all covered in silver jewelry, which represents how they had all taken to the ways of the world

On the topic of disguise, there are at least 3 stories:
#1. Jacob feigning his brother Esau's hand by adding animal skin to his hand, in order to steal the blessing from Isaac
#2. Jacob is tricked by Laban his uncle who disguises her first daughter as her second one who is much prettier
#3. Tamar dressing as a prostitute to trick Judah, but she was doing it as inspired by God

- - -
I'm noting how each of the stories are illustrations of 'things going wrong' and following the wrong things except for Tamar's case. And this brings us to this scripture:

John 2:16 For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.

 And this is the cause for pause for me.
"...the lust of the eyes"

Every thing I have learnt as as designer, visual communication major, advertising art director, and image consultant has the sole purpose of delighting the eyes, manipulating people to either buy or choose something.

Every technique and principle is basically to meet the requirements and cravings for those 'lust of the eyes.'

Worse still, while learning about personality and how I am motivated is helpful, if resting on those, it is another big Sin in God's eyes. We were not created to worship our own bodies and place ourselves where God is supposed to be.

With these thoughts, I'll leave you for now.
Much to think on, and something to wait for God's directions on...

Love & Light to you~***

Jessica FlatShoenista

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