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Jul 28, 2016

Fashion Choices for a Christian Woman

So, to reflect my changing values as a Christian, it came down to...

a) choosing fully covered clothing; longer skirts that come down to knees, no sleeveless tops, nothing too figure showing but also not too butch
b) choosing blouses over shirts
c) choosing colors that are not too flashy, and not too masculine
d) little pattern, less decorations
e) only the cross necklace should be distinct and shiny
f) makeup to suggest grooming and care, but nothing in your face
g) flat shoes over heels
h) bags that are durable and neat looking, but nothing that screams prestige
i) jewelry kept to a minimum; stud earrings as tiny as possible, maybe a watch
j) no pants, no shorts, no sexy dresses of any kind, no bombshell styles, nothing too trendy; overall a quieter and elegant but not prestige-seeking look, "demure"
k) French manicure or any nude-pink gentle colors for nails
l) hairstyle to be slightly longer than shorter; no extreme hairstyle that is too attention-getting, eg. no pixie cut or undercut styles, no bombshell or bedroom or beach hair, no severe cuts like straight bangs

What I'd Wear as a Christian Woman

Eleventy silk top
349,510 KRW -

Vanessa Bruno white blouse
190,315 KRW -

Chicwish long sleeve shirt
50,965 KRW -

White blouse
13,360 KRW -

Glamorous shirt blouse
34,195 KRW -

Oscar de la Renta midi skirt
1,799,080 KRW -

Bally brown skirt
1,127,635 KRW -

Bally flat shoes
198,895 KRW -

Bally patent leather shoes
112,185 KRW -

Bally tote purse
1,249,575 KRW -

Bally genuine leather wallet
447,655 KRW -

Roberto Coin cross necklace
3,221,385 KRW -

The Horse leather band watch
117,655 KRW -

Forever 21 rhinestone earrings
6,685 KRW -

24,935 KRW -

24,935 KRW -

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