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Jun 2, 2016

What My Shopping Addiction Was Really About - Jill Chivers's MYWCS Course

Hi readers!

Tonight, I want to share some fascinating revelations I just had as I work on My Year Without Clothes Shopping course by Jill Chivers.

Before I took her course, I just *assumed* that my clothes & fashion related shopping must be closely linked to my love of fashion.

Well. I am on Week 26 material of Jill's course (I had a 15 week absence due to other trainings etc.) which is about being Kind to myself by exploring my various needs. I am reserving some of the details from Jill's course, as she has specifically asked for the materials to be kept within her community; and focusing more on just what I discovered about myself and my needs.

From the questions and exercises Jill gave us, I came up with four main areas where I felt I needed the most 'kindness' and 'stimulation.' I'm recognizing this 'stimulation' bit from an article I once read about ENTP's (my MBTI type) needing 3 'ions,' namely, Inspiration, Validation, Stimulation.

My predominant stimulation needs are a) having a Super Goal that totally stretches my abilities and even feels like an impossible feat. I trained to get into some top notch art schools ever since I was 12, and putting myself in some competitive mode really stimulates my entire being, and that's when I am most productive and on my best behavior, and b) engaging in Touch related activities such as baking or cake decorating, using a sewing machine or working with leather crafting tools, woodworking or clay art.

My secondary stimulation needs seem to be c) feeling engrossed and enveloped in Beauty or beautiful environment, such as beautiful gardens or architectural structures, museums, churches, or galleries etc., and d) meeting my emotional needs which is mostly about helping people, animals, or habitat/ecosystems that are endangered in some way.

I also felt that occasionally, I would need some Spontaneity, as well as Discovery. Spontaneity for me could be popping in to playfully kidnap my nephews to go camping or to a beach for some totally random and unscheduled fun. Whereas Discovery could be being surrounded by other intellectuals, and feeling like a foreigner or a newbie at an unknown academic or professional milieu where I would need to cram a lot of info fast to prove my competency.

I am really in awe of Jill's course at how enlightening all of these discoveries are for me. It's also pretty ironic that my idea of self kindness is not really about 'relaxing' and 'getting comfortable'... but that what I truly crave is more about putting myself in competition, or taking a little bit of risk to save and help others, and to physically exert myself and expend a lot of energy.

OK. I hope this inspires you and gets you to think about your shopping habits, and/or to consider and ponder how you can be kinder to your needs!

Your soul needs you!


Jessica FlatShoenista

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