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Jun 10, 2016

A Letter to My Teenage Self - A Capsule Wardrobe Accessorized in Gold Accents

So... I was in the middle of writing a letter to my teenage self as part of Jill Chivers's course. I'm on Week 27 and it totally inspired me to create a capsule wardrobe for the 14 year old me~!!!

In hindsight, the capsule might be a little mature for my 14 year old self, but it definitely is a classic and functional one that mixes and matches well for a truly versatile wardrobe.

Here are the 13 pieces for this teen capsule~☆

2 jackets, 2 shirts, 4 tops, 3 skirts, 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts.

Bags and shoes assortment to go with the teen's capsule wardrobe.

6 shoes, 5 bags.
2 casual shoes, 2 boots, 2 dressy shoes.
2 daily bags, 1 clutch, 2 dressy bags.

3 dressy outfits from the capsule.
Sexy red dress look, bling bling outfit, and a little black dress ensemble all made from separates~!!

Some weekend outfits... because during the week, I used to wear uniforms.

Some more dressy casual super cute outfits for weekends...

Here are the same Chanel jacket and dark wash jeans paired with 3 different tops. The bag and shoes are also the same. But just by switching out the jewelry, it alters the mood entirely... Oh the power of accessories, right?

A red carpet look... in glamorous gold and red~!! All you need is a gold pashmina and some gold jewelry~ A polished sexy look indeed... IDK is it too sexy for a teen?

This time, let's do a more covered but sophisticated look... A Chanel jacket is forever~!! You will be stylish and chic yet comfortable in this red, white, and gold ensemble.

Now, let's do a city versus country style outfit using the same bases. You have a navy crested blazer, dark jeans, a gray tank tee, and a Louis Vuitton bag. The city look adds on a gray scarf, a silver metallic watch, and black Chelsea boots. While the relaxed country look goes for a brown scarf, gold and brown watch, and brown riding boots.

My final example outfit from this capsule wardrobe illustrates that the same navy crested blazer, gray tank tee, dark jeans, and beige studded clutch can be accessorized differently with different gold jewelry alone. In the first outfit, the strappy gold sandals and layered Chanel pearl necklace with rounded pearl earrings and bracelet give you an overall elegant look. In the second, the nude pumps are matched with more casual chic jewelry, via a trendy polished tribal necklace, a spiral bangle, and a pair of cross shaped pearl earrings.

I hope this capsule wardrobe inspires you to create your own~!! Whether it's for your current look or for your teenage self, it will be so worth it~^_^!!!

Have a stylish day, dear reader~♡♡♡
Love from Seoul...

Jessica Flatshoenista

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