Jun 14, 2016

12 Star Signs, 12 Capsule Wardrobes ::: Fashion Astrology Promo Video Is Here~!!!

I'm linking my YouTube video, followed by the visuals~
Have fun~!!

{ 12 capsule wardrobes , one for each astrology sign }

#1. Aries Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#2. Taurus  Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#3. Gemini Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#4. Cancer Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#5. Leo Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#6. Virgo Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#7. Libra Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#8. Scorpio Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#9. Sagittarius Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#10. Capricorn Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#11. Aquarius Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

#12. Pisces Woman's Capsule Wardrobe

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Hope these sets inspire you ~~^_^

Love & joy,

Jessica FlatShoenista

Jun 10, 2016

A Letter to My Teenage Self - A Capsule Wardrobe Accessorized in Gold Accents

So... I was in the middle of writing a letter to my teenage self as part of Jill Chivers's course. I'm on Week 27 and it totally inspired me to create a capsule wardrobe for the 14 year old me~!!!

In hindsight, the capsule might be a little mature for my 14 year old self, but it definitely is a classic and functional one that mixes and matches well for a truly versatile wardrobe.

Here are the 13 pieces for this teen capsule~☆

2 jackets, 2 shirts, 4 tops, 3 skirts, 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts.

Bags and shoes assortment to go with the teen's capsule wardrobe.

6 shoes, 5 bags.
2 casual shoes, 2 boots, 2 dressy shoes.
2 daily bags, 1 clutch, 2 dressy bags.

3 dressy outfits from the capsule.
Sexy red dress look, bling bling outfit, and a little black dress ensemble all made from separates~!!

Some weekend outfits... because during the week, I used to wear uniforms.

Some more dressy casual super cute outfits for weekends...

Here are the same Chanel jacket and dark wash jeans paired with 3 different tops. The bag and shoes are also the same. But just by switching out the jewelry, it alters the mood entirely... Oh the power of accessories, right?

A red carpet look... in glamorous gold and red~!! All you need is a gold pashmina and some gold jewelry~ A polished sexy look indeed... IDK is it too sexy for a teen?

This time, let's do a more covered but sophisticated look... A Chanel jacket is forever~!! You will be stylish and chic yet comfortable in this red, white, and gold ensemble.

Now, let's do a city versus country style outfit using the same bases. You have a navy crested blazer, dark jeans, a gray tank tee, and a Louis Vuitton bag. The city look adds on a gray scarf, a silver metallic watch, and black Chelsea boots. While the relaxed country look goes for a brown scarf, gold and brown watch, and brown riding boots.

My final example outfit from this capsule wardrobe illustrates that the same navy crested blazer, gray tank tee, dark jeans, and beige studded clutch can be accessorized differently with different gold jewelry alone. In the first outfit, the strappy gold sandals and layered Chanel pearl necklace with rounded pearl earrings and bracelet give you an overall elegant look. In the second, the nude pumps are matched with more casual chic jewelry, via a trendy polished tribal necklace, a spiral bangle, and a pair of cross shaped pearl earrings.

I hope this capsule wardrobe inspires you to create your own~!! Whether it's for your current look or for your teenage self, it will be so worth it~^_^!!!

Have a stylish day, dear reader~♡♡♡
Love from Seoul...

Jessica Flatshoenista

Jun 5, 2016

a year round 40 piece capsule wardrobe for an urban working woman

Hi readers~!!

Here's an example of a capsule wardrobe that will take you year round. There are 10 jackets, 9 bottoms, and 21 tops. Items were chosen for a city dwelling, working woman, who wants versatility to cover all four seasons and all occasions. In this example, I assumed she owns a car, so the coats have been selected accordingly. If you walk or use public transportation more, be sure to include something warmer and longer, eg. a parka or a full length wool coat.
a year round jackets & outerwear capsule wardrobe (10 pieces)
1. a dark colored suit jacket or blazer for work (may be solid or striped)
2. a chanel jacket (light colored tweed is great for a feminine look, choose darker color if you do not like to spend as much on dry cleaning)
3. a khaki colored semi casual solid blazer in cotton and wool blend with stretch (great for dressed down office and for dressed up weekend!!)
4. an elegant beige fitted through the waist jacket in light neutral color (great for instant formal outfit)
5. a half length oversized wrinkleproof zen grey open style trench coat (excellent layering piece)
6. camel colored classic half or 3/4 length coat in wool and cashmere blend or alpaca (instant winter)
7. a fitted rider style leather jacket (instant oomph & sexy!! choose hair color or 1-2 shades lighter than hair color for easy year round chic)
8. a peacoat (your casual chic office coat, that doubles as a super cute weekend look~)
9. a zen black microfiber bomber jacket (bomber jackets are so in right now, but choose a cleaner style to wear it years after the fad dies)
10. a slightly longer denim jacket in a darker neutral color (a denim jacket fills so many style gaps in a woman's wardrobe especially after the age of 24-26...)

a year round skirt & pants capsule wardrobe (9 pieces)
11. ecru beige pencil or H-line skirt in light to medium weight suede or leather (great reliable year round skirt, that goes with all kinds of tops)
12. wrinkle free black skirt with stretch in medium to light weight fabric (with the right camisole this skirt will become your little black dress, it also slenderizes your bottom half including your belly fat... must must have item)
13. straight leg black pants for work and all other occasions (do not choose skinny pants for work unless your job has a very casual dress code; the silhouette, the fabric, the give are all important factors in having the dream black pants... it might require some investment in time to find the exact right one, but it is so worth finding it!!)
14. ivory pants with defined waist (may be palazzo pants if you live in moderate climate; this pants paired with the light neutral chanel jacket, or ivory fitted jacket, or the camel colored classic wool coat instantly becomes your elegant formal outfit that is feminine yet dramatic, and totally polished year round. depending on how you accessorize these outfit bases, you could literally go anywhere, from opera night to christening, to hotel lunches, to shaking hands with the queen or your future in-laws)
15. white pencil skirt with a little stretch (the fabric choice determines whether the skirt is more office or more around the town; this skirt will freshen up any or all of the jackets and coats, giving you instant lady-like superpowers... if you wear more casual clothes, choose a stretchy fabric.)
16. slim fitted jeans in a pretty blue wash (instant chill, instant california chic)
17. long gray cotton & lycra blend drawstring skirt (super relaxed, instant weekend look)
18. inky destroyed denim skirt (this skirt says all the naughty things your jackets can't...)
19. sparkly gold skirt with elastic waistband (nothing says glamor, cuteness, and party like this skirt!! be sure to get a comfy elastic band though, so you can stay in style while you pig out~!!!)

ok. wow, that's a lot of detail isn't it? hope you're still with me... though... for the 21 tops!
here are the lovelies... for your décolleté and torso...

the basic 18 pieces capsule wardrobe just for tops
20. a solid color work blouse with a little sheen (choose silk if your work requires power dressing)
21. a light pastel color button down shirt (crisp wrinklefree with stretch for instant professionalism)
22. a medium to dark solid sleeveless blouse (so chic & summer ready; choose a style that covers most of your shoulders to maximize number of wear throughout the year!! this is not a tank!)
23. a lightweight clingy but not too drapey dark navy top with a low V neckline (fabulous layering piece to mix and match with your tank tees. instant casual glam that is every bit lady like yet sexy, especially when paired with the right jewelry... an excellent tease outfit for datenights...)
24. sexy swirly tube top thingy (omg this is such a smart thing... instant evening when worn with jackets. cardigans, or #23 mentioned above...)
25. see through black top in long sleeves (excellent for layering, as well as evening wear. just add a statement necklace or a faux collar for versatile fun~!!)
26. a buttondown denim shirt (unless you have a favorite color you want to repeat, choose a different color than your denim jacket. also make sure that this shirt has a different fabric weight than your jacket. if your denim jacket was heavier, then, this denim shirt is best in lightweight. if you get cold a lot and want to wear this under a jacket, go even lighter in weight. if you like to wear this as a shirt by itself or as a lightweight jacket over your top, choose average weight. if you want to wear this as office shirt, make sure the buttons are the same color as the shirt. wooden buttons scream casual & outdoor.)
27. safari style long white shirt (cotton or linen blends are best, longer length means you can wear it as a top or a dress, or a jacket even. you can belt it or tuck it in. the sleeves can be rolled up or down also. super versatile~!!!)
28. black tank tee for layering (make sure it isn't too low cut for office, roundnecks and straight across H necklines are best to wear with jackets and necklaces, wear V if you wear V necks all the time.)
29. gray tank tee (choose the darker gray for office chic & for slimming effect, as well as for that urban vibe.)
30. a cute spaghetti strap tank tee with drapey effect (lighter gray chosen to give a more casual and more feminine relaxed look. another highly versatile piece.) 
31. knitted tank tee (uber sexy, very attitude... instant smart. make sure it is long enough to cover your stomach. unless you are Taylor Swift... j/k)
32. medium weight knit top in V neck (choose loose or fitted depending on your needs)
33. striped long sleeve tee in black and white (you can do red and white stripes or blue and white stripes if you want to go for a more cheeful marine look...)
34. a light oatmeal colored knit top with light ribbings (another great connecting piece)
35. a graphic tee (livens up your blazers~)
36. fitted cardigan (another office must have)
37. oversized cardigan in clean lines (I went with caramel color because so far, all of the basic tops have been cool neutrals. if having a camel coat and a cardigan feels too boring, you could try blush or wine-plum type of color. but stay away from too much of the lighter colors because an oversized light color will make you look larger especially if it is in average to chunky weight yarns.)

your 3 special occasion tops
these are all just suggestions of course... 
38 a or b. red cardigan fitted long andplunging neckline OR a bright pink blouse with sheer sleeves (vivacious colors, either more classic sexy or more flirty trendy feminine)
39 a or b. dark orange floral print camisole OR deep maroon linen camisole with neckline stitch embellishments (camisole in warm colors, either more Japanese baby-doll or more tough-love yet beachy and wild)
40 a or b. a retro style capped sleeve waist defined top in Zen-like midnight navy OR a kimono style belted blouse jacket in Parisian purpley-gray (confident, womanly, and sleek vs. mysterious, relaxed, and chic)

There you have it~!!

All 40 pieces that will give you maximum mileage in your wardrobe real estate~!!
I wish you style, grace, and empowerment~!!!

Lots of love,

Jessica Flatshoenista 

Jun 2, 2016

What My Shopping Addiction Was Really About - Jill Chivers's MYWCS Course

Hi readers!

Tonight, I want to share some fascinating revelations I just had as I work on My Year Without Clothes Shopping course by Jill Chivers.

Before I took her course, I just *assumed* that my clothes & fashion related shopping must be closely linked to my love of fashion.

Well. I am on Week 26 material of Jill's course (I had a 15 week absence due to other trainings etc.) which is about being Kind to myself by exploring my various needs. I am reserving some of the details from Jill's course, as she has specifically asked for the materials to be kept within her community; and focusing more on just what I discovered about myself and my needs.

From the questions and exercises Jill gave us, I came up with four main areas where I felt I needed the most 'kindness' and 'stimulation.' I'm recognizing this 'stimulation' bit from an article I once read about ENTP's (my MBTI type) needing 3 'ions,' namely, Inspiration, Validation, Stimulation.

My predominant stimulation needs are a) having a Super Goal that totally stretches my abilities and even feels like an impossible feat. I trained to get into some top notch art schools ever since I was 12, and putting myself in some competitive mode really stimulates my entire being, and that's when I am most productive and on my best behavior, and b) engaging in Touch related activities such as baking or cake decorating, using a sewing machine or working with leather crafting tools, woodworking or clay art.

My secondary stimulation needs seem to be c) feeling engrossed and enveloped in Beauty or beautiful environment, such as beautiful gardens or architectural structures, museums, churches, or galleries etc., and d) meeting my emotional needs which is mostly about helping people, animals, or habitat/ecosystems that are endangered in some way.

I also felt that occasionally, I would need some Spontaneity, as well as Discovery. Spontaneity for me could be popping in to playfully kidnap my nephews to go camping or to a beach for some totally random and unscheduled fun. Whereas Discovery could be being surrounded by other intellectuals, and feeling like a foreigner or a newbie at an unknown academic or professional milieu where I would need to cram a lot of info fast to prove my competency.

I am really in awe of Jill's course at how enlightening all of these discoveries are for me. It's also pretty ironic that my idea of self kindness is not really about 'relaxing' and 'getting comfortable'... but that what I truly crave is more about putting myself in competition, or taking a little bit of risk to save and help others, and to physically exert myself and expend a lot of energy.

OK. I hope this inspires you and gets you to think about your shopping habits, and/or to consider and ponder how you can be kinder to your needs!

Your soul needs you!


Jessica FlatShoenista

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