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Feb 2, 2016

Totally Rad Marc Jacobs Flats Trendy-Classics

I came across these awesome hip flats by M Jacobs. I'm calling these the "trendy classics" because they are so current and versatile to wear, yet they will have great longevity in your wardrobe.

Above: The updated ballet flat by Marc Jacobs in red and black.

Above: Marc Jacobs white & black Mary Jane ballet flat "Lisa"

Above: Marc Jacobs stud sandals in flat heels. This is a great alternative & better daily shoes than Valentino stud flats because it has just the right touch of pizzazz. 

Above: Oohhh Marc Jacobs...! His whimsical genius continues! I am not a big fan of ballerina flats. But these I'll take!! The nickname Punk Mouse is uber cute too!


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