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Feb 15, 2016

The Most Beautiful Woman I've Seen {spiritual post}

Hi Readers~

Today, I would like to share something slightly different. I know my blog is about personal style, and finding something that is "authentic" and "expressive" of who we truly are. It is about discovering our identity and recognizing the really awesome parts of our inner and outer selves.

I've been on a spiritual path since last May 2nd, 2015. Even though I was raised Catholic and Confucian, by the time I was a high teen, I had chosen to live as an Atheist and Agnostic. It took a lot of rock bottoms and several years in recovery in the 12 steps groups to begin a more solid foundation for a saner life. Then, I attended my cousin's wedding in May, and I now belong to an Evangelical and Independent church in Korea.

As Christianity and Evangelism began to shape my life and identity, I couldn't help but notice how my pedestrian and often faithless past values were reflected in my clothing. Up till this point, "holy" was not something I had to consider. I wanted to be part of the "in crowd," part of the "sexy, glamorous" crowd, and most definitely all about "attention getting" fashion.

* * *
In my recent healing process, my super healer guru asked me to watch two videos on YouTube. One was about a guy called Nick Vujicic, and the other was about a Korean lady called Lee, Ji-Seon. Both of them speak about God's love for us, and it is truly remarkable how Faith has shaped them despite their apparent disabilities and crippled physique.

And it was a transformative experience watching Ms. Lee speak about how a car accident induced fire took away her physical beauty, her face disfigured, her whole body burnt up melting, and 8 of her fingers destroyed. And here she was, giving thanks and praise to God, for leaving her the 2 thumbs and parts of her 8 fingers, that her prayer had been answered. How is this possible? I couldn't stop crying watching her video. This was not something I could accept from my Earthly mentality.

* * *
Well. As I pondered about what holy beauty and fashion was about, the ONLY person I could think about was Ms. Lee. In her voice, calm and serene, full of Grace, I felt and saw a whole person of full beauty elegance power and style. It was a divine presence and coming from a place of Love. She was full of gratitude in her heart for what God has allowed her, and I could sense her self compassion and kindness. And she was extending that love to us too.

May the Divine spark this kind of full beauty in us all.
May we be full of gratitude in what God has allowed us this day.

xoxoxo Jessica FlatShoenista

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