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Feb 2, 2016

SYM ::: Try These High Collar Necklaces to Dress Up Your Tshirts!!

Here are two ways to play up your boring old t-shirts!!

#01. Add a high contrast Peter Pan collar! As you can see in my Polyvore set below, that piece of black on the neck line really punches it up!! Instant chic for your basic tee!

#02. Try these high collar necklaces!! Wowe these are super cool~ and easy to wear! Plus depending on the metal color and gem stone you choose, you can totally create your own signature style with these! 

OK so, since these are new to me also, say, newer than the Peter Pan Collars... I'm listing various designs below for yoy to peruse! 

FYI I just found these on Polyvore, and I am not affiliated with these people :-) not that it matters if I am. But oh well~ Namaste babies! Xoxox Jess

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