Dec 27, 2016

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series - Principle 1. Unify Your Metals

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series #01
Principle 1. Unify Your Metals
The first principle of creating your own style is to know which metal color is best on you, and to inventory which metal color you have the most sitting in your wardrobe!

When we say metal colors, we are talking about golds, silvers, coppers, bronze, and pewter. Depending on your skin, hair, and eye colors, or if you know your Adler Identity, you can determine the best metal color for yourself.

Skintones are divided into light to dark, and warm to cool. Hair and eye colors could be low to high contrast against your skin. Asians of course are naturally born with higher contrast, as their hair colors are a variation from dark brown to ebony black. With elders possessing silvers and white hair in varying amounts.

To give generalized recommendations, there are four categories you could fall into.

People with light, clear skin with yellow base look great in bright golds.

Those with pale but low contrast colors in their skin and hair and eye combinations do well with pewters and dark silvers.

Darker skins, brown based skin, usually with more visible wrinkles usually look more vibrant in coppers and bronzes.

Those with flawless skin, very pale skin, that highly contrasts with their hair and eyes, look amazing in high shine silvers and platinum golds.

For those of you who have taken the Adler Identity Assessment, Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Identity looks best in shiny gold, with Comfort Seeking Identity doing well with pewter and brushed silvers. Superiority Seeking Identity is matched with bronze and copper, and finally, the Control Seeking Identity wears polished high shine silvers and platinum gold with ease and an air of dignity.

Metal colors make a huge difference to a polished, sleek look for your career wardrobe. Whichever metal you choose to wear, as long as you streamline the metals throughout your attire from head to toe, you will look sharper and more professional. Bear in mind, the little things like the zippers in your dress or pants, the buttons on your jacket all count towards the metal colors. Check also the stitches and metals used in your jeans, bag and shoes, your wallet, as well as your eyewear and watches, not just your jewelry as in necklaces, earrings, tie pins and cufflinks. Women are usually guilty of mixing metals without being conscious of it, because their clothing tends to have so many design details.

Inventory your wardrobe to see which metals dominate your attire. If you happen to have a variety of metals separate your best metal colors from the rest, and group like metals together. It will cut down the time in dressing with ease, and instantly upgrade your look. You may find also the hidden gaps in your best metals, such as having gold shoes and jewelry but no bag or watch, or find that you have endless amount of silvers which you never knew!

As the year end approaches, and you’re looking for your evening and party outfits, metal colors that are streamlined and well chosen for your body colors or personality can enhance your image. Of course, there may be those individuals that say, “Well, I love mixing, and I’m going to wear mixed jewelry!” and this is not against the law, but even in those cases, it would be best to reserve the mixing of metal colors for that one statement piece that you want to draw attention to, while streamlining the rest of the details in one metal color.

Wishing you a fabulous end of year, and an even more amazing 2017!

From chilly Seoul, Jessica Ahn

Dec 15, 2016

[Brainless Dressing Tip] Coordinate Your Outfits for Winter - 3 Outers Into 10 Complete Outfits

Hello Readers!

Today, I want to share with you how you can create 10 complete outfits for the chilly months, with 3 of your favorite winter coats! :)

Instead of going out there shopping, choose 3 coats/jackets that are right for the current weather. It got awful chilly in Seoul, so I am going with 2 of my coats from last year, and a quilted jacket from fall.

Make sure that your coats/jackets are in good condition, with the right warmth, but also make sure that you have a good range; a) something a little formal, b) something casual, and c) something in between.

In the Polyvore above, I am showing you approximations to what I chose. The first one is my 'formal' coat, although it's not a classic styling, for me, it is more formal than the others and suffices my urban & daily needs.

The second is my semi-formal which I wear with my dark wash jeans. Because I am keeping it the same color range, it looks more formal-ish. And the overall silhouette is trim and lean compared to my thicker bulkier coats!

My last one is a military parka and the most casual and trendy. But since I like casual trendy clothes, and need a lot of warmth, I tend to reach for this the most.

= = =
Have you got your favorite 3?

The next step is to find the right bottoms to go with these coats. Most people own a lot more tops than bottoms, so it's easier to match things by selecting the tops last.

Choosing the right bottoms takes some thought though, because the shape and thickness of your bottoms will create the silhouette for your outfit. I was going through my stash of bottoms and as I keep putting on weight around my waist, there was a pair of faux-leather pants that I couldn't fit into... Naturally, that piece had to be weeded out...

Then, there was a pair of black corduroy pants that my Mom gave me, but these made me look too fat... so out they go! Unless I take them to a tailor for a fix up...

I started with my military parka because it was the bulkiest coat among the three. I wanted to make sure that I didn't look like hulk OR look too dull and dark like a Nazi officer... So, I put my ivory fleece-lined skinny pants for a clean contrast.

Next, I wanted to have a 'column of color' for my navy quilted jacket, so my dark wash jeans was paired with that one.

That left me with a pair of light beige skinny pants for my black coat.

= = =
The 3rd step in this process is to bring out your lovely warm knits... and other tops for the season.

Just for ease of calculating, I decided that each of my coats will have 1 pair of pants, but the pants will get 2 coordinated tops. This gives you a total of 6 ready outfits!

1. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Light Blue V Neck Knit
2. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Black Chunky Cable Knit

Depending on whether you like to layer your clothes for Winter or not, work out IN DETAIL, how you will wear your tops. Look at the color scheme in your coat and your bottom, and how the top helps or disturbs the color scheme.

Again, to have completely brainless dressing in the mornings, I assigned one layering tank tee for each knit top. The light blue V neck knit was paired with a long skyblue tank tee. And the black chunky cable knit was paired with a long cotton black tank tee.

Since I wear skinny pants a lot, I am really fussy about covering up my crotch area... So having the right LONG TANK TEE is a must for me! I have a dozen cute tops that are all too short for my skinny pants... and this is part of my dressing dilemma when I don't work out my outfits beforehand. So, think about your own body issues or lengths issues as you pair up your tops with your outers and bottoms. This is one of my key drivers for mindless shopping, when I feel like "I have nothing to wear" in my wardrobe. It just takes time to coordinate your pieces like this, and hey presto! You can totally do your shopping in your own closet!!

Moving on to my other combos...
3. Quilted Jacket x Dark Wash Jeans x Grey Cashmere Knit
4. Quilted Jacket x Dark Wash Jeans x Copper Brown Long Sleeve Tee

My cashmere knit is shortsleeved and this is the only top that doesn't need a tank tee underneath. My dark wash jeans have a nice gold stitching on it, and this is the only pair of pants where I can wear any length top. My long sleeve tee is the only top that is thin and really requires a warm tank underneath, so I am using my warmest tank tee for this one. Again, it is figuring little details like this that prevents you from indulging in expensive retail therapy! The quilted jacket is the only outerwear among the three that has very narrow shoulder/arm space... so matching these tops with my jacket widen my options for those occasions when I will be going to a overly heated restaurants etc.

5. Black Coat x Ivory Skinny x Plain Black V Neck Knit
6. Black Coat x Ivory Skinny x Wine Cardigan x Warm Grey Tank Tee

I wanted to include my favorite wine cardigan here, and the only tank tee that was left and that worked with the colors so far was my grey tank tee.

= = =
Now that I had 6 outfits using pants...
I wanted to add a dress to my coats. I had two tunic dresses from fall, which could be worn for winter... So I decided to pair them up with my black coat and my military parka. I couldn't wear my dress with my quilted jacket because the dress is sleeveless and requires warm knitwear, and that would be too thick to fit in.

Studying the colors... my black tunic dress could go with either coat. But my patterned dress is multicolored (dark brown, gold, white). So, it made more sense pairing the patterned dress with my black dress, to have a sleeker look. And naturally, the black dress was paired up with my military parka which also dresses it up a bit.

7. Black Coat x Patterned Tunic Dress x Grey Slouchy Cardigan
8. Military Parka x Black Tunic Dress x Black Fitted Cardigan

= = =
As I said before, my goal was to come up with *complete outfits*...
Meaning, I consider the bags, shoes, and scarves or hats that go with the base outfits.

Having gotten to my 8 outfits thus far, I started to bring out my scarves collection.
I began to pair up appropriate scarves for each of my outfits.

I took a look at my bags and shoes too, to see if the colors were working together or now. It's easy to end up dressing in all dark colors for winter which makes you look sturdier or heavier, and overall less feminine... So it's important to note the colors and bling-level of your bags! Also, if you already have a lot of colors going on in your outfits, you will need to have a bag that blends in with the coat color, or your hair color. Those are the easiest ways to streamline your outfit. If your colors are more uniform, then, having a bag with a little shine or bling to uplift the outfit will give you more polish and refinement.

Because I had a lot of scarves, I was able to create a 9th outfit as there were two scarves that went well with my light blue V neck knit!

1. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Light Blue V Neck Knit x Light Blue Polka Dot Scarf
9. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Light Blue V Neck Knit x Honey Yellow Velvet Scarf

As you can see, the scarf color created a very different feel for each of the outfits... And as my light blue V neck knit is my favorite top this year, I will feel like I have more options with this! Awesome!

= = =
My 10th outfit... was created with a more festive occasion in mind.
So far, all of my outfits are great for daily dressing. But December and January has a lot of family gatherings and socializing! So... I wanted to add one CRAZY COLOR...!

I fished out my bright pink knit dress with batwing sleeves...
If I ever felt like I was getting tired of all my wonderful practical well-coordinated clothes... I would be able to reach for this very trendy pink knit dress! And feel very special in it! So yes, definitely, include one sexy sassy top or dress... You might need it for a party or date night towards the end of the year!

10. Black Coat x Pink Batwing Sleeves Knit Dress x White Long Tank Tee

= = =
Icings on the Cake!

We could end here... if you've already run your 2 plus hours getting these sorted out. But, for some of you... Maybe you have other accessories like hats, gloves, and earmuffs... Because as we all know, Winter calls for these!

When I was doing my 10 outfits, I realized that I had a white angora beret and pink earmuffs... And adding those to my dresses gave an added Oomph! and Pizzazz! to my outfits. I paired the white beret with my black tunic dress & black cardigan, and the pink earmuffs with my pink knit dress.

= = =
Hosiery Control!
The last tid bit, but an important bit, is to make sure that you have the right socks and tights for each of your outfits. My dresses require thick winter tights... Thankfully I have those. At least 3-4 pairs in good condition. But after wearing my Ugg boots and my riding boots, I realized that these beasts kept eating up my socks! My regular socks were being chewed up and it was super uncomfortable... I did have some athletic socks though which are much tighter and likely won't get chewed up... But my Ugg boots is a knitted type which doesn't allow thick socks in them. Which means... the Uggs can only be worn with thick tights...

Working out all these take some time of course, but the 2-3 hours of coordinating efforts will give you Brainless Dressing every morning!

And you will have more time to coif your hair, do your makeup, and sip your favorite coffee! :)

I hope this inspires you to create your own 10 Complete Outfits!

With Love & Giggles,

Jessica Flatshoenista

Nov 1, 2016

Fashion Coaching and the City - Episode 1: Dubai

Fashion Coaching & The City
Episode 1: Dubai

So I was at Incheon Airport, my new Fendi bag strapped on my shoulder, a purple suitcase, and a laptop bag. Everything was there, all except for my passport. Things were turning into a nightmare quick.

“Hello, hey! Mr. Lee! Yes, I am here. I need your help! I have to be in Dubai for my training by Monday as you know. But… I uhm… I forgot my passport. My plane is leaving in half an hour. What to do?!”

* * *

Mr. Lee totally saved my ass. I had to go back home and fly out the next day. I felt like such a fool. The most promising moment of my life as an image consultant trainee, and of course, I have to leave my passport at home! On my dresser! *Typical!*

Well, I am now in Dubai, waiting for my trainer, the Stella Huntington at the Address Downtown Hotel lobby. I felt like I was starring in my own version of “The Devil Wears Prada.” Except that I was in Dubai, not New York City. And except that Anne Hathaway was a fresh out of college intern, and I was well, a seasoned not-yet-40-year-old fashion addict. But you get my sentiment. Ms. Huntington was someone I had been eyeing for years and years. Of all the fashion systems out there, hers had the most elite styling, the most impeccable taste level. I was her fan.

“Ms. Ahn? Am I pronouncing it correctly?”

I looked up.

She was here. Right before my eyes. My dreams were just taking flesh. I was doing it. Living my own dream. She led me to the elevator and showed me into the suite. Two students were there. One who looked younger than me, a mid-twenties girl from India. And a lady who seemed older than me, who had her own company from Jeddah. The fourth student never materialized. So it began.

* * *

The whole Dubai training experience was like a dream for me. I don’t know how many images I had collected and saved in my hard drive from Stella’s website and Facebook page album. The ladies that I envied who were taking her class, were photographed in a hotel suite just like the one I was sitting in. There was a lot of magazine cut out exercises that helped us hone our eyes on color and style. The last portion of our training brought us to the shopping mall for a complete ‘field experience.’

We used one another as our ‘fashion guinea pigs’ and interviewed each other, taking turns. The most challenging part of the training was shopping for each other. Each of us had very distinct and individual way of dressing, so trying to find the clothes that felt right for our partner was not as easy as we would have liked! But with repetition, we got better.

By far the most magical moment was when our guru took us to Zara and showed us how to create a Capsule Wardrobe. She was a genius at putting a complete set of clothes that worked well together. I had seen her do this on video from some of her online courses, but seeing her do it on location, right in front of us had a kind of immediacy and magic about it.

Working on that part of my training is where all of the previous cut out magazine work paid off too. I felt so alive, almost like a spy, taking in clothes to form a capsule into the changing room, then hanging the collection on the wall, snapping a photo. Then, sending it in to get reviewed by Stella.

Stella surprised me with a gift too. We were at the Dubai Mall, on our last day of training. I was the only one there that day, and she pointed out a Zara dress that had a black background with floral designs on it. It was the perfect ‘grown up version’ of the white floral day dress I was wearing. If I were taller and had the figure for it, I would have resembled Maggie Cheung in “In The Mood for Love.”

Dubai is where I took my first steps as an image consultant. I coined a moment to memory when I found myself alone underneath the Dior installations. White feathers, millions of them hanging from the glass ceiling… strung on clear wires, gently swaying to the movement of air… I closed my eyes and programmed my mind. Some day, I will be back here…

Back in Seoul, Jessica Ahn

Oct 17, 2016

Adler Fashion Coaching - Fall Capsule Wardrobes for 3 Identities

Here are three distinct capsule wardrobes for three of the Adler Fashion Identities~
I will do the fourth & begin men's capsule possibly this Wednesday~ 

1. The Control Seeking Style's Capsule Wardrobe

2. The Pleasing & Pleasure Seeking Style's Capaule Wardrobe

3. The Superiority Seeking Style's Capsule Wardrobe

Keep warm in the chilly winds-!

Jessica FlatShoenista

Sep 19, 2016

Fall Fashion for 2016 - Outfit Inspirations (Polyvores)

Girly & Romantic Styling for Fall 2016 : Mix pinks and terracotta, burnt orange.
Add copper or champagne metals~

Fall chic in an instant in Aubergine... Gorgeous color for fall~
Mix with pretty almonds and olive tone khakis... Accessorize in medium gold metals.

Honey browns with oyster metallics~ Add touches of burnt sienna or
dark tomato to spice it up.

Gray cardigans are great staples for fall wardrobes. You can cinch it for
sharp office styling, or wear it pretty casual buttoned up. Play with levels
of refinement and the possibilities are endless~~ Versatile must have item~^^

Stay stylish~

Jessica FlatShoenista  

Sep 18, 2016

[New Column Coming Soon] Will You Be My Fashion Column Reader?

Hi friends!
I have completed the first 6 months of my writing program to become an author! As part of my coursework for the 2nd half of the program, I was asked to select 200 people who will receive my weekly column on Fashion, Styling, and Adler Identity Coaching. My plan is to write about 'identity' and 'fashion styling' but not limited to those two. Some of the things might be influences of cities, cultures, shopping/consumption, spirituality, family life/career/corporate life on how we dress and present ourselves.

I am hoping to select 100 English speaking readers, and 100 Korean speaking readers among my network of family and friends! For those who sign up as the first 100 in each group, I will draw out 3 names who will receive free image consulting from me, based on Adler Identity Assessment (3 hours total, worth USD 330.00) to promote my services. So that will be 3 English speakers and 3 Korean speakers.

Your readership is important to me and I value feedback! Each month, for the most helpful feedback, I will send you a small gift related to fashion & style~

If you would like to receive my weekly column, please leave your email address in the comments, or if you are concerned about exposure of your email address feel free to message me! Thank you!!

안녕하세요, 나의 친구들!
지난 6개월 동안 <꿈꾸는 만년필>이라는 작가되기 프로그램 수업을 받았습니다. 이번주 저의 글쓰기 미션은 앞으로 매주 발송하게 될 '아들러 패션코칭과 셀프스타일링'이라는 칼럼의 독자 200분을 모시는 것입니다. 제 바램은 100명의 한글 독자와 100명의 영어 독자를 모시고, 제 글에 대한 피드백을 받는 것이랍니다~ ^^ 기사를 한글과 영문으로 쓸 예정이구요, 모집되신 200분 중 6명을 추첨하여 '아들러 패션코칭'을 무료로 해드리고자 합니다~ 당첨되신 분들에게 패션코칭하는 내용을 비쥬얼과 글로 패션코칭 서비스를 소개하는 자료에 쓸 계획이구요. 매달 가장 도움된 피드백을 주신 분께는 패션과 관련된 작은 선물을 드립니다.

칼럼은 자아탐구와 아들러 개인심리학, 패션과 스타일링, 또 우리가 옷을 입는 데 영향을 주는 다양한 요소들에 대해 골고루 다룰겁니다. 예를 들어 도시가 주는 영향, 직업이나 가족 내에서의 역할 등이 미치는 영향, 또 시즌마다 다가오는 트렌드 등 입니다.

칼럼독자 해주실 분의 이메일을 코멘트에 남겨주시거나, 주소 노출이 마음에 걸리는 분은 메시지 남겨주세요~^ㅁ^


Sep 1, 2016

Fall Colors Fall Looks for 2016 - The Maxi Skirt Stylings & Ash SilverBalayage Hair

Seoul is going from desert weather to kinda sorta chilly this week. Temperature has fallen drastically... Hence a post on Autumn colors and Autumn styles today~!! Time to freshen up our wardrobes by celebrating longer sleeves and warmer textures! :-)

And here are the roundups from Pinterest and Google search engine... 

#1. Grace the harvest season in pleated maxi skirts and be a Goddess~!
I think the longer length looks great for this fall... It looks uber feminine, and gives you an instant slimming effect. (You won't have to shave your legs everyday...!) It is also a great transitional piece as it will take you from the last days of Summer well into early bit of Winter. 

The maxi skirt layers very easily with a variety of tops and cardigans. You can create all kinds of personalities with it too! You can begin with a tank tee or sleeveless shirt, then add in cap sleeves, three quarter sleeves, full sleeves, then graduate to layering vests and cardigans for warmth.

 Keep it simple with a light palette and look tall... 

 Dress it up with a lace top and a punch of Autumn yellow for drama... 

 A safari style blouse with rolled up sleeves and a cinched waist is every bit pragmatic/utilitarian yet still chic and feminine...

 A cotton blend casual tee and a floor length maxi skirt is a great relaxed romantic-casual look... With neutrals like gray and blush-beige, your bag can totally steal the show... 

 Go a lil Bohemian with fishtail braids, a long necklace, and patterned maxi skirt... 

 I love this one... It is effortlessly sexy! That T-shirt is a perfect style for this Fall and Winter... It can be worn with everything and give a multitude of style spice!! (I am going to have to find one for myself soon...)

 Gosh... Look how divine she looks! She could have walked right out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting! Because the fabric is more refined, the outfit looks sophisticated with the strappy heels~~ 

The same look but in a very laid back styling with a basic white round neck tee! 

Embellish a little with ethnic prints... 

Try New York City chic in all black, head to toe... with a bare back and a side slit... Classy and sensual... You could even pull off a Morticia Addams come Hallowen!

 I love the color combo in this one. The reddish brown of her hair, the white, and gorgeous delish peach pink... Very successful color scheme... 

 Similar but here the pink is more subdued, more skin exposure ready for beach... but topped with a comfy roomy cardigan.

 With a fitted corsety top, you could be a Marylin... Definitely says vavavavoom!

Love the shoulder cutouts that fall naturally... The wide elastic band gives her a waistline too. Making this a more distinct creation~~ 

 Here the mint color of the maxi skirt becomes the spotlight... Her accessories are cohesive in brown and gold only. Pulled together look.

 This skirt is a wrap skirt now, a departure from the flowy skirts above. But still, notice the proportions of her knit top and her skirt and matching boot color. It still has a similar lengths ratio due to the color matching! 

 Again, the feminine curves are accentuated at the top with a long leggy look... except for this skirt is a trumpet shape and irregular in the hem, and also patterned. The colors are great too. Perfect color scheme to go from Summer into Fall...

 As you can see, these lighter color combos are favored this season. I guess we can all enjoy a Camelot kind of Fall... Here the knit is slouchy but the skirt hugs her hips and the slit is super long. Save this for your date night!! 

 This one is a fun unusual color mix. But because it is in the same pink family, it feels lively but workable and highly wearable. It would look great matched with white, gray, wine, blue, navy, mint, brown, and black. 

 Here is a super cute and retro styled blouse with waist definition and floor touching skirt. The floral print is dramatic yet elegant. Due to the perfect draping of the blouse, our God given womanly curves will come alive in this dress. I just felt the overall silhouette and proportions matched well with the maxi skirt stylings above. It looks like a 1935-1938 styling to me. Right before Monsieur Dior gave us the New Look. And also before the mid calf length dresses worn in 1940s. 

 Moving on to hair... I love everything about this look. Hair is a zany cross between the soft textured beach waves of now, and the harsh dramatic bang that references the Rockabilly hairstyle... Yet the colors used are limited like the Edo period woodblock prints. The ashy gray hair is impressive and stunning; it blends with her taupe eyebrow and gray top. Then there is the contrast of blue and grayed bronze of her blusher/lips/eyeshadow. Because of the high desaturation of her hair and lips, her skin color screams and glows... It's like an amazing work of art...

 Here is another example of an ash silver balayage on long hair. The waviness is looser and it looks current and hip thanks to the messy half top knot.

Finally, here are some gorgeous Autumn color palettes to inspire your Fall 2016 Wardrobe! Some of these tie in with colors found above. The color palettes flow from saturated warmth to cooler deep warm colors.


Wishing you great fun choosing your new outfits!

Bonus pic du jour~ 

Love & Light,

Jessica FlatShoenista

Aug 5, 2016

Empowering Women - Two of My Favorite Videos from Lada Duncheva on 'Femininity'

AstroLada is a true Visionary.
She shares a lot of wisdom and insights generously on her YouTube channel and her website... Here are two of my favorite videos from Lada, as I continue to contemplate on this topic of 'Femininity'~*

#1. This is the shorter & funner video in my opinion~
Lada helps us understand how each of us have different 'Goddess' needs and yearnings. Listen now, to learn how to work out your own combination of signs and planetary influences that imprint your own brand of Femininity!

Look for your Venus and Moon signs!
Moon is about your emotional needs, and how your mind works and responds.
Venus is about loving yourself, and knowing what makes you happy.

When we are aligned with our Venus and Moon signs, we'll be more balanced and have better self care that actually works for us, and you'll be able to radiate this love outwardly because your inner needs and desires will be met first...!

Harness your True Femininity. The Secret of Being a Happy and Loved Woman

Oh, I said 'shorter' because you can pick out your own signs... and you won't have to listen to the entire 2 hours! In totality, the second video is shorter.

Thanks to Patchouli for this index!
Time-stamps by Element & Sign
Fire Signs 23:16 {Aries 35:04} {Leo 41:51} {Sagittarius 50:28}
Air Signs 55:21 {Gemini 57:47} {Libra 1:04:57} {Aquarius 1:09:26}
Water Signs 1:14:33 {Cancer 1:18:37} {Scorpio 1:22:21} {Pisces 1:31:07}
Earth Signs 1:35:28 {Taurus 1:37:26} {Virgo 1:41:10} {Capricorn 1:48:19}

- - -
#2. This is another true gem which I hope all women will watch! There is a real insight into how men and women relate... So many of the mysteries that puzzled me and perplexed me were answered in this video!

How to Become Irresistible to Men and Attract Love. The Secret of Female Power

Things like why men cheat so much, what is driving men and women to how they operate in a relationship... How our physical bodies and how they are shaped actually are teaching us so much about the polarity of our femininity and masculinity and how they are manifested in our interaction with the opposite gender!!

= = =
I have felt so empowered as a woman from Lada's knowledge and passion to educate us! I hope she prospers and continues to teach us what she learns!

Love & Light,

Jessica FlatShoenista

Aug 4, 2016

Reclaim Your Feminine Power of Being Vulnerable - An Inspiring Video of Tony Robbins Coaching a Defeminized Woman~!!

Creating Unstoppable Self Confidence Tony Robbins Best Motivational Video; (Full)

Hi readers!
Recently, I came across a phenomenal video featuring Tony Robbins aka the Giant Guru of motivational talks, and it has truly reinforced my new found beliefs on the immense power of being a woman... a woman that is 'in touch with' the Feminine part of herself.

The video is quite long, it's almost 2 hours long. But given how monumental this subject matter is, it is well worth a view. In it, you will find the story of an elderly woman named Lisa who at a young age was traumatized by a strict and abusive father, and how in one defining moment of her life, she chose to deal with her 'sense of humiliation' by becoming more masculine rather than breaking down in tears. 

Before & After pic of Lisa, as she is transformed into what Tony Robbins calls
a "Feminine Monster" - jokingly of course!

I thought a lot about my maternal grandma who is 90 something now. From the way Lisa was holding herself, it reminded me so much of my grandma who was so poised but also rather cold. The unraveling story of Lisa's life and how she has continued to affect the lives of her own children, a son and a daughter, all felt so relatable to how my family is. Basically, I could see myself in Lisa.

I know this is a 'fact' because in one of my recent conversations with my sister, she confirmed that I have this 'uber masculine' side of me. And she explained how when I wore pants, somehow, my femininity seemed to instantly disappear and the way I talked and walked all seemed to project a highly masculine energy. She added that I was a lot softer and more 'normal' when I dressed in skirts and more feminine clothes.

I don't want to tell people that there is only one way of expressing their identity. Our identities are not a fixed thing, it is fluid, it responds to circumstances, it grows, it breathes, it expands, and matures.

But, just as I spend more time reflecting on the sermons and scriptures, and the shares at my church small group meetings, it is beginning to dawn on me that perhaps, we need both; the 'individuality' but also 'the universality' of our feminine identity.

For me, what that means is to a) be dressed in a universally feminine way as prescribed by the scriptures, and b) add a few touches and elements that answer to my individuality based needs. Eg. I would opt for dresses and skirts over pants and shorts, unless I am going out for an outdoors activity that requires pants or shorts, and to choose garments that are not too restrictive or heavy on my body.

That wordage 'Universal Beauty' is really growing on me too. Before we are divided into 12 different types of beauties, all screaming for attention, and trying to outdo one another, or trying too hard to 'be distinctive' ... we're all women, and we all share a fundamental commonality. And thanks to Tony Robbins, I can see that it's not just down to the stuff we put over our bodies. It really has a lot to do with our life stories, and family traditions, and our choices that we make on who we choose to be. 

Lisa's story is really poignant in that her arch enemy was her sister, who unlike Lisa chose to be vulnerable at the face of their father's tyranny and physical violence. Her sister broke into tears and that actually ended her father targeting her for further violence. Lisa's choice to stand up to her father to earn respect, while dignified, meant that she chose to silence her vulnerability and pain, and she buried them under her masculine guile. She invited further violence from her father, and as her story is traced in depth by Tony Robbins, you'll notice immediately how her own awareness of the ramifications of her choice affects her facial and bodily muscles. You'll get to see how she's transformed from a man-woman into a real woman...

With this, I'd like to close...
and I wish you from my heart that you'll get to fully discover, establish, and relish in your divinely given feminine power! Which in turn will directly nurture and nourish everyone around you... with love, joy, sweetness of life, and dance.

Love and light,

Jessica FlatShoenista

Aug 1, 2016

3 Beauty Rituals I Really Enjoyed - Miracle Ball | Facercise | Envy Workout

It just occurred to me that over the years I've tried this and that to be fitter and look less aged... And here are the top 3 that I have really had fun with~

#3. The Miracle Ball by Elaine Petrone

I stumbled across these while I was visiting my sister in the US, at some supermarket. It was pretty cheap and the rubber balls looked kinda cute and the book seemed promising. I tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle with heavy uses of my brains... and this is the most pain-relieving exercise I've ever done. The book explains very clearly how our body is actually all connected and how misalignment can cause so much pain in our bodies. It's also a really great stress relieving exercise so I highly recommend it to everyone who wants a very easy exercise.

#2. Facercise by Carole Maggio

I have a Korean translation version of this book. It's been drilled in me by my Mom to never have plastic surgery... So I though this was a good alternative to try out just for fun. The poses are so funny, ridiculous, silly... but the results are really worth it! One time, I did this and went on a date, the guy almost sexually assaulted me so be warned... It's really powerful... He kept saying how I look much better than the photo he had seen of me. So yeah. It works. My favorite exercise is the one that makes my nose look shorter; as we age, gravity really makes all our facial muscles and features droop low. With the exercises Carole teaches, you'll visibly see difference right away or within a week or so. I also like doing the eyes/eyebrows exercise because I have dark circles quite often, and the neck exercise just feels good like a good kind of painful that stretches all the right muscle groups!

#1. The Envy Workout by Envy Girls

Although the more serious fitness girls think that this is too goofy and a bit 'fake' or 'superficial' for their Barbie image, I love the whole body warm up and the mellow background music with beats in these series. It's a good mix of at home exercises. I bought the DVD but the American DVD doesn't work well on Korean machines. So I ended up watching the YouTube videos.

Abs of Envy Workout Warm Up Video by Envy Girls on YouTube

Abs of Envy 20 Minute Work Out Video by Envy Girls on YouTube

On busy days, I used to do the warm up followed by the quick workout video...
Abs of Envy 5 Minute Quick Workout Video by Envy Girls on YouTube

The Envy Girls have videos for working out your arms, butt, and legs too. For some reason I enjoyed the Abs workout the most. Maybe because of my muffin top... :P

Aight, ladies~
I hope you have a fabulous fit & fashionable day today!

Much love & light, blessings to you & your family!

Jessica FlatShoenista

Jul 28, 2016

Fashion Choices for a Christian Woman

So, to reflect my changing values as a Christian, it came down to...

a) choosing fully covered clothing; longer skirts that come down to knees, no sleeveless tops, nothing too figure showing but also not too butch
b) choosing blouses over shirts
c) choosing colors that are not too flashy, and not too masculine
d) little pattern, less decorations
e) only the cross necklace should be distinct and shiny
f) makeup to suggest grooming and care, but nothing in your face
g) flat shoes over heels
h) bags that are durable and neat looking, but nothing that screams prestige
i) jewelry kept to a minimum; stud earrings as tiny as possible, maybe a watch
j) no pants, no shorts, no sexy dresses of any kind, no bombshell styles, nothing too trendy; overall a quieter and elegant but not prestige-seeking look, "demure"
k) French manicure or any nude-pink gentle colors for nails
l) hairstyle to be slightly longer than shorter; no extreme hairstyle that is too attention-getting, eg. no pixie cut or undercut styles, no bombshell or bedroom or beach hair, no severe cuts like straight bangs

What I'd Wear as a Christian Woman

Eleventy silk top
349,510 KRW -

Vanessa Bruno white blouse
190,315 KRW -

Chicwish long sleeve shirt
50,965 KRW -

White blouse
13,360 KRW -

Glamorous shirt blouse
34,195 KRW -

Oscar de la Renta midi skirt
1,799,080 KRW -

Bally brown skirt
1,127,635 KRW -

Bally flat shoes
198,895 KRW -

Bally patent leather shoes
112,185 KRW -

Bally tote purse
1,249,575 KRW -

Bally genuine leather wallet
447,655 KRW -

Roberto Coin cross necklace
3,221,385 KRW -

The Horse leather band watch
117,655 KRW -

Forever 21 rhinestone earrings
6,685 KRW -

24,935 KRW -

24,935 KRW -

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