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Sep 6, 2015

Me Wearing MONGSENGEE Designs - Jeju's Finest Fashion Styling~ for Fall 2015

Oops! I forgot to add my outfit pics from what my Mom gifted me from MONGSENGEE!

This one I remembered to add in the previous post...

Here, I'm trying out the same pants with a simple white tshirt & a scarf...
I think because of my hair color, everything went really well together!

Close-up from my Mom... Thanks for taking the photos Mom!
I love these so much~!! ^__^

A vest with patchwork designs; can't wait to pair this vest with my chocolate brown cotton skirt, and later on, when I can shop new things, an A-line or H-line suede skirt!!! It would go well with a dress underneath, or with denim jeans or shorts~*

Here's the backside of my pants. Uber comfortable . . .

The vest can be worn as reversible, and it's a solid medium beige color, so it's even more awesome! It doubles as 2 vest designs!

The scarf is looped like an infinity scarf, and depending on how you style it, it gives you the lighter colors to darker colors, making it really versatile! *Happy heart!!!*

* * *

My dark brown bronzy-dark-chocolate skirt (H-line with mini textured surface, teeny tiny tassels pressed almost flat but not quite) is being resized to my waist... I mostly wear a US size 8, sometimes 10. And at MONGSENGEE, it was labeled a Medium size. I'll do a new post when my skirt arrives!

* * *
More pictures from Jeju & me in MONGSENGEE designs~

At a newly developing construction site that Mr. Napoleon-Picasso is working on...
We walked around non-stop for 2 and a half hours, and the clothes were really comfy~

Oh, lookie~ A MONGSENGEE & me in MONGSENGEE!!
This was the highlight of my trip for me... 
I was born in the year of Earth Horse so I've always felt a connection to them.

At the Ando Tadao Museum in Jeju, the area is totally scenic and the architecture is true to Tadao style... Modern Zen, slightly uncomfortable, very intentional.

I'm actually a Spring-Autumn coloring, and here I'm wearing a coral orange lippie from a Korean makeup brand I've been testing out. :)

Happy le weekend, fashion readers *heart* 


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