Sep 23, 2015

Jill Chivers's My Year Without Clothes Shopping - Week 5 CapsuleWardrobe How-To

I'm so pleased & excited about what I am learning in Jill Chivers's course!

There is a 1 month period where you can choose to withdraw from the program, and given my first 4 weeks & especially this week's mix & match styling tips, I am hooked!

While it is not advised to share the whole program with others, I must spread my enthusiasm on the subject! 

One of the amazing insights Jill shares with us in her course is how to create an optimal & versatile capsule wardrobe. She gives lots of clear cut ways to create such a wardrobe. I love the photo illustrations as they really helped me understand how this is done. 

Here is my first attempt at a 12 piece capsule following her awesome instructions & nuggets of wisdom~*
And here are some of my favorite ensembles I have never worn using this capsule. Jill asked us to come up with 10 new combos & I was able to come up with 20!!

One thing I learned about my own difficulty creating my own capsule is that having a "patterned jacket" was really a foreign thing for me. For now, I have decided to count my denim jacket with copper buttons as my patterned jacket.

Here's a template for you to get started on choosing 3 jackets following Jill's advice. Choose a solid, a favorite color, and patterned jacket in your capsule! I hope to learn more from Jill's course & really come out strong on both my fashion styling skills as well as on guarding my money skills!

Step 1:

Enjoy the fall weather!
Talk soon ~~


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