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Sep 5, 2015

2015 Fall Hair Trend: The Samurai Undercut Top-Knot Half-Top-Knot Hairstyles and Makeup for Men and Women

Samurai Hair: double undercut hair with top-knot, a man bun

I have so many trend researches & my Type 1/type 3 outfits and stylings to write up for this blog, but I just HAD TO stop by and make a quick note on this hairstyle I found last night.

It goes by many different names, and although my preferred name for it is "The Samurai Hairstyle" I think a lot of bloggers and experts are calling it the "Top Knot" or "Half Top Knot" hairstyle.

I've found references of this hair under some of the "Undercut Hair" and "Double Undercut Hair" also.
* * *

Samurai Hair: top-knot with extended middle section, top-knot with beard

With my T1 and t3 energy movements, I've been obsessed with finding some radical new styles. This particular hairstyle is one that I have sort of done three summers ago. But at the time, it was a mini top knot, and I didn't know how to style my hair.

Samurai Hair: a top-knot hair with three buns and loose long layered forward fringes

I am about to go check out a big outlet mall in Paju, Korea. But will make some new posts soon regarding 2015 Fall Trends for Women, my visit to Jeju and discovery of traditional natural dyed clothes using unripened persimmon, as well as my journey so far as a dominant T1 and secondary type 3!

Stay tuned!

Sumo Hair: sleek elongated top knot with a defined middle section

Oh, and here's the link to lots more of the Samurai Hairstyle, or the Half Top-Knot Hairstyle for men and women~ 


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