Feb 8, 2015

Accessorizing Challenge Round 2 - 14 Outfits from 4 Basic Garments

This is Round 2 of trying out this style & accessorizing challenge!
Great exercise to experience the *power of accessories*
(I have decided to load images directly, rather than using Polyvore slides because of loading time issues! It slowed things way too much!)

My previous Round 1 outfits can be seen here:

*Challenge idea source: This exercise is found in Kindle version of Inspired Style, and the idea is from Dominique Vaughan-Russell. She has her own website here: http://www.imageexpert.ca

So, this Round 2, I chose these 4 basics. They are still basic but not as generic basic as my Round 1.

Here are the first 7 outfits I did in my first sitting...

This one is Day 1, at the office... (My work setting is quite casual...)

Day 2, is a work-to-cocktails type of thing, so a little dressier...

Day 3, this is about a weekend outfit that I could wear to more polished events and places :)

 Day 4, was all about the Little Black Dress and making it 'different'...
Really like how this turned out actually...

Day 5, this is more like what I'd actually wear more often on the same LBD...
This is what Koreans like to call a semi-look, between casual and formal...
(Technically, this could be counted as 2 different outfits, I didn't...)

I think this is the first time I've actually felt the need for a 'different' kind of tights to 'vary' the look. Really finding this Accessorizing Challenge helpful now! Eye opener!! Although, there's a part of me that thinks, well, so what, instead of buying clothes, you're just spending them on accessories! That's not saving money, is it?!

Day 6, sportier look... It's a bit more gangsta and louder than what I'm used to wearing... but it's just a Polyvore, so never mind! :)

Having said that, maybe that's why I feel like 'I have little to wear' in my wardrobe...
My accessories are all in the same range of 'dressiness/casualness.'

Day 7, I think this is the most 'editorial' outfit among the seven so far?
So cool to wear super long gloves as a way to compensate for lack of black long sleeves! I don't own a hat and highly doubt I'd wear a hat in real life... but it was still worthy to know that it really 'gives' a special something to the look of an outfit ensemble.

* * *

It took about 20 minutes average to create each of these outfit ensembles... So doing the first 8 took about 160 minutes plus plus. I was up all night creating them!

I had to sleep and after work the 2nd day, I created the following seven...
Day 8, I wanted to try something I've never done in real life; wear a dress underneath a white t-shirt top. Yep. I saw these being done a lot in fashion & style books, but I've never had a dress that could look smooth and non-fattening underneath a t-shirt... If the sleeves are weighty, this still wouldn't work in real life... It would take some calculation to make it work in my opinion... The t-shirt must be heavier than the dress, and bigger in size too. I don't have a lot of occasions to wear sleeveless in my city, so please don't suggest that in the comments! :P
Anyway, I like how a necklace can change the look and feel of the white t-shirt top! It looks more like a blouse here!

Day 9, I began to think of seasonal influences... So here's one for the beachy days... I searched hard for the right crochet-vest to make it uber-beachy, but alas, there wasn't one that was presentable... so I gave up on it...

Day 10, transitioning into fall... I get cold easy, so gettin' all wrapped up is really necessary for me... I've never worn a dress over jeans either, so the same issue persists here. The jeans would have to be non-bulky, or the dress heavier in bulk so that you don't have the jeans buttons and flap giving you a bulgy look. That'd be so terrible...

Day 11, spring and fall rains... Yes, we need something a little cheerful on these watery days. I've not been wearing a watch since cellphones and smartphones have been around... but I thought this could be a nice way t finish the look...
 I have never owned rubber rainboots in this lifetime either. So, yeah... all things to consider in time. (If they created rubber rain boots that didn't eat up my socks when I try to take them off, I'd be more willing to give it a serious consideration...)

Day 12, back to mundane life... Out of all the outfits, this is the closest to my real life needs, after my Outfit #1... Work & Grocery shopping. Two events that are on repeat cycle for me...
At least though, this time round, I can see and notice that my preference for accessorizing is heavily into 'trends & natural' look. And I'm feeling more satisfied how the outfits turned out than when I did Round 1. :) Progress! Yay~!!

Day 13, yes, we all have days we get to shine and be the center of attention~
Statement necklace that is so cool and awesome but a bit too much to wear on normal days (unless you're Lipstick Mafia chicks in high power jobs), can be worn with abandon! :D Yippie yay yay~!! ^__^~!!
And wear as much pink lipgloss as you will... Go girly glam with a romantic pink pashmina and smaller purse too... Just for today!

Day 14, go international, or go home! Here's my version of a comfy luxe airplane ride outfit... Pack extra socks, wear sunglasses... Wear lots of spikes and studs! Go glack rock :) And get ready to sleep in comfort...

Thanks for reading! Hope you'll share your challenges with me too!
Happy stylin' ladies! Love ya!

xoxo Jessica Flatshoenista

* * *
*Awesome style expert bloggers who give great tips on how to accessorize are Imogen Lamport (she has a book on it which I love), Bridgette Raes (she gave me amazing insights on where I was going wrong in my accessories during our Virtual Closet Editing consultations, and to an extent, doing Project 333 by Courtney Carver, and reading Jill Chivers's blog have all helped me improve my accessorizing *discipline* :)

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