Sep 23, 2015

Jill Chivers's My Year Without Clothes Shopping - Week 5 CapsuleWardrobe How-To

I'm so pleased & excited about what I am learning in Jill Chivers's course!

There is a 1 month period where you can choose to withdraw from the program, and given my first 4 weeks & especially this week's mix & match styling tips, I am hooked!

While it is not advised to share the whole program with others, I must spread my enthusiasm on the subject! 

One of the amazing insights Jill shares with us in her course is how to create an optimal & versatile capsule wardrobe. She gives lots of clear cut ways to create such a wardrobe. I love the photo illustrations as they really helped me understand how this is done. 

Here is my first attempt at a 12 piece capsule following her awesome instructions & nuggets of wisdom~*
And here are some of my favorite ensembles I have never worn using this capsule. Jill asked us to come up with 10 new combos & I was able to come up with 20!!

One thing I learned about my own difficulty creating my own capsule is that having a "patterned jacket" was really a foreign thing for me. For now, I have decided to count my denim jacket with copper buttons as my patterned jacket.

Here's a template for you to get started on choosing 3 jackets following Jill's advice. Choose a solid, a favorite color, and patterned jacket in your capsule! I hope to learn more from Jill's course & really come out strong on both my fashion styling skills as well as on guarding my money skills!

Step 1:

Enjoy the fall weather!
Talk soon ~~


Jessica FlatShoenista

Sep 21, 2015

12 Piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe for the Spring Type Woman

12 Piece Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Dark Autumn Woman

Here's a set featuring rich autumn colors for a Dark Autumn woman~ 

This one has a slightly Bohemian (Boho) feel to it~ 

And it takes you around town and to the beach, from work day to night to weekend!! 


12 Piece Fall Capsule with Accessories for a High Contrast Woman

I'm doing Week 5 of Jill Chivers's My Year Without Clothes Shopping and totally loving it~!

Since I'm forbidden to shop for new fall pieces, I'm dream wardrobing via Polyvore!

I think the accessories are a little overdone here for Westerners' taste but I like a variety~!! 

Items in this set (Tally):
3 jackets
6 tops
3 bottoms
3 scarves
2 bags
3 shoes
2 necklaces 
1 watch
1 bracelet

Sep 16, 2015

Forever Yellow OOTD - chunky beige batwing cardigan for fall 2015

One batwing cardigan from last year & I am all set for fall 2015~~ :)

With my lovely green Goyard bag, also for fall 2015. Feeling happy!

Sep 7, 2015

The Perfect Statement Necklace for a Type 1 (It's on sale too!)

So I tried on my new Type 1 hoop necklace from my latest shipment from DYT store & I LOVE it !! 

I am a 1/3 so it is perfect for me in every way... ^_^ It isn't easy to find lightweight yet big looking statement necklaces! 

Most substantial looking ones are a torture to wear!! Anywho~ Just thought I'd share how beautiful they are ^_^~!!

It's on sale still at the DYT store! Here's a link for product details in case you like it too~

Jessica FlatShoenista

Sep 6, 2015

Me Wearing MONGSENGEE Designs - Jeju's Finest Fashion Styling~ for Fall 2015

Oops! I forgot to add my outfit pics from what my Mom gifted me from MONGSENGEE!

This one I remembered to add in the previous post...

Here, I'm trying out the same pants with a simple white tshirt & a scarf...
I think because of my hair color, everything went really well together!

Close-up from my Mom... Thanks for taking the photos Mom!
I love these so much~!! ^__^

A vest with patchwork designs; can't wait to pair this vest with my chocolate brown cotton skirt, and later on, when I can shop new things, an A-line or H-line suede skirt!!! It would go well with a dress underneath, or with denim jeans or shorts~*

Here's the backside of my pants. Uber comfortable . . .

The vest can be worn as reversible, and it's a solid medium beige color, so it's even more awesome! It doubles as 2 vest designs!

The scarf is looped like an infinity scarf, and depending on how you style it, it gives you the lighter colors to darker colors, making it really versatile! *Happy heart!!!*

* * *

My dark brown bronzy-dark-chocolate skirt (H-line with mini textured surface, teeny tiny tassels pressed almost flat but not quite) is being resized to my waist... I mostly wear a US size 8, sometimes 10. And at MONGSENGEE, it was labeled a Medium size. I'll do a new post when my skirt arrives!

* * *
More pictures from Jeju & me in MONGSENGEE designs~

At a newly developing construction site that Mr. Napoleon-Picasso is working on...
We walked around non-stop for 2 and a half hours, and the clothes were really comfy~

Oh, lookie~ A MONGSENGEE & me in MONGSENGEE!!
This was the highlight of my trip for me... 
I was born in the year of Earth Horse so I've always felt a connection to them.

At the Ando Tadao Museum in Jeju, the area is totally scenic and the architecture is true to Tadao style... Modern Zen, slightly uncomfortable, very intentional.

I'm actually a Spring-Autumn coloring, and here I'm wearing a coral orange lippie from a Korean makeup brand I've been testing out. :)

Happy le weekend, fashion readers *heart* 


MONGSENGEE by Yang, Soon-Ja in Jeju Island: Perfect Browns for Autumn 2015 Outfits Using Homegrown Natural Dyes From Persimmons (Jeju's Gal-Ott)

Jeju Gal-Ott designer, Ms. Yang, Soon-Ja
at her newly moved boutique MONGSENGEE

I discovered a new awesome fashion designer while I was on a family vacation in Jeju Island last weekend! My parents have been wearing her clothes for over a decade now, and she is a clothier to famous Korean authors, creatives, and even the world renowned Mr. Ban Ki-Moon (secretary general to the United Nations).

She hand dyes her clothes in unripe persimmons which she grows in her own persimmon trees. And she designs clothes for men and women, children, and her line extends to fashion accessories like hats, scarves, bags, gloves, socks, and soft furnishings like curtains and gift items such as dolls.

* * *

I was so fascinated by her clothes once I stepped into her newly moved boutique in Jeju Island that what was meant to be a social call, turned into hours of exploring and shopping!

I knew her clothes were well made, as I had cleaned out my Dad's wardrobe earlier this year. Before I had met her, I had already known about her clothes, and her designs were my Dad's most prized and most worn ensembles. He wore them so well for so long that we had to find him a repair shop, and it was then that I saw the insides of her garment and how well designed they were on the inside as well as the outside! She designed her clothes so that when the sleeves are folded upwards, the insides show a nice color contrast to the outside. Most modern factory made garments are only well made when the designer intends for the sleeves to be folded. But in her garments, I saw that she designed it so that the jacket would look great both when the sleeves were left long or rolled up! The same was true for the collar that my Dad had worn thin; the repair maestro said that since the inside of the collar part was so well crafted, he could just do a reverse facing and it would look good as new, and it was true.

Being a Type 1 dominant, secondary 3, I do well in warm colors, and everything in the boutique was dyed using persimmon, so they were all in my colors! A lot of them had  crisp textured surface, so I felt like there was a lot to choose from. Most stores in Korea tend to follow the seasons' palette for their collections, so I found it extra fun to explore all of the offerings she had created.

* * *

After choosing a cute dark brown-bronze skirt with tiny tassels in horizontal stripes, I saw a pair of hanbok pants (hanbok is our traditional Korean garments) with a waist string detail, that cupped my lower shin for ease of movement, and I somehow just fell in love with her clothes.

I'm actually doing Jill Chivers's My Year Without Clothes Shopping challenge, but my Mom gifted me these clothes. And we asked Ms. Yang, Soon-Ja, if we could revisit her boutique to create outfits and have a mini photo shoot session.

* * *

Photo of persimmon fruit in a bowl
Persimmons are one of the most favored dessert treats among Koreans. From little children to elders with weakening teeth, persimmons are served as a fresh cut fruit, or dried naturally in the sunlight, or chilled like sorbet.

In the dying process though, Ms. Yang uses unripe persimmons, and she has sought the wisdom and techniques of older generation Halmoni's (grandma's) all the way up to parts of China. 

Her boutique offers one day dying classes as well, so you can make arrangements to try for yourself! She graduated FIT in NYC, so no problemo with English translations! She is very global~ 

Mongsengee Boutique in Jeju Island:
Adorable photo of Ms. Yang picking from her own persimmon tree:

* * *

*~Photoshoot Day~*

Me in MONGSENGEE outfit, and four outfits I made using her designs~ 

Here, I'm wearing a cropped blouse with a small cowlneck and short sleeves, and the hanbok pants I mentioned above. I'm also wearing a tank tee underneath that is the same color as the pants, so it doesn't show as much.

I found it really easy to mix and match styles from her pieces because they all came from the same color family of persimmons. I also loved the uniqueness of natural dyes. I'm used to shopping from fashion mall stores like H&M, Mango, Zara, and Stradivarius. Pretty much everything is artificial dye, so seeing these in varied textures felt like a feast to my soul and tactile senses.

* * *

Outfit #1: That Hat She Designed with a Sharp Edgy & Natural Jacket

So here's a fedora, a jacket, and a dress looking totally snazzy for Fall 2015! The lapels have nice sharp edges to them, a practical pocket placed diagonally, and you can see how the sleeve's inside has a nice color ready to be rolled or folded up. The necklace, she didn't make; but as you can see, it is super easy to dress this ensemble up. A scarf, or necklace, or a brooch can give you lots of choices with these pieces.

* * *

Outfit #2: A Cute Casual Fall Outfit for 2015~

Here, I tried something more casual and outdoorsy. The hat, scarf with gold threads running through them, and a cute crossover bag spice up the textured dress. My Mom bought a mobile phone holder for herself because she keeps forgetting her phone... but again, it was super easy and fun to style this look because the colors are already harmonized.

Here's a cute frilly bolero jacket and a lacy vest inside.

* * *

Outfit #3: The Feminine Touch for a Lady-Like Peach/Brown/Taupe Outfit

This outfit has a heartshaped taupe dress underneath, a semi-see-through slightly oversized blouse, with a peach-beige scarf. The cameo brooch was added for that lady-like demure accent that draws the eye upwards to your face.

I think this dress is just lovely. You can style it with the bolero from above, or wear it with various cardigans, a denim jacket, or style it with a blouse or slouchy knit top over it. You could even wear it with a layering t-shirt under it for Spring and Summer months.

* * *

Outfit #4: Double-breast Styled Jacket-Coat with Solid Dark Brown Scarf

This jacket-coat is partly modern and boxy like a Chanel silhouette, and partly retro classic with their tan and copperish brown color combo. The scarf adds a darker heavier hand and it would look fabulous with someone who has deep brown hair and/or eyes.

The tan-brown coat is boxy and sqaured off, but the lapel and pocket have definite diagonal lines in them, adding a sassier edgier detailing. I think by switching up scarf or bag or boots colors, you could wear this every Spring and Autumn! Sometimes dark greens, or rich purples or plums, other times mustard or smart reds... Metallics in dark bronze or antique gold, or copper... There are infinite stylings possible with this classic modern coat.

Here's a jacket that can be worn as a jacket or a shirt. Similar to the coat above, this jacket is versatile in that it has a classic boxy silhouette, with sharp collar designs, and as the buttons are the same color this would be uber easy to dress up or down.

* * *


Here are some close up's of various textures and patterns you can see in her garments. Each piece tells a unique story... Each different from the next! I think this is what made it so fun for me to shop in her store! So much texture fun!

Tiny florals & stripes, with a slight see-through material... Very sexy and fun!

Lovely copperish colored scarf, with crisp rough but see-through fabric, and added drama with the gold-yellow motif... I love how that's just thrown in and looks so right...

The fabric has a certain resilience built into it, so Ms. Yang says if you find it too tough on your skin, you can use extra fabric softener in the laundry machine. I love this camisole in its earthy yet lighter more golden-yellow hue; the brown textures make it so special, and the tiny lace details make it feminine. This tough & feminine juxtaposition is so amazing and perfection ^__^~*

* * *

More of Fall 2015's Splendid Selections in Browns & Tans

This dress is so cowboy hip~ You could wear an ivory necklace or a cream fur vest, maybe a longer duster vest with an obi belt... A leather jacket, cowboy hat or a newspaper boy cap, with long suede boots, and you're ready to party anywhere!!!

No seriously, that dress with gorgeous thick wavy hair, and copper sparkle eyepowder, and red lips... You're basically going to ooze sex appeal in a very real earthy sensual way... Mmmmm... (Kind of makes me wish I were a Type 3 or Autumn!)

So these were displayed higher up by Ms. Yang herself...
I think I want the cowboy hat next time, I visit her.

* * *

Last but not least . . .

MONGSENGEE dolls! Whee~!!! These are so cute & precious!
It was fun seeing them sitting in a row next to the bags and hats...
Really cool gift items I think. Ms Yang says they are now offered in duty-free shops~~

SOCKS!!! I didn't know till that day, but both my parents were wearing these socks. Apparently, once you start wearing these, you can't go back to regular socks! The material is tight and stretchy at the same time, and because of their natural dye and fabric treatment, Ms Yang says they can be worn up to three days without washing...! OK, I'll have to test that theory out, but I know how picky my parents are... So we'll see...
If I run out of gift ideas for Xmas, I think I'll order these for my uncle & aunties!

The range of Autumn's colors from Unripe Persimmon Dye.
All natural. Available in silks and linens, or cottons...

Oh, yeah, because synthetic fabrics don't soak up natural dye, the fabrics themselves are totally organic... So it's really great for your skin and body.

* * *
OUTRO: About the MONGSENGEE name & logo~*

I asked Ms Yang what MONGSENGEE meant, and she said that it means a young horse (colt or filly). I asked her why she chose the horse among all animals, and she told me, "I used to play in open fields & roam freely like a young horse when I was a kid... So that's what it's about."

For more info, please call MONGSENGEE Corp. at +82-64-796-8285.
Address: #72-16 Jeoji 12-gil Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-city,
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, South Korea, Zip 695-947.

You can reach Ms. Yang, Soon-Ja at 

Jessica FlatShoenista

Sep 5, 2015

2015 Fall Hair Trend: The Samurai Undercut Top-Knot Half-Top-Knot Hairstyles and Makeup for Men and Women

Samurai Hair: double undercut hair with top-knot, a man bun

I have so many trend researches & my Type 1/type 3 outfits and stylings to write up for this blog, but I just HAD TO stop by and make a quick note on this hairstyle I found last night.

It goes by many different names, and although my preferred name for it is "The Samurai Hairstyle" I think a lot of bloggers and experts are calling it the "Top Knot" or "Half Top Knot" hairstyle.

I've found references of this hair under some of the "Undercut Hair" and "Double Undercut Hair" also.
* * *

Samurai Hair: top-knot with extended middle section, top-knot with beard

With my T1 and t3 energy movements, I've been obsessed with finding some radical new styles. This particular hairstyle is one that I have sort of done three summers ago. But at the time, it was a mini top knot, and I didn't know how to style my hair.

Samurai Hair: a top-knot hair with three buns and loose long layered forward fringes

I am about to go check out a big outlet mall in Paju, Korea. But will make some new posts soon regarding 2015 Fall Trends for Women, my visit to Jeju and discovery of traditional natural dyed clothes using unripened persimmon, as well as my journey so far as a dominant T1 and secondary type 3!

Stay tuned!

Sumo Hair: sleek elongated top knot with a defined middle section

Oh, and here's the link to lots more of the Samurai Hairstyle, or the Half Top-Knot Hairstyle for men and women~ 


Jessica FlatShoenista

Jun 12, 2015

I'm a DYT Type 1 Woman ~ [before VS after pic]

Dear readers,

My life has transformed before my very eyes, and I am swamped with new opportunities and exciting adventures, ever since I found the REAL ME.

I have much to share, but as it has been months since I wrote in my blog, I'll just give you my quickie update . . . aka The Before VS After pic ^__^

I am so thrilled to be living and breathing my new identity. Life is amazing & I hope to return soon to share all the wonderful news with you.

Love & Hugs,

Type 1 Bright & Animated Woman,
Jessica FlatShoenista

Feb 8, 2015

Accessorizing Challenge Round 2 - 14 Outfits from 4 Basic Garments

This is Round 2 of trying out this style & accessorizing challenge!
Great exercise to experience the *power of accessories*
(I have decided to load images directly, rather than using Polyvore slides because of loading time issues! It slowed things way too much!)

My previous Round 1 outfits can be seen here:

*Challenge idea source: This exercise is found in Kindle version of Inspired Style, and the idea is from Dominique Vaughan-Russell. She has her own website here:

So, this Round 2, I chose these 4 basics. They are still basic but not as generic basic as my Round 1.

Here are the first 7 outfits I did in my first sitting...

This one is Day 1, at the office... (My work setting is quite casual...)

Day 2, is a work-to-cocktails type of thing, so a little dressier...

Day 3, this is about a weekend outfit that I could wear to more polished events and places :)

 Day 4, was all about the Little Black Dress and making it 'different'...
Really like how this turned out actually...

Day 5, this is more like what I'd actually wear more often on the same LBD...
This is what Koreans like to call a semi-look, between casual and formal...
(Technically, this could be counted as 2 different outfits, I didn't...)

I think this is the first time I've actually felt the need for a 'different' kind of tights to 'vary' the look. Really finding this Accessorizing Challenge helpful now! Eye opener!! Although, there's a part of me that thinks, well, so what, instead of buying clothes, you're just spending them on accessories! That's not saving money, is it?!

Day 6, sportier look... It's a bit more gangsta and louder than what I'm used to wearing... but it's just a Polyvore, so never mind! :)

Having said that, maybe that's why I feel like 'I have little to wear' in my wardrobe...
My accessories are all in the same range of 'dressiness/casualness.'

Day 7, I think this is the most 'editorial' outfit among the seven so far?
So cool to wear super long gloves as a way to compensate for lack of black long sleeves! I don't own a hat and highly doubt I'd wear a hat in real life... but it was still worthy to know that it really 'gives' a special something to the look of an outfit ensemble.

* * *

It took about 20 minutes average to create each of these outfit ensembles... So doing the first 8 took about 160 minutes plus plus. I was up all night creating them!

I had to sleep and after work the 2nd day, I created the following seven...
Day 8, I wanted to try something I've never done in real life; wear a dress underneath a white t-shirt top. Yep. I saw these being done a lot in fashion & style books, but I've never had a dress that could look smooth and non-fattening underneath a t-shirt... If the sleeves are weighty, this still wouldn't work in real life... It would take some calculation to make it work in my opinion... The t-shirt must be heavier than the dress, and bigger in size too. I don't have a lot of occasions to wear sleeveless in my city, so please don't suggest that in the comments! :P
Anyway, I like how a necklace can change the look and feel of the white t-shirt top! It looks more like a blouse here!

Day 9, I began to think of seasonal influences... So here's one for the beachy days... I searched hard for the right crochet-vest to make it uber-beachy, but alas, there wasn't one that was presentable... so I gave up on it...

Day 10, transitioning into fall... I get cold easy, so gettin' all wrapped up is really necessary for me... I've never worn a dress over jeans either, so the same issue persists here. The jeans would have to be non-bulky, or the dress heavier in bulk so that you don't have the jeans buttons and flap giving you a bulgy look. That'd be so terrible...

Day 11, spring and fall rains... Yes, we need something a little cheerful on these watery days. I've not been wearing a watch since cellphones and smartphones have been around... but I thought this could be a nice way t finish the look...
 I have never owned rubber rainboots in this lifetime either. So, yeah... all things to consider in time. (If they created rubber rain boots that didn't eat up my socks when I try to take them off, I'd be more willing to give it a serious consideration...)

Day 12, back to mundane life... Out of all the outfits, this is the closest to my real life needs, after my Outfit #1... Work & Grocery shopping. Two events that are on repeat cycle for me...
At least though, this time round, I can see and notice that my preference for accessorizing is heavily into 'trends & natural' look. And I'm feeling more satisfied how the outfits turned out than when I did Round 1. :) Progress! Yay~!!

Day 13, yes, we all have days we get to shine and be the center of attention~
Statement necklace that is so cool and awesome but a bit too much to wear on normal days (unless you're Lipstick Mafia chicks in high power jobs), can be worn with abandon! :D Yippie yay yay~!! ^__^~!!
And wear as much pink lipgloss as you will... Go girly glam with a romantic pink pashmina and smaller purse too... Just for today!

Day 14, go international, or go home! Here's my version of a comfy luxe airplane ride outfit... Pack extra socks, wear sunglasses... Wear lots of spikes and studs! Go glack rock :) And get ready to sleep in comfort...

Thanks for reading! Hope you'll share your challenges with me too!
Happy stylin' ladies! Love ya!

xoxo Jessica Flatshoenista

* * *
*Awesome style expert bloggers who give great tips on how to accessorize are Imogen Lamport (she has a book on it which I love), Bridgette Raes (she gave me amazing insights on where I was going wrong in my accessories during our Virtual Closet Editing consultations, and to an extent, doing Project 333 by Courtney Carver, and reading Jill Chivers's blog have all helped me improve my accessorizing *discipline* :)

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