Oct 13, 2014

Who is Your Celeb Astro-Twin~ ?

This is again, something I have been meaning to post, but with my Summer Intensive classes, I have been putting it off...

Back a couple of months, I found a blog post on Jane Rekas's site, about Astro Twins... I had been investigating deeper and deeper into Vedic Astrology, so I wanted to see whether I'd be really able to find a Celeb Look-a-Like for myself!

* * *
The first celeb I could find I recognized easily was Maria Sharapova...
Then I found these two, who were less familiar to me.


Here is the link again, for Jane's wonderful website!

I was able to find mine without too much difficulty, but 2 of my friends who didn't know much about Astrology and Birth charts felt it was a bit tricky... Please ask me in the comments section, if you'd like a step by step to find your Astro Twin. If you know your rising or ascendant sign, your Sun and Moon signs, you're all set. :)



* * *

What the page looks like when they give you results:

What it looks like when you click on the celebrity's name:

All I did next, was to Google images of said celebrity... :)

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