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Oct 13, 2014

Project 333 ::: 2014 October's 33 - How to Reverse Engineer Your Wardrobe Selection for Changeable Weather

Hi all!

Actually, this post is at the request of a friend... Who asked me what I've chosen this month...

This month, I have been preoccupied with so many changes going on in my personal life, that I couldn't get my monthly selection done on time. My sleep schedule was all funny, work kept me busy, so I ended up choosing clothes left and right, just getting dressed to show up to work on time.

Then, about three days into October, the weather SUDDENLY got super chilly... I had to start my apartment on heating as well. So I was now pulling out fall jacket and fall knitwear!

I did start my excel grid anyhow, and I think I managed to record what I'd been wearing from the beginning of the month. That's when it occurred to me, 'Hey, isn't October the month when I first tried Project 333 and filed?' You see, I was able to stick to my 33 for September that year, I think it was 2012, and I was even able to live with less than the 33... The supposedly necessary 'going out' clothes just never got worn. :P

Anyway. So, with fluctuating weather, I decided I'd do what I did in Summer 2013... Doing a Reverse Project 333... Where each day, I'd take a pic or write down what I wore, and see what accumulates... The only difference is, that time, I didn't use Excel spreadsheet to help me tally everything each day. This time, I AM using one!

Caption: Excel Spreadsheet for October 2014 Project 333

Last month, which I guess, I should post also...
I had made a tray for my Golds and Silvers, kept them separate from one another which was really cool. :) I also had 2 work bags, for this reason, one silver buckle, one in gold (then the gold one I liked broke and I had to use another bag), and I had shoes that were silver and gold too.

Well. Since it's October 13th today, I'm almost half way through this month. As I do my Project 333, as a Monthly Challenge, I think I'm in a good place so far, still have lots of openings left. This month, I haven't included any silvers... So that gives me more room to choose warm jackets and knits!

Here are my photos for each category!

Caption: October's outers and tops

Caption: October's pants and a skirt

Caption: October's 'Enhancers' :) Jewelry, Bag, Shoes. All in gold!

For those of you who've seen my previous selections, you can clearly see that my colors have become A LOT MORE cohesive! Yay~!! You can also see that my gold necklace selection has grown too! :D

I still have 7 slots left... So far, I have felt I have abundant choices. I might add the black skirt back in. At some point, I'm going to HAVE TO add a pair of flat shoes in dark brown or most likely black. I don't have a pair for work.

My skinny jeggings are killing me though; they're literally so tight on me that it feels like they're cutting off blood flow in my legs :P A part of me feels scared though, getting a size bigger every year is no fun!

OK. Well. This is what I have so far. And here's a slight change in my makeup routine. I used to wear the Red Lipstick, then the Pink Lipstick...
Caption: New makeup routine for October 2014~!!
My good friend has gifted me a Hera CC Cream, which is an updated version of a BB cream. It's super useful because it's a 3 in 1 product... It works as a day cream + makeup base + foundation. Not sure if it does sunblock. But this has really saved time for busy mornings! Instead of going for a One-Point-Makeup as we call it in Korea, which is the red lippy, I've done the blusher + glow powder on my cheeks, with a nude lip color.

The good thing about keeping the lip color more neutral is that it allows the focus to go directly to your eyes. Well, at least, that's what one of my makeup artist friends have taught me! :)

OK~ Hope this was worth your time reading!! ^___^ VV

Sending you Autumn's Joy & Warm Glow!!



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