Oct 13, 2014

{ back Post } September 2014 - Project 333

OK. I'm catching up on my blog posts now... :P

So, September, I went into my Project 333, fully armed with all the new knowledge I had learnt from Bridgette Raes, and here were the selections I had made, at the end of August...

Caption: Initial sketch of what to include in my Monthly 33...

I was reading up on Into-Mind as well, and made this color chart also.
Caption: Wardrobe Colors, Main / Neutral / Accent Colors

Now, here are the photos of what I wore in September.
Caption: September's 33. The black bag with silver buckle hadn't been added yet...

Caption: 3 shoes for September~

Caption: Two Trays for my Silvers and Golds~!! :D

The two trays I got, with a full set of belts / necklaces / earrings / bracelet / ring was the most exciting part of September's selection!

I was dressed a LOT smarter, because I kept switching metals, and because I accessorized a lot more, I felt totally put-together each day!

You can refer to my outfit pics in my post, Part 2 of Bridgette Raes Consultation. :)


Thanks for staying tuned!! More to come soon!!

~ FlatShoenista ~

PS. The tally sheet for September Project 333
Caption: The excel sheet for what I wore in September. This one includes some weekend stuff as well... :)

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