Oct 17, 2014

Project 333 ::: October 2014 Revising My 33 for the Suddenly Cold Weather

So, this is the *challenging* month for Project 333ers . . .

As you all know, I've fallen off the Project 333 wagon before, and it was in the month of October. I live in a 4 seasons city, and October is that time when we suddenly switch from Summer to Winter clothes! I'm telling you, it never used to be like this... When I was younger, we actually HAD transitional weather, we actually HAD a 'Fall' season. Now, we call this new weirdo climate the 'New Desert Weather,' constantly flip flopping between Summer and Winter.

* * *

So, tonight, I finally took out some Summer items. 
And replaced them with warmer ones...

Caption: Summer clothes out, Winter clothes in~

All warmed up, and ready for Winter~!
Yeah, it really looks like, the Fall weather kinda just skips right ahead to Winter. Because, this current weather ain't suitable for walking around in sweaters or knits...

* *

I've made some updates for my shoes, bag, and layering options too.

Caption: Gladiator sandals out, long boots in! And some add-on's...

* * *

So, with all these ins and outs, and add-on's...
Here are the new REVISED COLLECTION for the rest of October's Project 333!

Thanks for reading~*

Stay warm my Flattie-Lovers :D


Oct 14, 2014

FlatShoenista the Post-Shopaholic ::: Goes Shopping to Town with Fall in Her Arms

Dear Flattie-Lovvers,

Today, I took myself out on an 'Artist Date' to decompress and to welcome in the October Chills to my bones...

I know that in the US, my friends are brainstorming Halloween costumes already, and the Color Industry is hooking us up with some new Fall/Winter palettes, too.

Caption: First world problems... Halloween costumes are the latest buzz on my Facebook walls... :D

~ Season's Greetings ~
It got way chilly, here in Seoul, and now, you can't go out without a jacket or a knit cardigan...

Caption: Plums, berries, burgandies...
Rich dark colors bring a certain dark romance to the beginning of the season...

* * *

So, I decided to go to the hip & trending fashion district in Seoul, called Myung-dong, which I haven't been to in a while. I just needed to see the fall's new attractions, new colors, patterns, textures, and shapes... Just drink in all the newness and fresh imprints from the *evil* garmentos, those manipulative wallet-stripping monsters... that used to once raid my heart AND my bank account... :P

Caption: Myung-dong, this afternoon... October 13, 2014.

* * *

I think I have blogged about me being a shopaholic before, maybe twice or three times... but today, or actually, this whole year, I have been really mindful about it.

Today, I remembered how fraught I used to feel, how deep of a shame & deep longing I needed to feel connected to the natural pace and cycles of the seasons, to be able to discern what fit with the new updated me, and to be allowed to let go of things that didn't fit.

Being in your twenties can do that to a girl, I guess. The world feels like your oyster, I felt both impoverished, denied, and entitled. Now I look back, I just notice, how DEEP of a Need that was for my Soul. This NEED to just drink in the new season... The urgency and drive to go out to the stalls and vendors, and see what is happening right now. Perhaps even, that feeling, that partaking in that Evil Consumerist Dance still gave me access to some sort of a membership among a larger collective unconscious... All of that. That mattered to me.

Adorning the self, adorning the dwelling space. Understanding light, listening to the textures and weaves... This enriching sensory environment, that really mattered to my being. It made love to my heart, it paused me to be present and still, it stimulated me into being here and now.
* * *

When my brother in law confronted me about my shopping addiction, I came face to face with the Empty Hollow Part of Me. I didn't realize what a state I had fallen to. I joined a recovery group, but the addiction was so far advanced, my fingers shook, when I froze up my credit card in a ziplock bag, and couldn't make a impulse buy in a clothing store... I knew the Pained Part of Me for real, and in that despairing moment, I couldn't imagine getting better. I couldn't imagine being where I am sitting right now.

Not incurring debt to enjoy fashion. Not feeling that hunger driven madness. Instead, I'm home, in a cozy apartment, having been *responsible* and *Self-Trusting* and able to give myself the *experience* of still communing with the Season's Greetings and Multitude of Goodies. 

Of course, having been to the Sales, there had been numerous tuggings at my heart. There were the lovely long cardigans that completes a Fall Wardrobe for any year, some updated plaid shirts and variations on the trench coat and the light wool coat-jackets... The jeggings trend hasn't died down yet, but now, there are offerings of more serious straight cut wool dresses for work... Compared to the past 2~3 years, the colors have become a lot somber, it's as if the Fashion Gods have agreed that F/W 2014 would be a time of Back to Basics.

But, now that I've stopped shopping since August 2013, which is round about the time I joined the big ENTP group on Facebook... I have somehow been able to stay *stronger* from these tuggings at my heart. I found 2 or 3 really perfect 10/10 cardigans today, but I knew that back home in my closet, I had 2 taupe cardigans from my sister. Actually, I was wearing one of them today.

I saw a gray/black jacket-coat that was the right fabric weight and design line, from now until mid-Winter, but I remembered I have a red coat-jacket that serves the same purpose. :)

So, on and on it went. I realized I really did not have a need for new clothes. I already had everything to clothe myself with. I mean, just this morning, I was surprised just how MANY tank tees I had amassed in the past 2-3 years! I should probably go and count them, just to see exactly how many they are...

* * *

Well, so here are my *indulgences* of the day...

Caption: Cat in a cat cafe. This one must be the Grumpy Cat of the Lot~!!

I have been meaning to visit a cat cafe for a while now, and I suddenly saw a sign post for it... So that was my first stop, after the underground arcade clothes shops. Sadly, the Migliore mega-mall was closed on Mondays... 

Caption: Persian beauty... This is the cat breed I love so much...
It's like warm snow that doesn't melt...

* * *

After a nice but chokeful downtime at the Cat parlor, I ventured into the darkening street... Looking for novelty, looking for my new friends... *the Pulse* of the Trends...

And I tested products and colors, perfumes, and humidifiers...
I canvassed the area for earrings and necklaces...

Oh, the THRILL... the thrill of the HUNT...
It was still there...

Just knowing that it was still there felt really good.
I remember, that first lovely time, my Mom was really sad and hurt,
and she took me and my sister to the endless Yaohan Mall in KL...
And we three had a great time there,
comforted by lights, and colors, and textures, and the
constant chatterings of the sellers...

We felt so wanted, so deserving, and treated in a way
that made us feel welcomed, embraced, and accepted.

And we never talked about her feelings that day.
We came home, with bags of novelties...
She asked us to try them on, for a fashion show in our living room.

I didn't know how to touch my Mom's heart
at the time. But I wish I could have put those bags aside,
and asked her - what are you feeling Mom?

I don't know. Maybe I should've learnt how to knock
or something. This is still one of my weaker areas...

* * *
But, today... Today, I am Victorious.

I had planned on buying 3 more lamps for my home, and bought just one today.

I had meant to replace my earrings and nail polish, and found those.

I didn't impulse buy the awesome Spider Man humidifier, I didn't buy a new perfume on a whim, I didn't buy any more lipsticks or maybe-necklaces~!!

But I had fun testing out products and colors. Sniffing different scents and possibilities.

Caption: What I returned home with ~
A table lamp, a clear nail polish with itty bitty pieces in it, and small earrings.

So, today -
I'm V i c t o r i o u s . 


~ FlatShoenista ~

Oct 13, 2014

Who is Your Celeb Astro-Twin~ ?

This is again, something I have been meaning to post, but with my Summer Intensive classes, I have been putting it off...

Back a couple of months, I found a blog post on Jane Rekas's site, about Astro Twins... I had been investigating deeper and deeper into Vedic Astrology, so I wanted to see whether I'd be really able to find a Celeb Look-a-Like for myself!

* * *
The first celeb I could find I recognized easily was Maria Sharapova...
Then I found these two, who were less familiar to me.


Here is the link again, for Jane's wonderful website!

I was able to find mine without too much difficulty, but 2 of my friends who didn't know much about Astrology and Birth charts felt it was a bit tricky... Please ask me in the comments section, if you'd like a step by step to find your Astro Twin. If you know your rising or ascendant sign, your Sun and Moon signs, you're all set. :)



* * *

What the page looks like when they give you results:

What it looks like when you click on the celebrity's name:

All I did next, was to Google images of said celebrity... :)

{ back Post } September 2014 - Project 333

OK. I'm catching up on my blog posts now... :P

So, September, I went into my Project 333, fully armed with all the new knowledge I had learnt from Bridgette Raes, and here were the selections I had made, at the end of August...

Caption: Initial sketch of what to include in my Monthly 33...

I was reading up on Into-Mind as well, and made this color chart also.
Caption: Wardrobe Colors, Main / Neutral / Accent Colors

Now, here are the photos of what I wore in September.
Caption: September's 33. The black bag with silver buckle hadn't been added yet...

Caption: 3 shoes for September~

Caption: Two Trays for my Silvers and Golds~!! :D

The two trays I got, with a full set of belts / necklaces / earrings / bracelet / ring was the most exciting part of September's selection!

I was dressed a LOT smarter, because I kept switching metals, and because I accessorized a lot more, I felt totally put-together each day!

You can refer to my outfit pics in my post, Part 2 of Bridgette Raes Consultation. :)


Thanks for staying tuned!! More to come soon!!

~ FlatShoenista ~

PS. The tally sheet for September Project 333
Caption: The excel sheet for what I wore in September. This one includes some weekend stuff as well... :)

Project 333 ::: 2014 October's 33 - How to Reverse Engineer Your Wardrobe Selection for Changeable Weather

Hi all!

Actually, this post is at the request of a friend... Who asked me what I've chosen this month...

This month, I have been preoccupied with so many changes going on in my personal life, that I couldn't get my monthly selection done on time. My sleep schedule was all funny, work kept me busy, so I ended up choosing clothes left and right, just getting dressed to show up to work on time.

Then, about three days into October, the weather SUDDENLY got super chilly... I had to start my apartment on heating as well. So I was now pulling out fall jacket and fall knitwear!

I did start my excel grid anyhow, and I think I managed to record what I'd been wearing from the beginning of the month. That's when it occurred to me, 'Hey, isn't October the month when I first tried Project 333 and filed?' You see, I was able to stick to my 33 for September that year, I think it was 2012, and I was even able to live with less than the 33... The supposedly necessary 'going out' clothes just never got worn. :P

Anyway. So, with fluctuating weather, I decided I'd do what I did in Summer 2013... Doing a Reverse Project 333... Where each day, I'd take a pic or write down what I wore, and see what accumulates... The only difference is, that time, I didn't use Excel spreadsheet to help me tally everything each day. This time, I AM using one!

Caption: Excel Spreadsheet for October 2014 Project 333

Last month, which I guess, I should post also...
I had made a tray for my Golds and Silvers, kept them separate from one another which was really cool. :) I also had 2 work bags, for this reason, one silver buckle, one in gold (then the gold one I liked broke and I had to use another bag), and I had shoes that were silver and gold too.

Well. Since it's October 13th today, I'm almost half way through this month. As I do my Project 333, as a Monthly Challenge, I think I'm in a good place so far, still have lots of openings left. This month, I haven't included any silvers... So that gives me more room to choose warm jackets and knits!

Here are my photos for each category!

Caption: October's outers and tops

Caption: October's pants and a skirt

Caption: October's 'Enhancers' :) Jewelry, Bag, Shoes. All in gold!

For those of you who've seen my previous selections, you can clearly see that my colors have become A LOT MORE cohesive! Yay~!! You can also see that my gold necklace selection has grown too! :D

I still have 7 slots left... So far, I have felt I have abundant choices. I might add the black skirt back in. At some point, I'm going to HAVE TO add a pair of flat shoes in dark brown or most likely black. I don't have a pair for work.

My skinny jeggings are killing me though; they're literally so tight on me that it feels like they're cutting off blood flow in my legs :P A part of me feels scared though, getting a size bigger every year is no fun!

OK. Well. This is what I have so far. And here's a slight change in my makeup routine. I used to wear the Red Lipstick, then the Pink Lipstick...
Caption: New makeup routine for October 2014~!!
My good friend has gifted me a Hera CC Cream, which is an updated version of a BB cream. It's super useful because it's a 3 in 1 product... It works as a day cream + makeup base + foundation. Not sure if it does sunblock. But this has really saved time for busy mornings! Instead of going for a One-Point-Makeup as we call it in Korea, which is the red lippy, I've done the blusher + glow powder on my cheeks, with a nude lip color.

The good thing about keeping the lip color more neutral is that it allows the focus to go directly to your eyes. Well, at least, that's what one of my makeup artist friends have taught me! :)

OK~ Hope this was worth your time reading!! ^___^ VV

Sending you Autumn's Joy & Warm Glow!!



{ just for fun } Throw Back Thursday in a meme! "DAT PROM DRESS" version...

So, I was having fun making memes and stuff, and this is one of them...
Since it's fashion related, I thought it'd make sense to share it here...

Caption: Me at Freshman Artists' Ball in 1996.

Do you have stories like this? What was your prom dress story? Please share with me!!



[Service Review] Part 2 of What I Learnt From Bridgette Raes' Virtual Closet Editing Session

Hi ladies! :D

I know it's been a while, there's been a lot of things going on in the past month, including some national holidays, and job transition preparations... But you didn't think I'd leave things unfinished right? ^__^~!!

OK. So it's all been a while since I worked with Ms Raes, so I'm going to share in 3 parts, what I couldn't share in my previous post.

Today's Contents
1. What I Learnt about My Body Type
2. What I Learnt about Accessorizing
3. How I've Dressed Since Our Consultation

* * *
1. What I Learnt about My Body Type

caption: What I sent to Bridgette before our session, entire body from the front

I actually sent her all 3 sides of me, front, back, and side, but I'm not ready to disclose that much of me yet... :P I have something of a muffin top nearing a beer belly from the side view... So, that's something I'll be working on soon...

For many of you ladies, you probably have done all kinds of tests and quizzes to figure out your body shape. I certainly have tried. I've done free ones from various blogs, from fashion books, as well as a paid service, such as My Private Stylist.

Sadly, none of them really helped me figure out what to make of my body type or shape. The body is a 3 dimensional form, which in reality 'moves' and what we typically see is a body in motion, making it actually a 4D experience. This is the visual trickery that may need to be considered in the future, ie. 'How' a person moves may be entirely different from how they appear in photos or in a still 3D form...

Anywho, I digress...

My biggest frustration over the many years I'd been on this 'Style Quest Journey' is that, while my 'Vertical Line' isn't so bad for an Asian body, learning how to dress for the shape I am was tougher over the years, as I gained weight in the middle.

In many of the quizzes I took, women's body shapes usually fall into 3~4 camps, if you don't get TOO detailed into it. Most give you the Hour Glass, Rectangle, Top Heavy Triangle, and the Bottom Heavy Triangle. And yes, they've named our gorgeous bodies all kinds of fruits, stationery items, geometric shapes, and alphabet letters, but seriously, all that naming doesn't really get you that far...

To give you the final verdict from Bridgette's shrew eye, and based on the various photos I've sent to her, my biggest problem was 3 fold.

1. My shoulders are big. They need to be addressed. Wearing boxy clothes make them look bigger, and until I took photos, I had no idea exactly HOW BIG they looked from the back...

2. Short waisted. I'm short waisted. Despite how nice and longish my legs are for an Asian body, this causes lots of visual problems. And honest to god, I did not know how to make my short but existent waist work its magic... :P

3. Balance. In one of the photos I sent to her, I belted a sheer blouse, and wore skinny jeggings. I really had not considered it as a problem, but Bridgette pointed out how my body looked like a block of cheese, a wedge shaped one, with my tiny feet making a point at the bottom, with my BIG SHOULDERS making me look like a triangle... o.O;;; I took a moment to take in what she was saying, and it reminded me of how my Mom always said things about me, 'You look so sharp, too sharp...' etc. in the past. Maybe it's the personal preference thing, I honestly did not think I looked weird in that photo, but I could see her point of view. It basically made me look very a) unbalanced, ready to topple over, and b) it truly made my shoulders look Egyptian big...
Caption: The picture in question...

Well, Bridgette pointed out that the length of my layering tank tee was also not helping me... You see, these are the things one needs to work out, while creating outfits... I need to buy longer blouses to wear with my skinny jeggings! :)

I also asked Bridgette whether she thought I was an hourglass shape or not, because depending upon the quiz, some said I was, and others said I wasn't! She basically affirmed what was true; I am and I'm not.

If you do body shape quizzes that focus more on voluptuousness, and your 3D figure form, your bust size, will determine whether you are or you're not an hourglass. Going with that, I'll never be an hourglass. My bust is too small to be an hourglass shape.

But if you're taking quizzes that use your shoulder-waist-hip ratio, as some quizzes DO, I AM an hourglass. But one that has a short ribcage and short waist.

See, these are the reasons why you just can't use those quizzes to figure out how to make the best of your bodyshape!!! You are too unique! Your body isn't some 'Theory'! It is an actuality... and I am so glad, that this *F* mystery is finally solved!

I really learnt to see how my body looked... Not how it used to be 10, 20 years ago, (I had always been thin), and not what a garment looks like in my head (see previous post!), and also nothing like what a Quiz is going to say I am...

I think if I 'HAD TO' label my body a shape, I might be a 'neat hourglass' or maybe 'an accentuated pencil' :P When I wear clothes that are balanced from shoulder to ankles, so that I don't look like my shoulders are so much much much bigger than my ankles, and if I belt my waist, or wear things to show some 'shape through my waist to hip' as Bridgette pointed out to me, I look like a *woman* not a rugby player..!

Can you see in the Before and After pic, Black =/= Skinnier !!!!!!

Please also note, my hair styling makes a big difference too...
The extra bit of length you see in my light blue jeans makes a difference too. Not to mention how the gradation effect of my bootcut jeans makes my legs look a LOT skinner too...

So, yeah, I was really happy with everything I learned about my bodyshape. Bridgette also mentioned how having broad shoulders IS helpful, in the sense that it draws the eyes immediately towards your face and your eyes, which is a GOOD thing... :) But with my short-waist, and overall bodyframe, I need to make sure that my outfit makes me look balanced.

* * *

2. What I Learnt about Accessorizing

I was really curious what I could learn about accessorizing, because my prime concern was how I could stop dressing in my 'chicken outfits' :)

Here are the pictures I sent in to Bridgette prior to our consultation time...

Caption: All my lovely shoes, worn from Spring to Autumn...

Caption: All my bags, big and small~

Caption: All my belts, which haven't been worn until I had my consultation~

Caption: All my scarves, again, which weren't being worn at all...

Caption: Most of my pre-sorted jewelry...

At the time of my consultation with Bridgette, I was still confused and unsure about my Personal Style... And I think that is one of the biggest reasons why I felt so lost about accessorizing. Consequently, this is what gets you INTO that Chicken Outfit Land...

(Back from break; was complete *squirrels* in the ENTP group... :P )

Where were we...
Yes, I had amassed quite a bit of accessories and jewelries, ever since I had done Dressing Your Truth. Working on my Project 333 helped me narrow down which ones I wanted to wear, but somehow, I had ended up dressing in my bland Chicken Outfits...

Because I had always relied on patterns or motifs of my tops when I was younger to 'jazz things up' and mostly because I never really sat down to work out WHAT I wanted to before shopping, what I had ended up in my closet was a complete hogwash...

I had tried many quizzes on these 'Style Personality' too, but again, the results always differed. From the magazine quizzes, I'd be getting Classic or Downtown Girl, then, on blog sites, I'd be getting Street Chic and Urban... Even on that MyPrivateStylist.com quiz, which WAS quite good, I ended up with 2 different ones, Sporty Natural and Casual Attraction. The Kibbe ones were even more confusing. :P

I didn't have a problem with bags and shoes, because I wore them everyday, and they were a 'necessity' any way.

But as mentioned previously, I avoided belts because I was afraid they'd make my waist look big or draw too much attention there, my midriff had grown over the years, I just wanted to hide in my clothes.

The most fascinating part for me, was my scarves. Bridgette reviewed all my stuff, and told me that the reason why my scarves weren't working with my wardrobe is that they were not compatible with my lifestyle and how I dress. In other words, they were too 'traditional' in both pattern and color, and shape. What I needed were more trendy and casual scarves... The ones I had were also the wrong shape; I needed slim long ones, not large squares! :)

Regarding the jewelry selection, after hearing what worked and didn't, and based on the photos I took, she told me she'd send me some suggestions that'd work with what I already have, that were work appropriate. I had collected a lot of nice jewelry, but some were too bold and flashy to be worn for my EFL classroom setting.

Caption: Beautiful and multi-purpose jewelry selection picked out for me by Bridgette Raes! :D

Having seen many of her blogposts, I could see how these necklaces could be worn in many ways with most of my current clothes! Simple and pretty, that can work for so many colors and different outfits!

I tried shopping for these one time, but I decided that since these items would be worn for a long time, I might get these in a slightly higher price range than what I was used to. :)

I did buy one mint/gold necklace though which I am wearing frequently this month! (I'll be doing my October Project 333 post soon!)

So, after talking with Bridgette, I felt good about getting rid of all my scarves, and one skirt which didn't look good on me in ALL of the pictures I took. But it felt great too, that I didn't have to buy a whole lot! I'd just need to find the right necklace or two, and scarves. Most of my other jewelry, bags and shoes were totally fine! Yay~!!!

As covered above re my body shape, and importance of showing my waist rather than hiding it, I think my biggest fear and uncertainty around 'Stylizing' was finally figured out. The little jewelry stuff was NOT the problem really... It was in my overall 'silhouette' I was NOT creating that had made me look so 'student like' and 'bland.' :D

* * *

3. How I've Dressed Since Our Consultation

Finally~ We get to some of my post-session outfits pictures! I have a total of 7 different outfits, from end of August to middle of September.

Outfit #1
Caption: Going all classic clean, white blouse with new black skirt, blouse tucked in, WITH A BELT ~!!!

Outfit #2
Caption: I really like this orange belt... but I've realized it's not as cool as it looks. Still, I'm looking a lot slimmer with blouse tucked in and with a belt!

Outfit #3
Caption: One of my FAVES! I never wore it in this combination before, but I felt so comfortable, yet put together... :D

Outfit #4
Caption: As you can see here, I've been wearing black pretty much in ALL of these photos! But with jewelry and different accent colors, it hasn't felt as repetitive...

Outfit #5
Caption: This is actually one of the least successful ones, and I only realized it after I took the photo. Or... I noticed it, but I didn't have time to change... The grey Tshirt works so much better with skinny cargo pants... :)

Outfit #6
Caption: Mixing black cardigan with navy tank... Not sure if that was good, but it was worth a try...

Outfit #7
Caption: Trying out different belts~ Here's the thicker one...

OK~ Well, that's a wrap!!!
I hope you've gotten something useful and inspiring out of this!

It was a long post, so thank you so much for reading it to the end :D




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