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Jul 6, 2014

My Inventory Down to 186 (from 223) & the Greek Mythology of Psyche's Four Tasks

Dear Readers,

Today, I recalculated my new number for my 'Inventory 200' which I began in April this year. Here's my chart of what's in my closet right now.

Image: Number of Items for ALL of my fashion goodies

I took a few pictures of my now more 'breathable' dressing room... I used to have wardrobes and drawers, surfaces, floors all covered with STUFF. And a lot of them I was just keeping them even though I never ever wore them! :-)

I just LOVE that I can now see some clean surface... And each compartment now has its own use. No mumbo-jumbo vagueness! Yay!!! :D

* * *

As I looked at my new number 186, I wondered maybe I should assign a number for each category, and weed out the 'weaker' stuff. Things I don't really wear much. Things I'm keeping just to wear once or twice a year. And come up with ways to HAVE something to wear for special occasions. For example, that dress which I almost never wear which I'm holding on to because I think it'll come in handy for weddings can be replaced by an outfit combo that is well accessorized. 

Some items which I wore to death and don't make me look sharp for my job, items that are torn and too small should also be let go of... 

And as I got clear about what could be done next, and how I might reduce my inventory down to even further... it dawned on me...


This *inventorying* is EXACTLY like that Greek Mythology! 
Psyche and her Four Tasks!!! @__@~!!!!

Image: Psyche at the Throne of Venus by Hale, 1883

I remember reading about this in the now classic  Jean Shinoda Bolen book on Goddesses in Every Woman. It really sums up all of my overwhelming and overpowering emotions, as I work on this personal project... Here is an excerpt from the site:

Transitions as Liminal and Archetypal SituationsJean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.
The first task is to sort all the seeds that are heaped up in a room. This is a wonderful metaphor for all of the possibilities, all of the emotions at the beginning of a transition period. Sorting the seed is really taking stock. What are all of the seeds of possibility in your psyche of your world? How much money do you have in the bank? How much energy do you have for this? How much talent do you have for this? What are you putting together out of all your possibilities? To plan to have a conference? If this is your particular dream, then you’ve got to sort out the seeds.
In this particular story, Psyche’s first reaction to every single task is despair. It’s more than she’s ever done before, she’s consciously not up to the task, and she wants to give up. Sort the seeds of possibility. At the beginning, she doesn’t know how, and then the symbol comes to her. Ants. All the ants come sorting out the seeds, one seed at a time, so that by morning they’ve been sorted, each into its own kind, every one into its own tack>.

(Read more here if you like:

So, if you feel 'despair' for trying to tackle any of your 'Wardrobe Planning' take heart! This passage has always been this way for women! :P

And you are most certainly not alone...
I'll keep posting about my 'Ant-Work' here...! ^___^V

My love to you all,




  1. Do you have an ideal number of items in mind? I'm thinking you have a wide range of temperatures there, right? I do too, and that's going to entail more items. I have accepted that it is just so freaking hot here in the summer that I can't necessarily transition summer clothing into all-season clothing. I'd love to know what you think is a right-sized wardrobe is.

  2. hi Susan! :)
    so great to hear from you!
    well, i would love to get it down to 120 then later,
    70 work pieces/30 special occasion and weekend.
    but seasons-wise, we do have four seasons...

    the funny thing is, deep down, i used to feel that
    more is more both in number of items i owned
    and having all sorts of colors and style didnt matter
    to me before.

    yesterday, i wore things and none of the styles nor
    colors matched! i mean, i was wearing stuff from my
    26 for this month! i wore things because i liked each
    individual piece, but in the end it just didnt look right.

    i dont want things to be too matchy matchy but
    i am tired of owning things that dont go with anything.

  3. I feel your pain. I'm a color junkie. I feel like restricting myself to five colors or so IS restrictive. I mean five in addition to neutrals. I could easily get by with fewer items if I didn't love color so much.

    I think I counted 138 items, fairly recently. That includes gloves and scarves but not jewelry. I'm okay with that, as long as it all gets worn.

  4. Where have you been? I miss you! Hope all is well.