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Jul 6, 2014

Getting Good With Dissatisfaction - When Your Personal Style Just Isn't Coming Together



I just got quiet just now, trying to figure out just EXACTLY WHAT I was struggling up against... regarding my never coming together Personal Style.

I had hoped that watching Jill Chivers and Imogen Lamport's YouTube video on "Signature Style" would help, but it seems that Jill Chivers was just magnetically drawn to animal prints which didn't quite help me figure out what my problem was.

I don't know, maybe, for some people, growing up with invalidating parents creates this problem :P

But after drawing this little sketch on my iPad,

I realized that first, OK, so maybe I AM Piscean after all, regarding how my style preference just spans pretty much through all of the Zodiac signs. Well. Except for Cancer. I don't like laces. I don't like ribbons. (I also need to spell Pisces better!)

So, I could identify that for work, the more Conservative side of me feels my work clothes need to be Virgo/Capricorn energy. To look more professional. 

Then, the 'Fantasy' side of me, who loves all the Old Hollywood glamour, wants Leo/Libra energy. Whilst I still also love that edgy dark Scorpio energy, which is also quite mysterious.

I like the sporty and youthful feel of Aries and Gemini also. While the part of me that likes Bohemian things can see myself wearing Sagittarius things. And I guess all these are about more Trendy things.

Taurus. I like understatement and quality but I don't really do designer labels any more.

* * *

Anyhow. I noticed this little 'discomfort' in myself, as I looked at this sketch. And I realized what I was feeling was a kind of 'Discontent' and 'Dissatisfaction.'

I don't know where this is coming from, but if I learnt anything from Vedic Astrology recently, it is that some natives have that position of Ketu that gives you discontent and dissatisfaction, even if you get what you 'thought' you wanted.

And I decided that well, OK. This is progress.
My 'problem' isn't about what is in or isn't in my wardrobe.
Or what I put or don't put on my body.

It's just knowing what I'm feeling and accepting how I feel....

Heh~ And now I feel a deeper kind of connection to myself,
and at least a little more peace.

(I also had my Intuition going off, and maybe in the fall, I'll get some dresses!)

Great YouTube Video: "Include your resistance when manifesting" by Illuminating Joy

OK. Here's a video I was watching last weekend...
That helped me get past some of my issues...

Hope it works for my wardrobe and style as well! :D
All I need to do is face how I feel, and accept it!!! Teehee~!! ^___^ VVV

Much love,



  1. LOVE what you are doing with this blog! :)

  2. thank you Jeanine! :) when i changed my address, i noticed that most of my friend bloggers links didnt come through! which blog do you currently keep amd woek on, jeanine? ^^