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Jul 4, 2014

Fashion Flurry - Are We Looking for Self-Identification In the Wrong Places? [Dominant Intuitives, Please Read & Comment~!]

Dear friends & ladies!

I've been learning [read, Poring Over] about Vedic Astrology and the intricacies of its divisional charts and so on...

And I'm just feeling that little Pause in my head...
as my brain is remembering some recent discussions in one of the fashion groups I belong to in Facebook.

It appears that so many of us women are falling into this 'perpetual cycle' of trying to 'find ourselves' or desperately seeking to have some 'experts' tell us who we are or what suits us, or how we should be dressing ourselves.

There are different levels of engagement which I believe IS an important need that we, 'hormonal' female species must tend to... I'm not arguing over the Need part... but rather, questioning the direction of our focus.

* * *

I've just spent a couple of minutes, or actually this has been an on-going search lately, wondering if the astrology based fashion systems could help me figure out what it is that would help me express my so-called 'authentic' self.

And I just realized, given my very NT-brain (MBTI jargon!) was falling into its usual habit of going into my Thinking mode... my Analytical mode... when I know that I'm just one of those people that often finds Answers through INTUITION.

I mean, it's just one of those things... How would you know what fashion system is the one that'll get you to the mysterious X-mark taunting you in your head?

It seems that inside my head, there's always that yearning for a more GLAMOROUS me, which, by now... I KNOW in my heart, what that speaks to is ALL PURE FANTASY...

(hashtag: my-fashion-identity-affliction-moment)

And in that Pause, I felt an Inkling...
I've tried color draping, I tried four type system, many other systems...
but I'm just one of those people that even if someone TOLD ME what I was, I wouldn't abandon my current practice, because on *some* level, I feel I DO know what I like best, and based on experience, I DO KNOW what works best.


I mean, I actually HAVE my own 'unwritten/unconscious' fashion rules that I follow all the time. It just seems that I'm caught in that strange 'crack in the system' where...

a) the Fantasy part of me just revels in Visual Glamour, all that Tinsel Town Glitter,
b) would NEVER dream of doing anything over-the-top for my work wardrobe.

This is pretty much the 'gist' of my Fashion-Identity-Affliction~!!!
It's like I want both and must satisfy both but I'm kind of stranded somewhere in the No-man's Land...

* * *

I guess in psychology and new age speak, this is the kind of 'gap' thing that's happening for me...


I'm having that 'push-pull' dynamic happening for me, on the one-hand, I wish I could be as beautiful as the K-pop stars, or the divine silverscreen immortals... which, it isn't WRONG to want or desire...

but in the harsh light of day, my Confucianist Core just wouldn't ALLOW myself this for myself. One should fear 'ridicule' for trying to look so 'distinct' from the 'herd.'

So now, the more 'existential' part of me ponders, Hmmm, so... is the part of me succumbing to the notion of 'Respectability' which is deeply ingrained and instilled in me, the reason why I'm getting nowhere with my Dream Personal Style?

* * *

But then, as I flip this now, rewinding back to that time when I DID work on my fashion rut, and made my own pretty intense Style Resonance Book, (Brenda Kinsel's book), and got those pencil skirts and belts and all, defined my waistline more... it actually DIDN'T produce the results I wanted... :(

Despite the discomfort I put up with, even when I felt really good about the midnight-blue work shirt and Japonesque subdued Indian pink pencil skirt, with the tan double strap leather belt, NOBODY even noticed it or mentioned what a lovely outfit it was, or how stylish I looked. I mean, when I saw myself that day, I felt pretty creative about it... You know?

I tried to make the belt thing work for awhile, and I guess, there WAS one time, which I DID make it work... But it was more of the Barbara Streisand look... like a Taurus meets a Sagittarius belt type of deal... Hmmm...

Well. Whatever this is, what I think SHOULD WORK and what WORKS for me in real life seems to be going in parallels at this point...

(I guess, knowing that with my short-waist and Pear shaped body, what I was doing wrong is more obvious now... but still...!)

* * *

Well. This is just me deeply contemplating...

Is the kind of fashion makeover that I so truly want
something that is less about attaining an Image Goal,
and more of a lifestyle change goal?

Of course, there is usually a correlation between your Inner and your Outer self... but it seems important to figure out what Intention you're really trying to set sometimes.

Just as the Feng Shui approach to style asks you to get clear about the kind of change you want... Knowing what your actual style Needs and Wants are, and how you're going introduce that change into your current level of comfort are two factors I need to 'intuit' before I blindly try to let the 'marketing efforts' of The Others overpower that tiny voice in my head...


Thanks for reading all this!!

Black-hair FlatShoenista

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