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Jul 31, 2014

August Wardrobe Challenge: Project 333 & 5x5 French Minimalist Wardrobe

The double challenge continues on! :D

Doing the July Challenge where I chose 5 work tops and 5 work bottoms worked out better than I imagined! Out of the whole month, I only felt 'limited' in my choice ONCE. It was like Day 4 into the month when I felt like, 'Oh, no, not these boring old clothes again!' But that only lasted a couple of minutes.

And other things in my life took my focus away from my 'more limited' wardrobe and I have not felt that 'boredom/limitation' at all! Instead, I just kept thinking whether I wore a work ensemble the day before or not. And it became really easy to maintain & implement my work outfits! ^___^V

* * *

As today is the 30th of July, I got really excited again, to 'shop' in my own wardrobe! And I spent a good hour or two picking out my August selection! (Seriously, if you're a shopaholic AND you also care about your bank balances and a healthy financial future, Project 333 is THE WAY to go!)

* * *

As I began my personalized 'Monthly Project 333' this April 2014, this is now April - May - June - July - four months into the program!

Those of you who read my earlier posts would know, but one of my earlier discoveries was that it is IMPERATIVE to NOT have any clashing top and bottom. That really takes discipline for someone like me (I'm MBTI ENTP, my P-ness likes to keep options open!) to always be 'mindful' of.

Well, in July, as I only had 5 tops, 3 tank tops, 5 bottoms for my work wardrobe, I had enough space to include more jewelry. I realized though that even if I gave myself 5 earrings, the more 'elegant' one just wouldn't get worn as much.

From the tally I'm keeping each day, I can see what I ACTUALLY wear every day. And month to month, I'm always surprised how 'hard' my 'black' items work for me. My work wardrobe would 'fall apart' without my black top, black tank tee, black/dark denim bottoms, black shoes, and black bag. Having black hair dictates that black is what works time and time again.

* * *

Here are my August's selections:

Image: My 5x5 French Minimalist Work Wardrobe for August 2014

As you can see, each month, little bit by little bit, more neutral colors are making their way into my wardrobe. I do switch things out or around to keep it fresh though; last month I wore a cherry pink pencil skirt, this month I'm going for my red cardigan and red/white striped tank tee shirt. Last month, I wore an olive/beige polka dot blouse, this month, I'm bringing in my blue/orange checkered blouse.

Image: My 'Flatshoenista' work shoes for August 2014

Last month, I included my favorite blue wedge slides, but they were a little too high for work, so I NEVER wore them. Not even once. So I'm switching that out for my totally flat white loafers.

Image: My jewelry choices for August 2014

I think this is my BIGGEST improvement since April...! :D I realize that when I chose jewelry without having a particular style and coordination in mind, I would wear them a LOT LESS. I like neat/urban/comfortable-casual style. And because my shoes are flat and my work bag is quite large, the more refined jewelry JUST DOESN'T WORK! <--- My AHA moment.

For August, I'm going to include 3 different sets of earrings/bracelets. I wear my jade ring every single day. One set is my very casual black Pilgrms leather bracelet and Egyptian eye earrings. The jellybear earrings are my cute adorableness set, with butterfly bracelet in silver. I'm so happy about how well these two go; they aren't an actual set, but I realized tonight that these two go so much better than my last month's solid silver bracelet which is more bold, simple, and modern in style! (Learning so much! Yay!) Then the last one is my 'experiment' set. I love wearing my purple heart earrings but I've never paired them with this brown/purpley-lavendar leather bracelet. But seeing how the colors go and how neat-casual they look, I think they can be great for work.

Well~ ladies!
There you have it!

My shiny new August selection!
The only new item I've bought in the entire 2014 calendar is the new black work skirt, which replaces my torn old black denim skirt, that was a size too small for me.

Aight!! Thanks for reading!
Wishing you a fabulous delicious Summer!


Jessica Flatshoenista

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