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Jul 31, 2014

August Wardrobe Challenge: Project 333 & 5x5 French Minimalist Wardrobe

The double challenge continues on! :D

Doing the July Challenge where I chose 5 work tops and 5 work bottoms worked out better than I imagined! Out of the whole month, I only felt 'limited' in my choice ONCE. It was like Day 4 into the month when I felt like, 'Oh, no, not these boring old clothes again!' But that only lasted a couple of minutes.

And other things in my life took my focus away from my 'more limited' wardrobe and I have not felt that 'boredom/limitation' at all! Instead, I just kept thinking whether I wore a work ensemble the day before or not. And it became really easy to maintain & implement my work outfits! ^___^V

* * *

As today is the 30th of July, I got really excited again, to 'shop' in my own wardrobe! And I spent a good hour or two picking out my August selection! (Seriously, if you're a shopaholic AND you also care about your bank balances and a healthy financial future, Project 333 is THE WAY to go!)

* * *

As I began my personalized 'Monthly Project 333' this April 2014, this is now April - May - June - July - four months into the program!

Those of you who read my earlier posts would know, but one of my earlier discoveries was that it is IMPERATIVE to NOT have any clashing top and bottom. That really takes discipline for someone like me (I'm MBTI ENTP, my P-ness likes to keep options open!) to always be 'mindful' of.

Well, in July, as I only had 5 tops, 3 tank tops, 5 bottoms for my work wardrobe, I had enough space to include more jewelry. I realized though that even if I gave myself 5 earrings, the more 'elegant' one just wouldn't get worn as much.

From the tally I'm keeping each day, I can see what I ACTUALLY wear every day. And month to month, I'm always surprised how 'hard' my 'black' items work for me. My work wardrobe would 'fall apart' without my black top, black tank tee, black/dark denim bottoms, black shoes, and black bag. Having black hair dictates that black is what works time and time again.

* * *

Here are my August's selections:

Image: My 5x5 French Minimalist Work Wardrobe for August 2014

As you can see, each month, little bit by little bit, more neutral colors are making their way into my wardrobe. I do switch things out or around to keep it fresh though; last month I wore a cherry pink pencil skirt, this month I'm going for my red cardigan and red/white striped tank tee shirt. Last month, I wore an olive/beige polka dot blouse, this month, I'm bringing in my blue/orange checkered blouse.

Image: My 'Flatshoenista' work shoes for August 2014

Last month, I included my favorite blue wedge slides, but they were a little too high for work, so I NEVER wore them. Not even once. So I'm switching that out for my totally flat white loafers.

Image: My jewelry choices for August 2014

I think this is my BIGGEST improvement since April...! :D I realize that when I chose jewelry without having a particular style and coordination in mind, I would wear them a LOT LESS. I like neat/urban/comfortable-casual style. And because my shoes are flat and my work bag is quite large, the more refined jewelry JUST DOESN'T WORK! <--- My AHA moment.

For August, I'm going to include 3 different sets of earrings/bracelets. I wear my jade ring every single day. One set is my very casual black Pilgrms leather bracelet and Egyptian eye earrings. The jellybear earrings are my cute adorableness set, with butterfly bracelet in silver. I'm so happy about how well these two go; they aren't an actual set, but I realized tonight that these two go so much better than my last month's solid silver bracelet which is more bold, simple, and modern in style! (Learning so much! Yay!) Then the last one is my 'experiment' set. I love wearing my purple heart earrings but I've never paired them with this brown/purpley-lavendar leather bracelet. But seeing how the colors go and how neat-casual they look, I think they can be great for work.

Well~ ladies!
There you have it!

My shiny new August selection!
The only new item I've bought in the entire 2014 calendar is the new black work skirt, which replaces my torn old black denim skirt, that was a size too small for me.

Aight!! Thanks for reading!
Wishing you a fabulous delicious Summer!


Jessica Flatshoenista

Jul 30, 2014

Teacher Outfits from June & July

I forgot to take photos lately, due to work related stuff.
But here are two I did take. Both are part of my Project 333 outfits for work.

June work outfit

July work outfit

New post on August 33 coming up!

Jul 6, 2014

My Inventory Down to 186 (from 223) & the Greek Mythology of Psyche's Four Tasks

Dear Readers,

Today, I recalculated my new number for my 'Inventory 200' which I began in April this year. Here's my chart of what's in my closet right now.

Image: Number of Items for ALL of my fashion goodies

I took a few pictures of my now more 'breathable' dressing room... I used to have wardrobes and drawers, surfaces, floors all covered with STUFF. And a lot of them I was just keeping them even though I never ever wore them! :-)

I just LOVE that I can now see some clean surface... And each compartment now has its own use. No mumbo-jumbo vagueness! Yay!!! :D

* * *

As I looked at my new number 186, I wondered maybe I should assign a number for each category, and weed out the 'weaker' stuff. Things I don't really wear much. Things I'm keeping just to wear once or twice a year. And come up with ways to HAVE something to wear for special occasions. For example, that dress which I almost never wear which I'm holding on to because I think it'll come in handy for weddings can be replaced by an outfit combo that is well accessorized. 

Some items which I wore to death and don't make me look sharp for my job, items that are torn and too small should also be let go of... 

And as I got clear about what could be done next, and how I might reduce my inventory down to even further... it dawned on me...


This *inventorying* is EXACTLY like that Greek Mythology! 
Psyche and her Four Tasks!!! @__@~!!!!

Image: Psyche at the Throne of Venus by Hale, 1883

I remember reading about this in the now classic  Jean Shinoda Bolen book on Goddesses in Every Woman. It really sums up all of my overwhelming and overpowering emotions, as I work on this personal project... Here is an excerpt from the site:

Transitions as Liminal and Archetypal SituationsJean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.
The first task is to sort all the seeds that are heaped up in a room. This is a wonderful metaphor for all of the possibilities, all of the emotions at the beginning of a transition period. Sorting the seed is really taking stock. What are all of the seeds of possibility in your psyche of your world? How much money do you have in the bank? How much energy do you have for this? How much talent do you have for this? What are you putting together out of all your possibilities? To plan to have a conference? If this is your particular dream, then you’ve got to sort out the seeds.
In this particular story, Psyche’s first reaction to every single task is despair. It’s more than she’s ever done before, she’s consciously not up to the task, and she wants to give up. Sort the seeds of possibility. At the beginning, she doesn’t know how, and then the symbol comes to her. Ants. All the ants come sorting out the seeds, one seed at a time, so that by morning they’ve been sorted, each into its own kind, every one into its own tack>.

(Read more here if you like:

So, if you feel 'despair' for trying to tackle any of your 'Wardrobe Planning' take heart! This passage has always been this way for women! :P

And you are most certainly not alone...
I'll keep posting about my 'Ant-Work' here...! ^___^V

My love to you all,



Getting Good With Dissatisfaction - When Your Personal Style Just Isn't Coming Together



I just got quiet just now, trying to figure out just EXACTLY WHAT I was struggling up against... regarding my never coming together Personal Style.

I had hoped that watching Jill Chivers and Imogen Lamport's YouTube video on "Signature Style" would help, but it seems that Jill Chivers was just magnetically drawn to animal prints which didn't quite help me figure out what my problem was.

I don't know, maybe, for some people, growing up with invalidating parents creates this problem :P

But after drawing this little sketch on my iPad,

I realized that first, OK, so maybe I AM Piscean after all, regarding how my style preference just spans pretty much through all of the Zodiac signs. Well. Except for Cancer. I don't like laces. I don't like ribbons. (I also need to spell Pisces better!)

So, I could identify that for work, the more Conservative side of me feels my work clothes need to be Virgo/Capricorn energy. To look more professional. 

Then, the 'Fantasy' side of me, who loves all the Old Hollywood glamour, wants Leo/Libra energy. Whilst I still also love that edgy dark Scorpio energy, which is also quite mysterious.

I like the sporty and youthful feel of Aries and Gemini also. While the part of me that likes Bohemian things can see myself wearing Sagittarius things. And I guess all these are about more Trendy things.

Taurus. I like understatement and quality but I don't really do designer labels any more.

* * *

Anyhow. I noticed this little 'discomfort' in myself, as I looked at this sketch. And I realized what I was feeling was a kind of 'Discontent' and 'Dissatisfaction.'

I don't know where this is coming from, but if I learnt anything from Vedic Astrology recently, it is that some natives have that position of Ketu that gives you discontent and dissatisfaction, even if you get what you 'thought' you wanted.

And I decided that well, OK. This is progress.
My 'problem' isn't about what is in or isn't in my wardrobe.
Or what I put or don't put on my body.

It's just knowing what I'm feeling and accepting how I feel....

Heh~ And now I feel a deeper kind of connection to myself,
and at least a little more peace.

(I also had my Intuition going off, and maybe in the fall, I'll get some dresses!)

Great YouTube Video: "Include your resistance when manifesting" by Illuminating Joy

OK. Here's a video I was watching last weekend...
That helped me get past some of my issues...

Hope it works for my wardrobe and style as well! :D
All I need to do is face how I feel, and accept it!!! Teehee~!! ^___^ VVV

Much love,


Jul 4, 2014

Fashion Flurry - Are We Looking for Self-Identification In the Wrong Places? [Dominant Intuitives, Please Read & Comment~!]

Dear friends & ladies!

I've been learning [read, Poring Over] about Vedic Astrology and the intricacies of its divisional charts and so on...

And I'm just feeling that little Pause in my head...
as my brain is remembering some recent discussions in one of the fashion groups I belong to in Facebook.

It appears that so many of us women are falling into this 'perpetual cycle' of trying to 'find ourselves' or desperately seeking to have some 'experts' tell us who we are or what suits us, or how we should be dressing ourselves.

There are different levels of engagement which I believe IS an important need that we, 'hormonal' female species must tend to... I'm not arguing over the Need part... but rather, questioning the direction of our focus.

* * *

I've just spent a couple of minutes, or actually this has been an on-going search lately, wondering if the astrology based fashion systems could help me figure out what it is that would help me express my so-called 'authentic' self.

And I just realized, given my very NT-brain (MBTI jargon!) was falling into its usual habit of going into my Thinking mode... my Analytical mode... when I know that I'm just one of those people that often finds Answers through INTUITION.

I mean, it's just one of those things... How would you know what fashion system is the one that'll get you to the mysterious X-mark taunting you in your head?

It seems that inside my head, there's always that yearning for a more GLAMOROUS me, which, by now... I KNOW in my heart, what that speaks to is ALL PURE FANTASY...

(hashtag: my-fashion-identity-affliction-moment)

And in that Pause, I felt an Inkling...
I've tried color draping, I tried four type system, many other systems...
but I'm just one of those people that even if someone TOLD ME what I was, I wouldn't abandon my current practice, because on *some* level, I feel I DO know what I like best, and based on experience, I DO KNOW what works best.


I mean, I actually HAVE my own 'unwritten/unconscious' fashion rules that I follow all the time. It just seems that I'm caught in that strange 'crack in the system' where...

a) the Fantasy part of me just revels in Visual Glamour, all that Tinsel Town Glitter,
b) would NEVER dream of doing anything over-the-top for my work wardrobe.

This is pretty much the 'gist' of my Fashion-Identity-Affliction~!!!
It's like I want both and must satisfy both but I'm kind of stranded somewhere in the No-man's Land...

* * *

I guess in psychology and new age speak, this is the kind of 'gap' thing that's happening for me...


I'm having that 'push-pull' dynamic happening for me, on the one-hand, I wish I could be as beautiful as the K-pop stars, or the divine silverscreen immortals... which, it isn't WRONG to want or desire...

but in the harsh light of day, my Confucianist Core just wouldn't ALLOW myself this for myself. One should fear 'ridicule' for trying to look so 'distinct' from the 'herd.'

So now, the more 'existential' part of me ponders, Hmmm, so... is the part of me succumbing to the notion of 'Respectability' which is deeply ingrained and instilled in me, the reason why I'm getting nowhere with my Dream Personal Style?

* * *

But then, as I flip this now, rewinding back to that time when I DID work on my fashion rut, and made my own pretty intense Style Resonance Book, (Brenda Kinsel's book), and got those pencil skirts and belts and all, defined my waistline more... it actually DIDN'T produce the results I wanted... :(

Despite the discomfort I put up with, even when I felt really good about the midnight-blue work shirt and Japonesque subdued Indian pink pencil skirt, with the tan double strap leather belt, NOBODY even noticed it or mentioned what a lovely outfit it was, or how stylish I looked. I mean, when I saw myself that day, I felt pretty creative about it... You know?

I tried to make the belt thing work for awhile, and I guess, there WAS one time, which I DID make it work... But it was more of the Barbara Streisand look... like a Taurus meets a Sagittarius belt type of deal... Hmmm...

Well. Whatever this is, what I think SHOULD WORK and what WORKS for me in real life seems to be going in parallels at this point...

(I guess, knowing that with my short-waist and Pear shaped body, what I was doing wrong is more obvious now... but still...!)

* * *

Well. This is just me deeply contemplating...

Is the kind of fashion makeover that I so truly want
something that is less about attaining an Image Goal,
and more of a lifestyle change goal?

Of course, there is usually a correlation between your Inner and your Outer self... but it seems important to figure out what Intention you're really trying to set sometimes.

Just as the Feng Shui approach to style asks you to get clear about the kind of change you want... Knowing what your actual style Needs and Wants are, and how you're going introduce that change into your current level of comfort are two factors I need to 'intuit' before I blindly try to let the 'marketing efforts' of The Others overpower that tiny voice in my head...


Thanks for reading all this!!

Black-hair FlatShoenista

New Blog Address!!! :D []

Hi everyone!!

I've just updated my blog's address~~~!!!

Please note my new URL~!!

Thank you!! :-D


BlackHair FlatShoenista

Jul 1, 2014

[Color Theories & Experts] Using the Five Color Image Scale to Finalize Your Seasonal Color Palette (or Core Wardrobe Colors)

OK. I should hop into bed and tuck myself in real soon, but I thought I'd share this post also...

in case, there are 'confused' stylistas out there, who may have been frustrated with their seasonal color draping results, NOT really being EASY PEASY, when it comes to APPLYING it to their personal wardrobes!


* * *

So. This 'Five Color Image Scale' is something I shared on my blog LONG TIME AGO! It's a color combo 'map' that visually lays out for your what the Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter colors groupings LOOK LIKE... in their own 'Quadrants' so to speak.

Take a peak here, at the book where this diagram comes from

Image: Five Color Image Scale by Shigenobu Kobayashi (1992)

Image: Analyzing Color Preferences - 7 Taste Profiles

I shared both images in this blog before, and I think it was clear to me right away that I connected with the Refreshing & Hard palette... the most. Followed by the Colorful & Hard palette second. 

The custom in my country (South Korea) is that most people tweak their outfit colors for each season. And the seasonal color analysis which is great for all the diverse beauties and body pigments you find in the US or other nations doesn't work to the full extent for the majority of Koreans. Well, at least, in my opinion any way... 

I know that color draping is becoming more known here too, and the Fashion cable TVs do a lot to spread information to the masses... but seriously... with the level of contrast that most Koreans get born with... It's probably only 20~45% of population that would ONLY dress in their season's palette all year round... 

Because hair color STILL is the most dominant thing in a person, and if you work, your wardrobe will NEED black/gray/blue/beige for neutrals...

Even my color analyst, who told me she was the same seasonal type as me, we both tested Autumn, told me that after like a year to a year and half of trying to dress ONLY in the Autumn palette, she felt rather 'limited' in what she could wear.

* * *

So. Going back to what I did... using Kobayashi's image map...

I wrote down, what my 'experiments' and 'explorations' have taught me in coming up with the correct colors to use as my Core Wardrobe Colors! :D

After dressing in Type 2 for 90 days, I knew with the level of energy drain I felt, I knew that even though my facial features have a softened/natural effect going on... this couldn't be it for me.

The Spring colors or Soft-Warm colors are really pretty, but you can't build a work wardrobe just on those, or at least, for me, with my black hair and almost black eyes, it wouldn't work that well.

Then, even though I was tested Autumn, the Warm/Hard section seem too sporty and casual for a work wardrobe. While the muted muddy brown and olive colors were Autumn colors that didn't enhance my skin coloring. So I was told to stay away from them by my analyst. The only palette that I feel I CAN incorporate into my workable functioning work wardrobe was the Warm/Hard palette called 'Gorgeous' (Blue ring on the left).

And what I knew from personal experience and personal needs for a work wardrobe, and most of all, what the Dollars and Sense have taught me in the past 15 years of working life... I realized where my objective is to have a TRULY hard working wardrobe for myself, the most OPTIMAL work wardrobe for myself, I'd just have to stick to the Cool/Hard colors, to accommodate my hair/eye coloring.

So... in the end, when I whited out all the other color combos...
These are the colors I COULD easily use to build my Core Wardrobe.

Talk about money saving & having TRUE wardrobe REAL ESTATE!!!
This to me is all it needs to be!!!

I'll probably have to play dress up & check the mirror
to see how these palettes work out...

But, this gives me at least some MORE ideas on where to spend for quality and long term investment... and where to cut corners by large!

Having said that, let me wrap up with where I feel I am, in Into-Mind's 'Wardrobe Diagnostics' :-)

* * *

About 2~3 months ago, I got this from this flowchart:

Well. I took the flowchart again, and this time round, I get...

I really hope that by the end of this year, I can get to the last stage!



Thank you for listening!!
And share with me, how your color journey has been~!!


Jessica Flatshoenista!

Project 333 for July & 5x5 French Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge~!!! :D

Hi all!!!

July is here~~!!!

OK. So, this time round, I was a little bit more proactive about pre-selecting my 33 for month of July. Last month, I was a day or two late, which made keeping tally more difficult...

I realized it takes me 2 nights to do this with 'ease' and less stress...
After all, with my ENTPness, I like to keep my options open, and 'selecting' and 'narrowing down' my choices is a real challenge for me.

Having said that...
This month, I've decided to tackle a secondary challenge WITHIN my personalized Project 333 (which is choosing 33 items to wear for 1 month, maybe I should start calling this Project 331!)... just to keep things even more interesting!


For those of you who haven't read my 5x5 French Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge, basically, since I'm just needing a clear set of 'work clothes' I thought with the number of work days in a month, I might be able to 'pull it off' - 5 well chosen tops, 5 well matched and mixable bottoms gives you total of 25 outfits. I work 20~22 days in a month. I should be fine for the month! :D

Since I'm hoping to reduce my total number of items for the month, I've decided that I'll try my best to limit my total to something less than 33.

I did that for 3 months, and I feel I can live with 'less' now!!

* * *

Image: My 5 work tops, 5 work bottoms, and 2 bags, for July 2014!

Initially, or should I say, last night...
I did a whole load of laundry, finished working on a lot of exercises in Bobbie  Thomas's book...

And I began the 'selection' process...
Now, sharing this part of me, REALLY makes me happy...
Because back in my mid 20s, I was a 'shopaholic' and I had to get a loan with the amount of stuff I was charging on my credit card. I was so clueless about managing my money, and I really had a thing for buying luxury designer goods, that eventually my shopping addiction led to a complete 'Life Makeover' for me, down the road!

So, well, HERE I AM!
Enjoying my 'fashion addiction' in a MOST HEALTHY and SOLVENT manner!!!

Back to the selection process...
In the past 3 months, it HAS BEEN tough, having to choose my 33 items...
But because I was doing it for 1 month, it was a lot easier to 'fudge' things a lil bit...

In other words, if I liked 2 jackets and 11 tops, I could fit all of them into my 33!

Last night, I was able to decide that regarding jewelry, I would only wear silver, since it is July after all... and I don't usually do silver in other months of the year. 

A lot of the items from last month were laid out for drying on the balcony, so it made the selection process more difficult.

Also, learning about my body shape (I just discovered this last night, that I'm a Pear shape!!! For years, I thought I was either a neat hourglass or an Inverted Triangle) made me question a lot of the items sitting in my wardrobe. 

Fast forward to tonight, 
I had to finalize my 'Curated Collection' for July!

I must tell you though, how for about 30~40 minutes, I struggled making my decision. Now that I had to be REALLY PICKY about my 5 tops and 5 bottoms, my usual thinking pattern made me wonder if I should keep 2 jackets, 1 cardigan, 1 blouse, and 1 tshirt? But that was already 6. Which ONE should I take out? Also, the jacket and cardigan need tank tops otherwise they can't be worn. Should the tank tops be counted as 1 item or not? @_@!! See, how maddening this gets?!!!

I really had to mull over this, and then, the same PROBLEM came up again, regarding WHERE to place the 'patterned' garments. 

I have a nice blue short skirt with a little ethnic pattern from last summer, but I also wanted to keep a fun tank top with colorful typography for my jacket...

God. Save me.
I felt that terrible knot in my stomach, having to choose...

(I know that Courtney Carver actually states that you can exchange items or replace items within your 33, but when I do that, it's hard for me to stick to the initial motivation... and I usually fall off the wagon when I start doing that!)


I kind of kept going back and forth on the blue skirt, and the number of tank tees I could have... 

But my brain kept URGING me...
To remember how in order to make this 5x5 thing work, I just CAN'T have prints for  top and bottom, especially if the two cannot be worn together.

* * *

In the end, I decided to ditch having all these options. :P

Let's keep this simple. 

And I chose 5 blouses instead.
So, no tshirt, no tank tees, no jackets, no cardigan.

Problem solved!

Also, I decided I'll follow the advice of Bobbie Thomas and My Private Stylist recommendations (which is another blog post for another time!!) and keep visual interest on the top. And keep my bottoms mostly darker colors! 

If my black denim skirt were available, I would have probably chosen the black skirt over my white denim skirt... But for now I'm just keeping the white denim skirt, as there is no other option.

* * *

Here are my 4 lovely shoes... for July.

I was going to put away my red slippers for a pair of Aldos sandals from last year... orange and brown leather straps, with a beige sole, and gold buckles.

But it was wedge heeled and a bit high for work, and the gold buckle wasn't going to work with my silver jewelry nor my 2 work bags.

I've streamlined my jewelry also!

Since I have a love for earrings first and foremost, and bracelets second... and not much of a thing for necklaces (too much work to put them on and take them off; if I had eyes on the back of my head or something I'd wear them more often!!) I decided to do away with necklaces this month! So, I can *indulge* myself on earrings this month! Five earrings to choose from!!! 

This feels even MORE great, cuz, now I feel like I'm beginning to 'define' my 'cohesive' style! That will eventually LEAD TO my 'personal style' and 'signature style' :D Yayyyyy!!!!

I mean, I'd already noticed this, while I worked on my 'Color Compass' this weekend... And also noticed this when I was switching out my shoes... 

I had 'declared' myself to be a 'Flat-shoe-nista' and I got rid of my killer heels back in the earlier stage of Project 333. Now, I notice that I still have some mid-heels, that I had 'saved up' but I just don't ever wear those either. My feet need COMFORT.

My ADD needs comfort!

And counter intuitive to my 'Pness' that likes to believe that having MORE is what gives me more options in clothing and personal style, I'm LEARNING that it is in fact, THE DIRECT OPPOSITE, that gives me my 'Fashion-style Edge.'

This really is the most EXTRAORDINARY process... And I'm just taking steps at a time, weaning myself off from bad habits. And it feels like I've come a LONG way... to doing all this! And it's been a really significant journey for me too, as what my Mom always feared was that me spending too much attention on this stuff would make me VAIN and Superficial or something. But you know, the heart wants what it wants. And this is such a big part of who I am as a person. So... Well. That's what this is all about for me! :)

* * *

Finally, for those of you, wondering what my finalized list looks like...
My total came to 27! Hoorah!!! ^________^ VVV

Doing away with jackets/cardigans/tshirt, and only wearing blouses (I'm not counting the tank tees here because some of my blouses are sheer and can't be worn without them!) helped me keep my numbers down by a lot!

And this month, I will feel like I have even MORE choices... 
Because ALL my tops go well with ALL my bottoms...
My two work bags are both 'big sized' proper work bags...

And I could keep a lot of options open for my shoes and earrings!

* * *

It just feels really AMAZING now...
And having fewer but better matched outfit combinations means I am getting real mileage out of my clothes...

Actually, with my wardrobe looking more and more minimal, I kind of want to create my 'Look Book' with these 27 items... 

Because now, I can also focus more on other things like hair, makeup, and nail/pedicure.

* * *

In closing ladies, fashion friends and my style tribes... :) 
I leave you with my favorite maxims from Courtney Carver of Project 333...

I feel so blessed to share my journey with you!
And a huge thanks to so many fashion gurus and teachers...

I've learnt so much and been inspired so much in the past decade or so...
Regarding *fashion-style-identity-beliefs-managing money-wardrobe planning*...

Especially on that money note, Courtney Carver and Jill Chivers have inspired and taught me so much...

Back in January 2014, I began a small group on Facebook, and we have been working in 6 week increments to support one another to NOT SHOP. And we've managed to make it work!! A lot of us have spent zero to very little for the past 6 months! All the while, patiently and steadily working on decluttering our closets and houses!

So, thank you dear readers!
I appreciate you being here~*


From Seoul,


Jessica Flatshoenista