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Jun 3, 2014

Project333 - Month of June is here~!!! :D

Here are my 33 for June 2014~~*

17 clothing articles

4 shoes

2 bags

10 jewelry pieces

* This month is the 3rd consecutive month I've been *faithfully* doing the Project 333!

* As the heat of the Summer is getting to me, and *sweat* is going to be a concern, I initially grabbed a lot of tops. Then I noticed how my tops AND bottoms were using prints and patterns, I decided to keep only 1 Tshirt that had a logo on it.

This is something I'm learning, as I'm playing around with my *curated 33 pieces* for Project 333! If you're going to wear jewelry, you've got to keep it simple! I guess if you wear a lot of solid metal jewelry, then, you could do prints and patterns... But even then, you don't want to have too many tops and bottoms with busy designs, because it vastly limits your outfit options. Unless you've carefully selected patterns that could be worn at the same time, they won't work!

Anywho~ So, only 1 tshirt has a logo pattern, and 2 of my bottoms have pattern, and 1 bag has some pattern. All my other jackets, tops, and bottoms are solid colors for easy mix and match. You will have less wardrobe orphans that makes you feel like you have nothing to wear. If you want a versatile & easy wardrobe - HAVE MORE SOLIDS! Unless you have a *signature style* like Jill Chivers who claims that animal prints are her THANG, you can create outfits more easily with solids! This is something I'll bear in mind when I do my future shopping...

* I'm using more silver jewelry for Summer. I'm using 3 kinds of metals! Silver/Gold/Antique bronze.

* With less amount of jackets to choose for Summer, I'm going with more shoes!

* I'm getting very comfortable with the fact that I can get by with only 2 bags. Most of the time, I only need one actually. One bag for each month. I've gotten by a whole month with only 2 shoes. I didn't miss NOT having and owning heels. My entry way is so much tidier with only 2~4 pairs of shoes.

* Most awesome of all, I have begun to get more control in other areas of my life. With the mindset I'm learning from Project 333, and a clearer mind, I have begun some really cool new habits. Two habits in particular that I'm really proud of!

#1. I keep a record of what I wear in Excel spreadsheet.
#2. I keep a record of my Budget Map in Excel spreadsheet.

It's an amazing journey, this Project 333!

Love and deep appreciation to the fellow Project 333-doers & Ms. Courtney Carver!

Thanks for reading!
Have a FAB summer!


Your Flatshoenista


  1. Do you use a smartphone? I use one app to keep track of what I wear, and another to keep track of what I spend. I can elaborate if you're interested. For me, my phone is more convenient than my computer.

  2. Hi Susan!
    I do have one but the storage is always full...
    Korean smartphones come with so many preconfigured apps that I never use... :(
    I do have an iPad though...
    Just out of curiosity, which apps do you use? :)

  3. I use Jeeves to keep track of how often I wear something. I then use the count to calculate actual cost per wear.

    I use HomeBudget to keep track of what I spend. I think it's a pretty powerful budgeting app, but I all use it for is to track expenditures. I read somewhere that this is called 'reverse budgeting'. I don't compare spending to a projected budget amount. I just look at it after the fact and determine whether I need to make changes in the future.


  4. Thank Susan!!
    Will check them out~~ :D