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Jun 28, 2014

Dressing Your Truth team emailed me about copyright issues...

Hi ladies.

Well. I just got an email, asking me to stop using the words DYT, Type, Type 1~4, T1~4 saying that people might mistake me for a DYT expert.

I don't know if I had ever made anyone believe this, because I have always focused on my experience of DYT.

I will be making changes thusly, as requested. But it is with really mixed feelings that DYT crew are so 'controlling' about how their system is 'experienced' by their customers. I believe in the 'freedom of speech' if I am focusing on my own experiences of their product and services.

I have also mentioned the positives of DYT as well as some of its limitations, but DYT has emailed me three times in total I think on me voicing my own opinion.

Anyway. I am not following DYT as a system right now, and I am doing other style journeys, so I guess it's 'divine timing' for me to be more open and passionate about these new things, and let go of DYT as a whole.

And say 'farewell' to DYT completely.

Thanks for reading my posts on DYT. I have daily wondered how there is such a high demand for other ladies wanting to read about my experiences with DYT, because each day I think there were about 80 hits to my shares about it.

But this issue of DYT having a very heavy hand in policing their community was always there from the beginning. It began in their forum on their website, then in the Facebook groups, and my friend blogger was also contacted.

It seems to me that this is just how they are. OK.

Is all from me. Will let you know of other updates and changes to my blog, when they have been completed! Thank you!!!


Jessica Flatshoenista


  1. I'm still interested in reading your thoughts. I'm not specifically interested in DYT.

  2. Maybe you can focus on your flatshoenista journey, for the benefit of others with fussy feet. Among other things.

  3. Duly noted, Ms. Ashworth~ <3 <3 <3
    Thank you so much for reading!!!!
    I cherish your input~!!

  4. Hi,
    I've enjoyed reading your take on the Dressing Your Truth program. It's great to get an objective opinion on these systems. And it's unfortunate that the DYT people are so controlling about the concept, especially since Carol Tuttle isn't even the originator of the DYT ideas--she used Taylore Sinclair's concepts!

  5. Hi Mimi~!! :D
    Thank you for joining me on my Style Journey!!
    I'm curious what kind of clothing styles you're into~~
    I have shared the positive sides of DYT as well, by the way... There are a lot of women who have appreciated the personality side of DYT, and many have praised Carol Tuttle's book "The Child Whisperer" as one of her finest works and contributions. I love that book also, and learnt about myself during the process. But I just found that I couldn't wear silver in the colder months, which is just my personal preference.

    Hugs to you!!

    Jessica Flatshoenista