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Jun 19, 2014

Creating a Work Uniform - the French Way! (5x5 Challenge)

Hi ladies!

This week, I took on a new Vlog project!
And I found something really interesting!

It is a concept that works really well with both the Project 333
AND the men's style tip I shared recently, called the 'Interchangeable Wardrobe' -

but this one, comes with a bit of a 'French' twist!

source: Reddit community

The 5x5 Challenge
-- An Exercise in French Wardrobee Minimalism (Click Here!)

So, what you do is, you only count 5 tops and 5 bottoms to create your 'Minimalist' wardrobe... but your jackets don't count here.

The idea is to come up with 5x5 that gives you a nice 25 outfit combinations!
Think of it! In one month, you're likely to work about 20~22 days!

Which means, having 25 different combinations is likely to give you enough variations as long as you choose well, and make sure that ALL 5 tops go with ALL 5 bottoms!

Add to this, if you have jackets, vests, cardigans, and other accessories, that is plenty plenty for you to feel fabulous!

And you are basing that on just 10 items!

I think, adopting this approach will give you timeless and cohesive yet versatile looks, while also giving you a nice 'distinctive' signature style.

* * *

Above is my first idea sketch for this 5x5 wardrobe.
I chose tops that range from Tshirts to shirt-blouse, and a tank top,
to give it a nice range of shapes and levels of formality.

And this one is my 2nd idea sketch,
this time ONLY using 5 Tshirts.
So no long sleeve shirt nor tank top here.
I also switched out the more formal white skirt
with a more casual black denim skirt...
So that this 2nd idea focuses MORE on producing
more consistent 'style' than the 1st one.

* * *

I am, however, just 2 weeks shy of completing my
April - May - June, Project 333!

So, I am going to just 'mull over' this, and ruminate...
until I complete my Project 333!


Jessica Flatshoenista

source 3: some images from Google for 'French Chic'

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