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Jun 29, 2014

Book Review: Bobbie Thomas's "The Power of Style" & My Color Compass and Mystery of My Season

Hi ladies!

OK! So I stumbled upon this book by Ms. Thomas at the bookstore, and it's been a gripping read! I was so excited, I couldn't sleep!

I bought the translated version in Korean, so there may be small differences I guess, but so far, I am really touched and inspired by the warm, loving, and practical help she is giving in the 10 steps to YOUR own Power Style!

* * *

Having said that, if you have read 3 dozen style books already, this isn't going to be entirely new. And a lot of the first part of the book (first five chapters) do get a little bit repetitive when it goes into the WHY you need style & importance of having self-esteem.

If I had a daughter though, this is the book I would most likely give her in her early teens. So, thank you Ms. Thomas! 

I have been through a lot of different systems in the past decade, so I'm really happy to work through her 10 steps, trying to put it all together into a cohesive whole... and this book is helping me do exactly that!

* * *

While the whole book is presented in pretty clear steps, 3 of the exercises were my definite favorites... I'm not going to share pages from the books, just what I wrote down as my own answers...

#1. What is my favorite movie, book, and music?
Movie: Gigi
Book: Han Feizi
Music: R&B, Glenn Lewis & Amel Larrieux, "What's Come Over Me"

#2. Who would portray me in a movie?

Julia Stiles in the Shakespearean adaptation of "Taming of the Shrew" 
in "10 Things I Hate About You."

 #3. Making Your Color Compass

7 Important Colors for Me!!!

1. Favorite color: Red
2. Accent color: Magenta pink/purple
3. Light color: White
4. Summer color: Teal green
5. Winter color: Wine/bordeaux
6. Dark color: Black
7. Neutral color: Gray

* * *

Mystery of My Seasonal Color . . .

As I wrote in the blog post title, 
I'd been really mystified by WHY my deep autumn colors
didn't give me the results I wanted...

According to those color draping test,
I was definitely reacting best with the vivid autumn colors.

BUT, the muddier and more grayed autumn colors didn't work for me at all.

Basically, taking out all of those muddier/grayed colors just left me with very little to choose from... :(

Even with the David Zyla body colors, my 'passion color' which is my Red, was clearly a terracotta color which is an Autumn color... that places me in the Autumn grouping.

Having said that...
the MOST important thing, which is my HAIR color...
is unmistakably a Winter color.

It's black.
My eye color reads Autumn brown in the Sun,
but in indoor light, there is very little difference and it reads as a cool dark brown.

I started checking all of the known Zyla colors in the 2 deep palettes in the book. 

Even though my skin tone is more peach-beige than pink-beige, 
my Dramatic Colors are both in the Deep Winter Palette. 
Teal green and magenta pink-purple.
My hair/eye colors are found in BOTH palettes.

So, overall, I have MORE check marks in the Deep Winter, than the Deep Autumn...

There's also the psychological impact of colors. Deep Winter reads more urban/modern which is the predominant scene of Seoul... Unless I color my hair in more noticeable red/copper/brown, I probably would be better off sticking with my Deep Winter palette. Because it does NOT contain the muddy colors.

* * *

I still look forward to the body shape & rearranging my closet...
But so far, I'm pretty impressed, and very grateful for Bobbi Thomas's clear cut & nurturing information. 

Thanks for reading!!
Will be back soon~~

Love & Light,


Jessica Flatshoenista

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