Jun 29, 2014

OMG! I was a Pear Shape...! @_@!! How Body Shapes Can Be Confusing/Conflicting...

Hmmm... OK.
So, this is just 'mind blowing'...

I am still going through Bobbie Thomas's book, "The Power of Style"...
Mine is in Korean though...

I just took a look in the mirror, to see which body shape I was...
In her book, Bobbie uses 5 different shapes that she calls the X-factor.

  • Hourglass
  • Triangle(=Pear)
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond(=Apple)

* * *

Just by looking with my eyes, it doesn't look like I have the Triangle/Pear shape...
My shoulders and hips look roughly about the same...

AND, here's the tricky bit...
Don't forget to check the size of your head!!

This info is NOT in her book...
But doing the X-factor in Thomas's way, made me realize this!

I have pretty broad shoulders for an Asian...
Same with my hips...
BUT! My head size is quite small...

And I think that's what gives the ILLUSION...
that I'm a moderate hourglass shape...!

(Now, there ARE two ways out there, in determining your body shape also, which makes it even MORE confusing; some style gurus tell you to measure your shoulder width, while others ask you to measure your bust size...! And you could end up with TOTALLY different answers based on this!)

It looks to me that...
due to my head to shoulder ratio,
my hip size looked about equal to my shoulder.

In reality though, and I took a straight pole (my floor wiper) and let it fall perpendicular to the floor, and my hip was a little bit bigger than my shoulder.

* * *

In the past though, both neat hourglass shape outfits and inverted triangle shape outfits have worked for me...

So, I never even suspected that I could be a pear shape...
Or, it could be that I put on more weight on my hips in the recent year(s)...

* * *

Whichever it is, I'm surprised that I am NOW a Pear Shape...
and I'll have to see if their suggestions for silhouettes resonate for me!!!

^ Sorry. I couldn't get the code to paste into my blog post...

This is a page from her book that helps you figure out which type you are!!


OK, ladies~!!


Jessica Flatshoenista

Book Review: Bobbie Thomas's "The Power of Style" & My Color Compass and Mystery of My Season

Hi ladies!

OK! So I stumbled upon this book by Ms. Thomas at the bookstore, and it's been a gripping read! I was so excited, I couldn't sleep!

I bought the translated version in Korean, so there may be small differences I guess, but so far, I am really touched and inspired by the warm, loving, and practical help she is giving in the 10 steps to YOUR own Power Style!

* * *

Having said that, if you have read 3 dozen style books already, this isn't going to be entirely new. And a lot of the first part of the book (first five chapters) do get a little bit repetitive when it goes into the WHY you need style & importance of having self-esteem.

If I had a daughter though, this is the book I would most likely give her in her early teens. So, thank you Ms. Thomas! 

I have been through a lot of different systems in the past decade, so I'm really happy to work through her 10 steps, trying to put it all together into a cohesive whole... and this book is helping me do exactly that!

* * *

While the whole book is presented in pretty clear steps, 3 of the exercises were my definite favorites... I'm not going to share pages from the books, just what I wrote down as my own answers...

#1. What is my favorite movie, book, and music?
Movie: Gigi
Book: Han Feizi
Music: R&B, Glenn Lewis & Amel Larrieux, "What's Come Over Me"

#2. Who would portray me in a movie?

Julia Stiles in the Shakespearean adaptation of "Taming of the Shrew" 
in "10 Things I Hate About You."

 #3. Making Your Color Compass

7 Important Colors for Me!!!

1. Favorite color: Red
2. Accent color: Magenta pink/purple
3. Light color: White
4. Summer color: Teal green
5. Winter color: Wine/bordeaux
6. Dark color: Black
7. Neutral color: Gray

* * *

Mystery of My Seasonal Color . . .

As I wrote in the blog post title, 
I'd been really mystified by WHY my deep autumn colors
didn't give me the results I wanted...

According to those color draping test,
I was definitely reacting best with the vivid autumn colors.

BUT, the muddier and more grayed autumn colors didn't work for me at all.

Basically, taking out all of those muddier/grayed colors just left me with very little to choose from... :(

Even with the David Zyla body colors, my 'passion color' which is my Red, was clearly a terracotta color which is an Autumn color... that places me in the Autumn grouping.

Having said that...
the MOST important thing, which is my HAIR color...
is unmistakably a Winter color.

It's black.
My eye color reads Autumn brown in the Sun,
but in indoor light, there is very little difference and it reads as a cool dark brown.

I started checking all of the known Zyla colors in the 2 deep palettes in the book. 

Even though my skin tone is more peach-beige than pink-beige, 
my Dramatic Colors are both in the Deep Winter Palette. 
Teal green and magenta pink-purple.
My hair/eye colors are found in BOTH palettes.

So, overall, I have MORE check marks in the Deep Winter, than the Deep Autumn...

There's also the psychological impact of colors. Deep Winter reads more urban/modern which is the predominant scene of Seoul... Unless I color my hair in more noticeable red/copper/brown, I probably would be better off sticking with my Deep Winter palette. Because it does NOT contain the muddy colors.

* * *

I still look forward to the body shape & rearranging my closet...
But so far, I'm pretty impressed, and very grateful for Bobbi Thomas's clear cut & nurturing information. 

Thanks for reading!!
Will be back soon~~

Love & Light,


Jessica Flatshoenista

Jun 28, 2014

Dressing Your Truth team emailed me about copyright issues...

Hi ladies.

Well. I just got an email, asking me to stop using the words DYT, Type, Type 1~4, T1~4 saying that people might mistake me for a DYT expert.

I don't know if I had ever made anyone believe this, because I have always focused on my experience of DYT.

I will be making changes thusly, as requested. But it is with really mixed feelings that DYT crew are so 'controlling' about how their system is 'experienced' by their customers. I believe in the 'freedom of speech' if I am focusing on my own experiences of their product and services.

I have also mentioned the positives of DYT as well as some of its limitations, but DYT has emailed me three times in total I think on me voicing my own opinion.

Anyway. I am not following DYT as a system right now, and I am doing other style journeys, so I guess it's 'divine timing' for me to be more open and passionate about these new things, and let go of DYT as a whole.

And say 'farewell' to DYT completely.

Thanks for reading my posts on DYT. I have daily wondered how there is such a high demand for other ladies wanting to read about my experiences with DYT, because each day I think there were about 80 hits to my shares about it.

But this issue of DYT having a very heavy hand in policing their community was always there from the beginning. It began in their forum on their website, then in the Facebook groups, and my friend blogger was also contacted.

It seems to me that this is just how they are. OK.

Is all from me. Will let you know of other updates and changes to my blog, when they have been completed! Thank you!!!


Jessica Flatshoenista

Jun 19, 2014

Creating a Work Uniform - the French Way! (5x5 Challenge)

Hi ladies!

This week, I took on a new Vlog project!
And I found something really interesting!

It is a concept that works really well with both the Project 333
AND the men's style tip I shared recently, called the 'Interchangeable Wardrobe' -

but this one, comes with a bit of a 'French' twist!

source: Reddit community

The 5x5 Challenge
-- An Exercise in French Wardrobee Minimalism (Click Here!)

So, what you do is, you only count 5 tops and 5 bottoms to create your 'Minimalist' wardrobe... but your jackets don't count here.

The idea is to come up with 5x5 that gives you a nice 25 outfit combinations!
Think of it! In one month, you're likely to work about 20~22 days!

Which means, having 25 different combinations is likely to give you enough variations as long as you choose well, and make sure that ALL 5 tops go with ALL 5 bottoms!

Add to this, if you have jackets, vests, cardigans, and other accessories, that is plenty plenty for you to feel fabulous!

And you are basing that on just 10 items!

I think, adopting this approach will give you timeless and cohesive yet versatile looks, while also giving you a nice 'distinctive' signature style.

* * *

Above is my first idea sketch for this 5x5 wardrobe.
I chose tops that range from Tshirts to shirt-blouse, and a tank top,
to give it a nice range of shapes and levels of formality.

And this one is my 2nd idea sketch,
this time ONLY using 5 Tshirts.
So no long sleeve shirt nor tank top here.
I also switched out the more formal white skirt
with a more casual black denim skirt...
So that this 2nd idea focuses MORE on producing
more consistent 'style' than the 1st one.

* * *

I am, however, just 2 weeks shy of completing my
April - May - June, Project 333!

So, I am going to just 'mull over' this, and ruminate...
until I complete my Project 333!


Jessica Flatshoenista

source 3: some images from Google for 'French Chic'

Jun 15, 2014

5 Weeks to a Fabulous Wardrobe - Group Challenge Begun!

In case anyone would like to join us, our fashion group is beginning our 3rd group challenge! We are using Imogen Lamport's booklet called "5 Steps to a Fabulous Wardrobe" and doing 1 step each week!

Our group began in January 2014, with efforts to do a '6 Weeks Without Shopping' challenge, as set forth by Jill Chivers.

Many of us met whilst doing Project 333 and Dressing Your Truth, but we were ALSO striving to actively 'NOT shop' during the 6 week period.

So far, we have completed 2 cycles of the '6 Weeks Without Shopping' Challenge, and we've also had an interim one, where we did a 'Replacement' Challenge.

We are actively trying to explore our options, and trying make sense of this Fashion-Zoo out there! And it's been working out great so far, with many of us going whole 6 weeks without any shopping, with less urges to shop recreationally, and with some of us even getting to a stage where we are actively working on our budgets with ease, and getting creative with sewing our own stylish bags!

There is an overall a common goal to find and define our styles further, whilst keeping our houses more minimalist and decluttered.

If you are interested, you can find us on Facebook:
6 Weeks Without Shopping (Fashion Support Group)


And may you have the BEST stylish & easy-going summer of your life!!!


Jessica Flatshoenista

Learning from Men's Style: Building an Interchangeable Wardrobe (by Antonio Centeno)

Hi all!

I hope you are enjoying your Summer season! Today, I would like to share something we can learn from Men's Styling Tips!

The more I am getting more proficient in the Project 333 system, the more I'm learning about different kinds of clothing, accessories, and jewelry combinations, and how choosing them in a certain way gives you LOTS more options than others...

And then, I came across this video on YouTube:

How To Build An Interchangeable Man's Wardrobe - Buying Flexible and Versatile Men's Clothing

As I watched the video, it really got me to think about how women really ARE sold the wrong information by the Evil Garmentos, and are encouraged to consume and purchase more clothing than is necessary.

This also brings me back to my initial resistance against the Capsule Wardrobe concept when I watched the videos that used only 3 colors, black/white/red as an example. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXNnNnBgotc)

But, when I was watching this Men's Version, it felt different, maybe it's the more neutral colors that were used. But all in all, the whole 'Math' thing made so much sense to me. Especially having calculated them myself, with my previous Project 333 outfit options calculations! 

I mean, once I sat down to see how my tops, jackets, and bottoms matched up, I was blown away by how versatile my grey shirt-blouse was! 

Well, for those of you who need more 'Proof' - here's the math that Mr. Centeno shared on his website:

"What makes Clothing Interchangeable?
Simply put, a man has an interchangeable wardrobe when each piece of clothing in his closet matches a large number of complementary items.
A light blue shirt that matches 7 out of your 9 pairs of slacks is interchangeable; that red dress shirt that only works well with 1 of your nine trousers is not.  A navy herringbone suit that can be worn with 13 out of your 15 dress shirts is interchangeable; the light grey and pink pin stripe suit that only looks sharp with 2 of the 15 is not.
Your wardrobe should be built on classic interchangeable pieces that go with at least 60% of their counterparts; a higher percentage of compatibility is always better.
WHY?  Look at the chart below – it’s a numbers game.
mens interchangeable wardrobe options
In the above example we do assume 100% compatibility; however the number of items is very conservative.  Yet we can extract three hundred unique outfits from 20 clothing items. And I didn’t even include ties, pocket squares, coats, vests, and accessories that could easily have increased this number ten-fold!"

Yes! When you have the RIGHT pieces that are INTERCHANGEABLE and MIXABLE completely, you get a whoppin' 300 options just from the 20 pieces mentioned above. Now, tell me this is not mind-blowing! Or what!!

I am always so much more drawn to what the men's style concepts teach men about their 'system' because there is so much less frou-frou involved.

The above calculation is all the more surprising, because Mr. Centeno did NOT include the 'tie' in it! I mean, for men, it's often so much about what the shirt & tie combo does to spruce up and spice up the more conservative suit!

And I also love how men's suit with its matching jacket and pants, immediately screams Work & Style, AS WELL AS giving you that 'Lean Column' that Imogen Lamport talks about on her blog. If you want to look slimmer or taller, lean column is what will help you achieve that!

Another amazing thing about men's suit + shirt + tie combinations being a GREAT template for a 'cohesive' yet 'versatile' wardrobe is that... it NATURALLY follows the most ESSENTIAL formula for a successful color scheme that almost ALL interior design courses teach you: the 60/30/10 rule.

What this means is that in order for an interior design scheme to be most successful, there needs to be a predominant amount of 'base' color, which should make up the 60%. In a man's suit, that is the jacket and the pants. Depending on whether you wear the jacket open or buttoned, it pretty much gives you that basic palette that will serve as a background. Your 'blank' canvas, so to speak.

Then, the 30% is your coordinating color. Some call it the accent color, others call it different names. But whatever the name they use, it basically breaks up the main 60%, so that you don't drown in your base color. And depending on how you want your overall image to be, it could be a color that blends in with your base color, or it could be a contrasting color, or a color that compliments the base color.

Finally, there is the 10% that completes the set or outfit. For some, this could be a 3rd color that brings more fun and edge into the entire outfit, or for others, this could be the color of the metal they use.

The way that this is set up for men usually, is that the 30% is where the shirt color/texture/pattern comes in to play, and the 10% is the tie worn right under their face.

It just seems so strategically well placed to me... How these 3 basic components work! So deceptively simple, yet, when you actually look at well dressed men, this works! They never look out of place, it never gets boring quickly... With a number of shirts in solids and patterns, and some ties in various colors/textures/patterns... They seem so elegantly 'put together.'

* * *

Having examined the men's style system though, I still have some nagging thoughts I need to address; I teach for a living, and my workplace is a lot more relaxed, and I would feel so uncomfortable teaching in a suit. But I can't help but *marvel* at how having the correct core items that are completely interchangeable is the KEY to having what I so want. A wardrobe that says, YOU HAVE A LOT TO WEAR! As in, YOU *ALWAYS* HAVE A LOT TO WEAR.

I wonder if my current 'too relaxed' approach to style is what is causing my wardrobe blues... I know that most people in their 30s DO make a shift towards wearing their jackets more often... Right now, I am somewhere in between feeling too chubby to look good in a cardigan, which USED TO BE my thing... and finding that only wearing a Tshirt feels a little too young and less professional... I've been wearing more blouses as a result, because I don't own any 'shirts' in my wardrobe.

OK. Well. That's it for tonight, folks!
Thanks for reading!

Sending you lots of love & well-wishes,
for a totally coordinated wardrobe that serves you well!


Jessica Flatshoenista

Jun 3, 2014

Project333 - Month of June is here~!!! :D

Here are my 33 for June 2014~~*

17 clothing articles

4 shoes

2 bags

10 jewelry pieces

* This month is the 3rd consecutive month I've been *faithfully* doing the Project 333!

* As the heat of the Summer is getting to me, and *sweat* is going to be a concern, I initially grabbed a lot of tops. Then I noticed how my tops AND bottoms were using prints and patterns, I decided to keep only 1 Tshirt that had a logo on it.

This is something I'm learning, as I'm playing around with my *curated 33 pieces* for Project 333! If you're going to wear jewelry, you've got to keep it simple! I guess if you wear a lot of solid metal jewelry, then, you could do prints and patterns... But even then, you don't want to have too many tops and bottoms with busy designs, because it vastly limits your outfit options. Unless you've carefully selected patterns that could be worn at the same time, they won't work!

Anywho~ So, only 1 tshirt has a logo pattern, and 2 of my bottoms have pattern, and 1 bag has some pattern. All my other jackets, tops, and bottoms are solid colors for easy mix and match. You will have less wardrobe orphans that makes you feel like you have nothing to wear. If you want a versatile & easy wardrobe - HAVE MORE SOLIDS! Unless you have a *signature style* like Jill Chivers who claims that animal prints are her THANG, you can create outfits more easily with solids! This is something I'll bear in mind when I do my future shopping...

* I'm using more silver jewelry for Summer. I'm using 3 kinds of metals! Silver/Gold/Antique bronze.

* With less amount of jackets to choose for Summer, I'm going with more shoes!

* I'm getting very comfortable with the fact that I can get by with only 2 bags. Most of the time, I only need one actually. One bag for each month. I've gotten by a whole month with only 2 shoes. I didn't miss NOT having and owning heels. My entry way is so much tidier with only 2~4 pairs of shoes.

* Most awesome of all, I have begun to get more control in other areas of my life. With the mindset I'm learning from Project 333, and a clearer mind, I have begun some really cool new habits. Two habits in particular that I'm really proud of!

#1. I keep a record of what I wear in Excel spreadsheet.
#2. I keep a record of my Budget Map in Excel spreadsheet.

It's an amazing journey, this Project 333!

Love and deep appreciation to the fellow Project 333-doers & Ms. Courtney Carver!

Thanks for reading!
Have a FAB summer!


Your Flatshoenista

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