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May 2, 2014

What I Learned from Project 333, 1 Month of 33 Items for April 2014~ :D

Hi all!

I just successfully completed 1 month of doing Project 333!
This is the 2nd time round that I have done this.
The first time I did it, though, I kept swapping out too many items after the 1st month, and fell off the wagon, as I lost count of which 33 I was wearing!

So, this time, I decided to tailor it to my personal needs, and so I'm choosing 33 items to wear for 1 month, and allowing myself to start over each month.

As they all say, Progress Not Perfection! :D

* * *

So, these were the 33 I selected. I did add a red wool coat to this.

I kept an Excel spreadsheet of what combination of items I wore. It was easier than I thought. And it gave me a sense of closure when I did it every night.

During the month, I got the cheapest hair do of my life. I spent 10 bucks on getting a bang. Most haircuts for women in Korea go from 25 bucks and up, posh salons charging 45~55 bucks. I'm trying to grow my hair though, so getting a little update was really great. The above picture is what I showed my hairdresser.

The finally tally. I was surprised to see that a plain gray blouse got most wear, as did my black tank t-shirt, and I only needed 1 bag for the entire month!Some of the tank tops and jewelry didn't get much wear either. I only wore 2 shoes.

Having this tally really helps me move forward. And helps me realize how I really don't need as much as I used to think!

* * *

I have noted also, during this month that having too many 'Accents' and 'Embellishments' didn't help me coordinate my items. I really love my patterned blouses, but they got worn half as much as my plain gray blouse.

Some of the jewelry I selected were too much for the clothing items I chose. So they didn't get worn much either. I wish I had chosen a simple gold earring that went with my clothes instead.

The black sneakers are a bit too high for me, (wedged), and it caused a lot of pain on some of the days. I'm going to include more footwear this time round.

Having weight gain also caused some pain, as my jeans felt too tight on me and I felt like I needed to choose more wisely next time. 

* * *

Thanks for reading!

I wish you a fun & delightful May~!!




  1. How about a photo of your new haircut?

    1. Hi STAshworth~
      Hmmm I thought I could add a photo to this comment, but I guess not... I will have to post it separately maybe...