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May 12, 2014

The Declutter Sabotage - Does Your ADD/ADHD Interfere With Your Declutter Efforts?

Goodness gracious.

Do things that you meant to 'get rid of' or 'declutter' mysteriously, somehow end back up in your closet?

Well. That just happened to me this week.

The inventory list I was working on was the only thing that could help me get back on track. I'm telling you, it's like I'm composed to two minds, and what my right hand is doing, my left hand is undoing! Self-sabotage!

Of course, the actual event itself, can be seen as an honest mistake.

I was focusing on selecting my 33 for Project 333, and trying out clothes one night. During the process, I ended up leaving some jackets on top of my open clothes rack.

A week later, I forgot that the jackets without hangers were supposed to be discarded. Instead, my mind just thought, "Oh, here, a jacket! It needs a hanger!" and Op~! It went straight back into my closet, unbeknownst to me!

* * *

And now, I'm going over my initial Inventory list, realizing that the green-grey jacket really shouldn't be sitting in my closet AT ALL.

Shakin' my head.

OK. It's just a surprise & a vent I guess.
But I'm realizing that maybe, this is kind of like a sneaky way of my Subconscious wanting to keep everything and hold everything in.

Can you relate to this experience?
Have you ever had this happen to you?

I read that self-sabotage is more common than you'd think. It's probably my 'Old Voices' in my head coming back at me. My insecurities, belief in some kind of lack, not allowed to have what I need or want, and then going on a binge buying...

I guess I need to reassure myself -
that if there's something I need,
I'll allow myself to have it.

This leads to other areas of my life too,
things like actually having a spending plan (budget)
and creating a clothing fund that I'll stick to.

Hopefully, knowing what clothes I actually wear is going to contribute to
feeling more confident about my purchases too.

Not shopping to feel good or to gain stimulation.
Or to avoid feeling something.

Giving myself the things I need,
knowing full well that I CAN give it to myself.

That's what I'd like to manifest.
The self-condifence & full acceptance of what I feel.



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