Apr 2, 2014

Project 333 - Month of April Selections~!! :D

I did make a few changes from my working list of 333...

The best advice I had was from Bridgette Raes on how to NOT have a lot of duplications... I noticed the brown pants I was going to wear was not a huge lot different from my black jeggings. And the navy tank I chose was pretty similar to the black tank I already selected! :D

Watch video here, if you have not seen it before!

My shoes need updating though. I don't have 'good shoes' to wear so I might need to switch out my black/white Converse to a new pair of chic black flats...

I also lost all of my scarves, and included earrings instead. Lost a light wool coat, and included a cardigan instead.

I LOVE everything in this closet so far! It's got a mix of some reliable pieces, some of my current favorites, and a few items I haven't worn much before. It'll be fun mixing and matching them up to create different kinds of looks~!!

Project 333 Participant, xoxo Jessica

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