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Apr 5, 2014

Project 333: Importance of Seeing Yourself NOW & TRYING EVERYTHING ON~!!

You learn something new every day!

I just returned home tonight, feeling the chills a bit in my bones. And ran back home as fast as I could. The Spring weather in my city is rather capricious. And it didn't help that my workdays are split between a warm building with heating, and one without heating.

When I was choosing my 33 pieces this past weekend, my house was warm, and the weather was lovely. I really thought I could live in my Spring & Summer clothes.

Well. Tonight, I was in for a few surprises. After working on my 'Cheat Sheet Color Combinations Chart' for my 33 items, which was a true eye opener for how one single item that goes with EVERYTHING produces 24 outfits (my gray shirt, goes with all 4  tank tees, and all 6 bottoms), while a patterned blouse which I love gave me a very limited variety of looks when it came to combining with other items.

Sadly, some of my previously chosen items had to be replaced, and here are the reasons why:
a) my khaki cardigan which was GREAT on me 2~3 years ago, and which I 'wished' I could enjoy wearing with my skirts, was actually 2 sizes too small on me, once I actually tried it on. I noticed that it was beginning to show some pilling as well which I hadn't noticed previously. And the cutout and shoulder designs no longer accommodated my current figure, which is a bit unfit and needs more covering. I replaced it with a better fitting warm black cardigan which was in my 'Extra 3 Pile.'

b) the black shirt which was my go to item, when I could wear 4 skinny jeans and couple other leggings, now was too bulky to be worn with my skirts. And it was also looking a bit shoddy and unkempt. The design line of the collar was also fighting with my jacket lapels too. So it was difficult to wear with many items. I replaced it with a clean well fitting simple round neck black Tshirt with long sleeves. Which can be worn with everything, AND be layered for warmth!

c) one of the two white short sleeved Tshirts could not be worn right away, given my current weather situation, and the building I work in 2~3 days a week. I replaced one of them with a gray tank tee in warmer fabric, so that I could layer it with my tops and jackets.

Well. I guess, when you are paring down your wardrobe, it's important to make sure that all of the pieces are:
a) in good conditions
b) fits me well for my body NOW, not what it used to be!
c) I need to keep weather changes in mind, and have simple neutral pieces for layering and warmth
d) neutrals really go a long way for versatile looks
e) knowing how you want to accessorize is so key, if you do not want any redundant combinations in your wardrobe; I used to wear very little jewelry other than earrings and bracelets. Now that I have necklaces and rings as well, there is less need for 'T shirts' with lots of graphics. I never used to layer my clothes before either, so going from a Top & Bottom person, to a Tank x Top x Bottom person really changes things.

OK. Thanks for tuning in~!!
I'm going to have to rewrite my 33 items, so that I don't lose track of them!

Loving & Cherishing the Now,


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