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Apr 8, 2014

Project 333: Illusion of Choice in Your Wardrobe - Illustrated & 3 Color Flow Strategies for Your Personal Wardrobe

Hi all.
Today, I'd like to show you what I sat down and learnt by actually working out my Project 333 items in outfit combinations.

Like you, or many other women, I used to subscribe to the notion that More is More where my personal wardrobe matters were concerned. More clothings = More choices, More shoes = More choices, More = More!

Well. I've been shopping for myself for many years now, and doing the Fashion Maths last week, really was an eye opener for me. Doing these 'outfit combinations' though, was a step further in my Quest For the Real More's.

* * *

First of all, let me introduce to you, the chosen 33 items for my Spring Cycle, 2014. The only thing I'm taking personal liberty with is that I'm listing and choosing my items for a whole month, rather than for the entire 3 months.

Illustration: My 33 Items & Calculating Total Possible Outfits

Next, I chose one blouse-shirt for work, gray in color, 4 tank tops, 3 skirts and 3 pants. And once I went through all the possible 24 combinations, this is what it looked like, below. 
I must admit, I was blown away by how my one gray shirt could give me so many different 'Looks' and outfit combinations! There obviously are combinations I would never have put together, by just glancing at my wardrobe with items hanging in them! I am just amazed how versatile it can be, by switching up the inner tank color and bottom colors! And I must admit, this is way more than how many I would require in a given month!

I also did charts for my patterned blouses. They are so flimsy and lovely, perfect for that Spring mood... Sadly though, because it was patterned, I couldn't pair it with my floral patterned skirt.  
I was surprised to see that by eliminating ONE SKIRT, I ended up with 4 less outfits, because the 4 tank top colors could not be utilized! Oh the math of it!

The same thing happened with my favorite Winter~Spring blouse, in a red checkered pattern. I wore this 2~3 times last week, wore it again today.  

But compared to the gray blouse, again, this gives a rather 'Limited' and 'Less versatile' look... Whatever it gets paired with, the blouse dominates, so it doesn't look as varied.

So, as you can see, you don't need 12 jeans, 8 jeans, 20 tops. Choosing sensible solid colors, that give you the variation of color choices you need will give you enough choices, if you work them right.

* * *

Here are some ideas to work out your 'Color Flow' for a 'Cohesive' and 'Versatile' wardrobe. 

#1. This lady chose 3 neutrals and 2 accent colors, and came up with the following color combination options. 

#2. You've heard me mention Bridgette Raes recently on a couple of occasions, and she's shared this on her blog. 

I think this is great for someone who prefers a wide variety of 'colors' and 'moods.' Some of us prefer to have a more 'set' look, bordering on a 'Signature Style' whereas, others of us need to look and feel fresh and different every day to express ourselves. We each have different expressive needs and scopes...

#3. Another simple yet great way is to keep 2 constant neutrals, and add a variety of accent colors to create different moods and expressions. 

OK. Well, there you have it.
I hope you got something out of this! 




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