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Apr 2, 2014

Project 333 - April 2014 Begins!

Image from Google: Elasticity! That's what I really like~

So, I'm busy working on the new cycle of Project 333! I've been happy drawing up my list of 33 yesterday and today...

I am so happy I have clothes that I LOVE in my current wardrobe. I'm doubly happy that I am not rushing out to get more clothes too! (This is real progress for me, guys!)

The only thing I'm going to change this time round though, is to draw up a list each month. The weather changes in my city are pretty severe and unpredictable. I cannot possibly foresee the future 3 months...

I hope by doing so, I won't 'fall off' the wagon like I did last time! :D

I really liked this reminder from the lady who started Project 333! Courtney Carver. Thank you for creating this & sharing it with the world!

Image: Tweety Bird, I am so ruminating on what it's going to be like to invite Simpler into my life, this Spring!!

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