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Apr 10, 2014

Discover Your Signature Colors & Accent Colors - Listen to the Pros Series :D

I was searching for some info on Signature styles and none of the videos proved to be what I was looking for, but I did chance upon these videos! I like the questions she poses to discover your Signature Colors! :D Enjoy~!!

Style Tip of the Week - Your Signature Color by Karen C. Hughes

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know Your Signature Colors
1. What color do people compliment you on?
2. What color makes you feel your best?
3. What color makes you feel your most powerful?

For me, 1) Purple, white, and midnight blue/pewter, dark brown with oatmeal, red lips, emerald green, navy/peach, red/yellow
2) buttercup yellow, aubergine, dark khaki green/black, gold/jade, teal, midnight blue, tan/grey
3) red/black, red/purple, golds/lemons/ivory, azurite malachite (intense blue & green).

Style Tip of the Week - How to Build a Wardrobe Starting with Foundation Pieces

In this video, she talks about core neutral colors. And in the video below, she talks about accent colors.

How to Build a Wardrobe with Accent Colors

Lastly, here's a video about accessories!
How to Build a Wardrobe Using Accessories

* * *
Bonus 2 tips, this time from One Chic Mama:

1. Wear your hair-colored pants and shoes for a smart "bracket effect"
2. Wear a jacket in your pearlized or metallic hair-color for instant lift & glow!

She has a lot of shorter more recent videos too! These tips remind me of David Zyla & Brenda Kinsel, as they are about your hair, skin & eye colors.

How to Wear Color with Confidence - Color Analysis


OneChicMamaTV: How to Wear Your Eye Enhancer



OK~ These are the amazing finds from tonight!
I wish you a joyful, inspiring Fashion Journey~



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