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Mar 13, 2014

Spring '14 Replacement Challenge


Spring is upon us!
Having completed 6 Weeks Without Shopping, I have embarked on a new challenge with some of the ladies in my fashion group, to do a 'Replacement Challenge.'

The idea is to focus on updating clothes that you wear a lot that got worn out, or to repair or alter clothes you will gladly wear, and to update your socks and hosiery if that's what you're lacking.

Instead of overwhelming ourselves, choose 3 goals for 2 week intervals!
From our group survey, most of us wanted to work on,

a) Coats & Jackets
b) Bags & Shoes
c) Socks & Hosiery

This works really well for busy working women or busy Moms, following the Kaizen method. Kaizen is a Japanese word, and instead of writing gigantic unrealistic to-do lists, you do the minimal work that you can.

Everything is actually 'Baby steps' when you break it all down!

Well, my Week 1~2 challenge is to work on my sock/hosiery drawer! So I'm getting my egg timer out! Are you ready to join me, ladies? :D


Jessica Flatshoenista

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