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Mar 30, 2014

Solution for Bag Addiction, Bag Affliction - Part 1

Today, I want to share about my on-going efforts to cleanout my wardrobe, and to finally inventory my wardrobe goods to 200 items, not counting shoes and makeup.

Well, what I'm noticing first though, is how 'hodge podge' my current inventory looks. There's no 'system' or 'design' to what I've amassed and acquired. There is no 'thought' or 'effort' into making it truly 'work.' The patterns, silhouettes, mood, utility, details, textures, metals, and colors do not create a cohesive system that produces the results I want.

The results I want are these though:
a) To be easy to upkeep
b) Be easy to put and put away
c) Be in good condition
d) Fall into a cohesive color palette
e) Have coordinated metals in terms of 'jewelry, bags, shoes, zippers on clothes.'
f) Things I'd gladly pay 100% for if I were to purchase it again.

I have weeded out a lot of stuff that does not currently fit me and I have no use for. Or I have gotten tired of wearing, due to repeated wear. Some were worn out and had to be thrown out too.

The most challenging obstacle I've come to is my bag collection. Years ago, I had a serious unhealthy affliction over bags. Not just any bags. Designer bags. I've sold off quite a lot of them during my Grad School years. But I still have a few of them.

My initial plan was to have only 5 bags, but seeing how many I couldn't part with right away, I asked my boyfriend, if I could shave off my rings and bracelets, and have 15 bags instead. He said, how about 10.

I've been trying to whittle it down, but man, these bags are tough to detach from! What is it with women and bags?!!

Well, part of my problem is, last year, I got a little jealous over my friend's designer bag. After my shopping addiction phase in my 20s, I had decided that I wouldn't spend so much money on those, unless I had a much higher income that supports that lifestyle. After all, my current job and present company does not really require me to expend money that way... Well, maybe when there are weddings, I'd still want nice bags to carry.

But what I did last year or the year before was that I went out and bought A LOT of cheaper bags. I bought them in all different designs and colors, and they are all in good condition.

I've currently got my bags down to 12 and I'm going to see if creating my 'Beauty Bundles' would help me figure out how to best optimize and maximize the mileage in my wardrobe!

This concept of Beauty Bundle is what I read from Brenda Kinsel's book 'Fashion Makeover' - 30 Days to Diva Style!

The first time I did the exercise in Chapter 9 - Accessory Necessities. She asks you to:

a) Choose the jewelry items you love and will wear
b) Group them into by color or the type of metal they are
c) Go through your scarves, shawls, handbags, sunglasses, hosiery, and belts that you'll wear. Include shoes, and hats.
d) Find a surface to work on and choose one color group. Put your jewelry and accessories that share the same color or color family together.
e) Take photos of these individual color groups.
f) Repeat d) and e) until you go through all your golds, silvers, bronze, brass, copper, pewter etc.

The first time I did this, I was so surprised that I had a HUGE silver grouping. I even had 2 silver bags that I didn't even purchase, but my Mom had given me. That summer, I wore those silver set with white shoes, and created completely new outfits, that was both sporty and comfortable.

OK. Time to go and do this one more time! I remember too, that last time round, I didn't have enough gold grouping that was a 'set' and it severely limited my choices. There was a clash of 'moods' and 'shapes' in my gold category, and no shoes. I wasn't able to complete an outfit.

Before we part though, let me share two more Buddhist-ish videos to help you stay fortified and clear!

Monk Hwansan on Son Meditation for Addiction habits

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