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Mar 24, 2014

My Current Thoughts on DYT As A Fashion System

Hi Ladies!

Wow! I am really surprised that recently, my current #1 post is the 'Why I'm Stopping My DYT Type 4 Looks.' Just this month, there's been more than 700 hits on it.

OK. Well. Since, it is getting a lot of views, I thought I would expound on that a little bit more, as I'm 'transitioning out' of what I have enjoyed and learnt from DYT, and trying to embrace my current post-DYT phase.

First off, please note that I do not want to sabotage the Dressing Your Truth program in any way, and that what I am intending to do is to raise some questions that I am 'personally' interested in and fascinated by. Having been trained in art & design, crafts and textiles since I was a wee little girl (not that I excel in this arena, just have had long term training and exposure, and interest in it), I love the fashion world, the expressions and color, textures, shapes, and nuances that they weave together... Mmmm...

* * *

OK. So let's start off with some important lessons I am taking away from having invested and immersed myself with DYT since April 2011. I have purchased her "Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile Online Course" and initially the "DYT Type 2 Online Course."

While the psychology and energy/movement parts really fascinated me, and seemed really profound and important, I personally was hoping for a high end visually enhancing course.

I will say that, the most important lesson DYT taught me is the idea of 'doing the TOTAL LOOK' which I had never done before. DYT has proven to me that it is important to not only have THE It Bag, and expect results, one must have a color story, a shapes and metals matching or in the same family, AND have hair and makeup all working to produce one particular Look. Especially the 'hair' part, which I, being the girl who never bothers to style her hair, I'm more of a wash and go type, had a lot to learn about the different steps one must take to achieve the effects of an intended look.

I really truly did have an awesome time, despite feeling a bit miffed at how much I ended up spending during the entire process with the shopping, but still, DYT got me shopping for accessories, clothes, jewelry, AND hair and makeup, all within the assigned 'type' I was playing with.

I met some awesome ladies who are like minded. I wasn't alone in this journey, it was a community and networking! I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of DYT, and do not regret the experience and social exposure it has brought me!

It gave me both a platform and a working thesis I guess, which is this blog, a lot to think about. A lot to dig deeper for, because I still feel that I'm not entirely 'done' with the whole 'Dressing My Truth' bit yet. It's more like a slow evolution.

It got me to ponder whether there could be, or should be a correlation and a strict adherence to believing oneself as 'One Type' - the dominant type - and use that as the sole criteria to 'Dressing My Truth.'

Well, having been through it, and lived it for quite some time now, I'm really glad that I've come to my own interim conclusions that, a) No, I do not believe I'm 'bound' to be and live as a Type 4 Dominant in the entirety of this lifetime. I do however believe, that I am an ENTP, and b) I think there is a lot more to Fashion & Aesthetics than the 4-Type-Cookie-Cutter-System.

DYT has been a great 'training wheel' and has given me some really interesting experiences and explorations into the Power of Color. The energetic difference between dressing as Type 2 and Type 4 were totally night and day. However, as I look back at my photos, some of my Type 4 looks are just way too hideous and downright unflattering. The colors are too artificial, there is not as much sophistication and nuanced detailing to help me put together what I really want to present myself as.

* * *
I think these different Fashion Systems are like special 'Filter Lenses' that professional photographers use, for various types of 'intended outcomes.' Each of these systems try to combine a certain number of Objectives set forth by the author. But there is as yet, no true Consensus that helps women figure out the challenging aspects of fashion and styling, personal expression and representation, that also help with the more practical issues such as planning and creating a wardrobe/outfits that work. I guess, that's why professional image consultants exist. =D

But as I reflect on my own explorations and results, as well as my friends who are currently very into David Zyla, and some bloggers and professional wardrobe consultants, have embraced, these more rigid and structure color typing systems (DYT works backwards by the way, your dominant energy gets worked out first, THEN you learn about your color palette) serve a 'limiting' purpose to creating your OWN aesthetic style statement.
* * *
Both the blog authors of Into-Mind and Colletterie, as well as wardrobe & style consultant Ms. Bridgette Raes have shared that your 'color story' is so important and 'personal' that the 4 seasons based approach may limit you more than liberate you. I'm not saying that they should be ignored; I got draped as a Bronze Autumn by my local color analyst, but she mentioned other things too like how muddier colors don't look good on me, and hello, most Autumn palettes ARE muddy by nature, and how 'Natural/Soft' I look in person, and how I am better off with less shiny textures.

And each season, the fashions and trends come and go. My color analyst told me that she herself was typed Autumn, but after a year and a half of dressing in Autumn colors, she found herself cheating the system more and more. And so she used more black than she was supposed to and so on, so she told me to wear those colors just away from my face. So basically, be more lenient and moderate about it, not so gungho as DYT suggests.

OK. Thanks for tuning in ladies!



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