Mar 2, 2014

How to Have Lots to Wear in Your Wardrobe (Part 2: How Much is A Lot to You?)

Hi ladies!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback on my last post! One of the readers mentioned that she loved the post but also wondered where it was going...

Well, being an 'Intuitive' I guess I was really going with that whole idea of creating my own 'Don'tra' thing, as a clear starting point. Initially, I planned on going into 'Inventorying' and 'Assessing' what you've already got in your wardrobe, but I think that'd be like missing a step... because the title suggested the 'Have Lots to Wear' part. :-)

So, let's *explore* that. What really is 'LOTS' to you? If you created your own style dictionary or dictatum, what would go as being 'a lot' and what would make you feel deprived?

* * *

I think defining this is a critical point in how you set up your dressing room or closet, and also on how to spend appropriately for shopping.

One of the most beneficial Fashion Exercises I've ever come across in figuring this out was using Brenda Kinsel's 'Your Own Boutique' exercise.

Imagine you are walking in your own boutique store, and it is filled with more of what you already love to wear! What are these items?

For me, I really need slacks I love as my wardrobe base, and I need earrings for dressing up. Those two really are my immediate go to items in my shop... 

I don't like having a huge coat collection because they take up too much space and need dry cleaning. I don't change them much any way, and resort to my most tried and true coats day in and day out.

I need a good variety of trendy tops, and solid color tops for work wear. I tend to just rotate between 6~12 tops in a given month. 

Shoes MUST be flat. I need at least 2~3 good pairs ready for work, that work with my coat/hair/bag colors.

Jewelry, aside from earrings, I like wearing bracelets a lot. I only ever wear the jade ring my Mom gave me, but I do wear this one every day. But a necklace is something I wear if my top is too bland and really NEEDS accessorizing. Typically I hate having something hanging down my neck, especially the long ones... although they're like all the rage in Korea. 

I don't do hats. Belts rarely get worn, unless it is a comfy one for my hips, never for my waist. 

If there is a skirt that has better give and stretch, or gives me better easier movement, I'll always wear that more than the others that don't. 

I prefer not to layer any more than it is necessary, which means I rarely wear vests... I wear cardigans a lot but finding one that doesn't add bulk is hard, especially because I also need the cardigan to have medium weight fabric that covers my stomach area well. Cardigans come in so many silhouettes and proportions too... But so far, I only wore a black long cardigan to death, with a white one just for the summer.

Becoming 30s though, a need for a jacket on special occasion has become a lot more pronounced... 20s all I needed was sexy jeans, earrings, and a cardigan... Now, a jacket really completes the wardrobe. I need a lot more accessories now that I'm in my 30s too, whereas in my 20s I had more fun with my hair and funkier colors for eyeshadows and such. 

My wardrobe staples therefore now, are... 
a) sexy slacks that make me feel gorgeous and totally current
b) drop dead gorgeous chic earrings
c) cardigan and jacket
d) lots of trendy tops and jewelry/accessories
e) comfy shoes and HOSIERY.

Oh man, that last one... HOSIERY! That one is so important! I tend to update my socks only when I have to, and not having the right hosiery really limits things!

* * *

Colorwise, I tend to wear black and navy the most, blue and gray too. Purple and orange, pink adds fun and spice to my tops. I wear light colors occasionally but I tend to stay away from them and reach for them the least. So, learning how to 'dress up' or 'create diversity' with my black/navy/grey/blue is crucial... 

If I had to specify numbers, to spell out 'A LOT' without clogging up my wardrobe space...

- 4~6 slacks for that season
- 2 skirts for that season
- 1 dress for that season
- 2 jackets for that season
- 2~4 coats for Winter
- 2 cardigans for that season
- 2~4 bags for that season
- 3~4 necklaces for that season
- 3~20 earrings total for that year
- 2~6 bracelets for that year
- 1~2 rings
- 4~8 tank tops for layering for that season
- 2~4 scarves for that season
- 6 knit tops for that season
- 6 blouses for that season
- 4~8 tshirts for that season
- 3~6 shoes for that season
- 20 hosiery for that season
- 1 belt for that season
- 2 umbrellas for that year
- 2 gloves for winter
- 1 pair of sunglasses for that year

I don't know, this may clog up my wardrobe space. But given that all the items are in good condition and 'in trend' and the right size and fit and fabric for me, then, this really should suffice for the year in view.

* * *

Having your hair color and cut consistent, as well as limiting your metals really saves $$$ down the road too. When you change your hair color, your more expensive wardrobe estate has to change, the length of the hair severely limits the types of clothings you can wear and still look 'feminine' and if your metals are all over the place, then you'll end up creating looks that feel like my wardrobe, 'a hodge podge' of 'wardrobe orphans' although some days I feel like I can 'pull it off.'

* * * 

I just did my Excel sheet calculations for the above list, and using Summer/Winter as my 2 seasons for my year, I will need a wardrobe of 138 to 199 pieces (including hosiery) in *good* and *wearable* condition for work/weekend.

I guess without hosiery, it would be 118 to 170 pieces of clothing.

The above list caters to my laundry cycle needs, but it doesn't fully accommodate my weight-change variable! When I put on weight in the Autumn/Winter, and lose weight in the Summer, my slacks or tops or coats tend to suddenly become 'Unwearable' and causes stress for me... 

Anyway, I hope this exercise helped you become more clear about your wardrobe needs! I think I'm going to go and see how my actual wardrobe matches up with my Dream Boutique Requirements!

It'd be fun to actually find out how much of my current stuff IS or ISN'T worthy of being in my Dream Boutique!

Thanks for tuning in ladies!



Updated: The PowerPoint file I uploaded earlier was not working well, so I am just sharing this JPG instead! :D

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