Mar 25, 2014

How to Fix Your Wardrobe Blues (Listen to the Pro!)

OK, so last night, I couldn't sleep...
I found an amazing website that kept me so enthralled!

This lady has helped women for over 11 years, and I think her experience really shows from the YouTube videos she is posting!

For you busy ladies, here are her Top 3 Tips!

1. Thou shalt not keep duplicates.
2. Thou shalt ask the question, 'Where am I going in this?'
3. Thou really needs NOT a collection of old raggy clothes for taking out garbage.

For those of you, wanting to watch her share her wonderful nuggets of wisdom:

Tip #1: A Question to Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Tip #2 for Cleaning Out Your closet

Closet Editing Tip #3

OK! Happy working on your closet now!
She also has WONDERFULLY EASY tip on how to dress well too~

Check this video out also!

Create a Fabulous Outfit with This Three Part Approach

You need to have *Base* *Accent* and *Pop.*
I really want to work on getting my metals/jewelry/accessories organized to get my Pop right, now!

Have fun, ladies~~~*



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